Monday, November 27, 2017

Shopping My Stash #3 (November 2017)

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Shopping my green beauty stash #3

So, these series of posts where I tend to use what I have versus shopping for new products, aka shop my own stash, has proven to be one of the most viewed posts, so I think it struck a chord with you too. The idea is simple, pick products from your own stash and try to use as much as you can during the month, with a goal to finish some of them off. This is not necessarily a repeat of favourites posts, as some items are used to be used and won't be repurchased. I am always clear about that and the reasons why, and I hope you appreciate that.

Green Life In Dublin
Green Beauty Samples


I posted this post on my IG a little while ago in a bid to publicly shame myself into using them up or doing something about them! This photo you see right here is about 1/10th of the samples I have to go through, and it is proving to be difficult to use them up - in our busy day to day life I tend to grab trusty favourites versus wanting to try anything new, and I find myself not wearing make up most of the time. I need to try harder. But these sneaky thingies are making babies when I am not looking, I swear! 

Green Life In Dublin
Amazing green beauty balms

Mahalo Balms

I was a lucky duck to win one of those rare Mahalo giveaways a year ago, and I had the pleasure to use three products from the range. While two of them are long gone (and in my "to repurchase" list in my head) I still have the original Mahalo Balm which is nearing a year and technically past the use-by date (don't try this at home, kids!), so I am very aware it might spoil very soon. So I need to go through this pretty soon. I also acquired a full size of Rare Indigo balm that was half full via green beauty swap with Italian blogger, and I only have about half a teaspoon left. I treat it like it is made of gold or something, it is so so precious to me, as it is amazing for my dermatitis prone skin! I will cry tears of a crocodile when it is gone, when both of them will be gone I should say. Between the two of them I will only repurchase one, and even that at a stretch - they are wildly out of my price range. All Mahalo range will be a permanent fixture in my stash once I will come into money. That is one brand worth splashing out for.

Green Life In Dublin
Pacifica Dreamlit brightener and Transdecent concealer

Pacifica Under Eye Brightener in Dreamlit and Concealer in Light

These I got via LLABP as I was so curious to try them for the longest time ever. I hit major pan or Ere Perez concealer I loved many months previously, and I fancied a change. Yes, I read countless reviews on these Pacifica products and knew these are probably not the fullest coverage and that they crease. And guess what? They are light coverage and they do crease. Now it is your moment to say "I told you so!" I guess I should have paid the attention to the reviews and just re-order the trusty fave. But all is not lost, the concealer went to my daughter who doesn't have as much of under eye darkness as I do, so she will probably use it up. And I will keep the Dreamlit as the colour match is actually pretty good for me - it is a bit more salmon-y in colour and that works well for canceling the blue. One swipe does not cover all I want to cover, and two layers tend to crease pretty quickly, so what I started doing with this, I put one layer or Dreamlit on and then I put  Alima Pure powdered concealer on top, which didn't impress me either, but as a combo, this seems to be working well. The powder concealer sets the liquidy Dreamlit as well as giving some extra coverage I need. If you don't have bad undereye darkness like I do, please be my guest, these might be your best products? Link here.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love

This too I treated like a liquid gold - it smells amazing and for me, this flower remedy works like magic - I really feel the difference when I use Lotus Wei products versus when I don't. And they somewhat helped me heal my emotional traumas I endured this year. I have a full review on these wonderful flower remedies on my blog, but as it is an old post, hit the search box for it. I am very sad to say I will no longer buy these - I can't afford to. We are one income family, so my play budget in next to non existent, so to splash out of flower remedies is an ultimate extravagance that only few people get. Lotus Wei products prices went up twice since my review came out, and now they are definitely out of my reach. I can only afford a couple of luxury products per year, and obviously I will choose Mahalo Rare Indigo versus this. I am very sad to let Lotus Wei go, and I will definitely resume them once I will come into money.

Nyr Hand Cream

This is the hand cream I am using exclusively for the last two years. Wonderful company, the cream works great, but at the same time I am after something new. Besides I started using excess of facial oils on my hands, so after finishing it up, I will put this particular hand cream on hold for a little while, but I can say I recommend it if you are looking for good hand cream, you can get it from my NYR page.

Balm Balm Frankincense Hydrosol & Lip Balm

Both of these came via Love Lula beauty boxes, and despite the stinky smell of Frankincense hydrosol, I loved it enough to get the second bottle of it. I find it amazing for my dermatitis prone skin & calming inflammation. The first time I got it, I mixed it with the remains of Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator I had at a time, I found it too sweet on it's own, so they balanced each other perfectly, this time around I am embracing it on it's own. (link to buy it here) The lip balm is 100% organic, which I always appreciate. I didn't find it amazing as a lip balm, as it does not stay on as long as I would like it to, but I really liked it as a lip mask, you know, piling it on and letting it stay on for an hour or so. Get it here.

green life in dublin
Natural and nourishing lip balms that stay on the lips - Flying Wild, Hurraw, Fruu

Nourishing Lips Balms That Stay On The Lips, aka my Current Holy Grail Lip Balms 

That would be three of them - Rosemary and Honey one by Bees Flying Wild, Moon Balm by Hurraw (get it in Love Lula) - those two are tried and trusty favourites, used for years and repurchased over and over. Newer addition is Fruu, but it seems to be holding up very well too, and I am excited for this. My lips really suffer in harsh conditions, and I need something that stays on for hours. All of them are budget options, which makes me happy. What are your favourite lip balms for winter? Please share them below or join the discussion on my IG page here

So that is it for today. Don't forget to enter mine and Bloom Ocean giveaway, you still have three days to go. My followers also can enjoy discount with them with a code "greenlife" valid until the end of the year! And if you want to, you can also shop at Love Lula and get 15% off until 2nd December. I am about to make second order later today. I decided I need to get cordyceps supplement to boost my immune system. 

What are you using these days? And what did you guys get during Black Friday madness? I shopped small (and local where possible) and I am currently deciding on whether to make a blog post out of it or not - the thing is, I stocked up only on the things needed, so it would make a rather boring blog post compared to some of others. I think. We shall see.

Lots of Love,

green life in dublin
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  1. Hi my friend! 😘❤ I am trying to do this as well,but more like use up what I have and enjoy it I stead of always wanting new stuff that I don't really need.. Love more,buy less! 😆 and it's been working great since now! I am curious to see what you got during black Friday,I haven't got a single item,so proud of me! 🙈 I am terrible at using up samples as well,we can motivate each other! 😘❤❤

    1. Hi Boriana! So happy to see your comment, since I missed you on IG! Thanks for reading girly - and I am proud of you too! I did shop during Black Friday, but I only got what I needed, so I am kind of proud of myself too :) Now I am thinking whether to make a blog post out of it or it would be too boring? And as for samples, I am afraid I only want to try those ones which I am interested in..