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Natural & Organic Empties October 2017

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Natural & Organic Empties October 2017

How are you all doing? Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous autumn and no one is getting sick yet? Well not quite the case in my casa I am afraid, since my 5yr old started school this year, it's been sickness season non stop so far. Hence you will see more health & wellness related empties, than beauty ones. Shall we start? In no particular order here are the products I'd finished and my honest thoughts on them. Good to be known for honesty.

Green Life In Dublin
Natural and Organic Empties

Greenfrog Botanic Soapberry Wash

This came in Love Lula October Beauty Box that I enjoyed so much I doubled it. And by that I mean I had an order since then which qualified me to a free box, so naturally I took it. I intend to keep this wash, eye shadow brush and the frankincense hydrosol for myself, as these were the hits in the box, for me personally anyway, and everything else I will gift to my mom, who is coming over for Christmas. You can read my thoughts on the Greenfrog Botanic products here. In short, these are really natural body and hand washes made from soapberries and organic aloe vera gel, I really feel comfortable using it on my kids, it's just the texture takes a bit of time to get used to.

Organii Strawberry Shower Gel

I have review on nearly everything in the line here, and I have another version of it in my shower already, but to be honest I am leaning towards to using soaps in the shower to minimise plastic waste, so after finishing this and the brand mentioned above, I won't be getting them for quite some. At lest that is the plan in my head. My family protest wildly against soaps in the shower, and are quick to buy non-natural product (I know, shock horror!) if they see no shower gels in the bathroom. I am facing an uphill struggle and I can't believe it. Have I taught them nothing over the years?!

DrOrganic Manuka Honey Conditioner 

I've said this time and time again, and now it is out officially - DrOrganic is a greenwashing brand, pretending to be more natural than it is, and it is certainly not organic. This Manuka Honey conditioner used to be the only product I seemed to like from them, but the last two times I tried it after a long hiatus, I couldn't believe how limp and blah my hair looked - and I can't believe I used to like it! Has it gone bad on me or they changed the formula, I don't know, but it is a goodbye kiss from me. I am back to hair oils, which work so much better for me.

Simply Bee Honey Hand and Body Wash

This I got from Love Lula after reading ingredient list and deciding it is for me. It has great ingredients, honey and turmeric among others. But with all the due respect I have to say I won't be repurchasing it due to the reasons I talked above, plus it seemed to dry out my hands more than usual, and it ran out pretty quickly.

Skin & Tonic Calm Clean Balm

I have a good few products from this brand, and yet I am failing at getting the review out! I don't know if I will repurchase this cleansing balm, it is good at what it is supposed to do, it's just I don't enjoy the smell of it. I have far too many cleansers at the moment, plus I am dying to try Mahalo Unveil - can you believe I am yet to try that product, despite it being released like a year ago? 

Ila Toning Body Wash 

This 50ml I got as a freebie when I purchased DrAlkaitis Organic Soothing Gel in the summer time, but I couldn't even finish it. After initially not liking the product, or should I say the smell of it, I left it in the shower for the family to finish. When that didn't happen either, I poured it into the Simply Bee hand and body wash, and that instantly killed the nice smell of the product, but I will use it up regardless, but won't be repurchasing. I am not in the market for uber expensive shower gels, I am sorry. Can't comment on the firming action either, didn't see any difference in the few times I used it.

Green Life In Dublin
Natural Health & Wellness Empties

Wild Oregano Oil by Solgar

Wild Oregano oil is one of my Holy Grail products when it comes to all the things natural - it is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal product that also is antioxidant at the same time! I always get it in the liquid form to get more bang for my bucks, but after experiencing heartburn, I finally got soft gels. See my Top Three Natural Products post if you want to know more.
A repurchase? Heck yes! I haven't had antibiotics since discovering this, and I never want to be without it! 

Sambucol for kids

Elderberry syrup for boosting kids immune system - another product in the heavy rotation in the fall and winter in my house. A constant repurchase. 

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey 12+

Despite being more expensive than regular honey, I always get manuka, and two jars at the same time if I can afford it, one for treating colds and coughs, and one for masking - see my Manuka Honey Masking post where I give you 12+ natural options for masking, all with the ingredients already found in your kitchen cabinet, as well as listing the benefits of all the ingredients - I worked really hard on that post! 

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Honey & Thyme Syrup

This is the reason I am still keeping my consultant status with NYR (I should also mention I am my own one and only customer) - don't get me wrong, I enjoy their products too, but this cough syrup deserves Holy Grail status if you ask me! I find it brilliant at treating coughs when nothing else works, and the fact that it's organic is just music to my ears. I got three bottles thinking I am set for the whole winter time, but reality is we finished two of them by the end of October.. Umm, when it's the next NYR sale?? I need to stock up! Brilliant formula in my eyes, not only it does make any type of cough go away in a matter of days, but it is gentle and pleasant tasting enough for my youngster to take. I sooo wish this was available locally to me!
I will leave a link to my NYR shop if you want to have a look or purchase it down below? In my eyes it is a brilliant product, and I certainly will be touching on it in my upcoming  Natural Medicine Cabinet blog post, so keep an eye open for it, not sure it will be called that way though. 

Terra Nova Cordyceps Rhodiola & Ginseng 

This I got from Love Lula, and it was my first ever cordyceps product. I am really impressed, it really boosted my immune system, and the effects were immediate. Terra Nova is great really clean vitamin and minerals company, I have had their multivitamins last year, and now I also own their antioxidants, all of them I would get again. The only thing to say is that I will look into getting this formula in the capsule form, as the powder tasted really bad. And I am used to taking bad tasting stuff, msm, oreganolP73, maca, anyone? This tops them all.

Aduna Baobab Powder 

This I take for a natural vitamin C, as baobab is the the highest source for it. You get loads for a tenner, but being a powder it is a bit hard to take, and am yet to persuade my kids to take it on it's own (tastes pleasantly tart) but I sneak it in the smoothies, and they are no wiser. Definitely getting it again! So glad this superfood made it's way from Africa here. The only fruit to dry on the tree naturally before it is harvested thus retaining all the vitamins and nutrients intact - yes, I will take it, thank you very much!

So that is all for now, see you here very shortly! what have you finished lately and whether or not you will be repurchasing it?

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