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Ecovida Gifts Review

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Ecovida Gifts review

Today's post falls into the natural and eco lifestyle category - and you are especially going to enjoy it if you are looking for the perfect present for that special someone! Let me introduce Ecovida Gifts, consciously curated gift boxes service with both quality and ethics in mind. Let me tell you upfront, the hard work they put into it really shows and I haven't been disappointed by a single item I got, but more on that in a minute.

Ecovida Gifts was created as a new way for the mindful consumer to shop for gifts. They are a small, family team run from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, who believe that gifting should be a purely positive experience for all concerned; we should be able to treat loved ones (and ourselves!) to luxury gifts without the hassle of shopping around, and with a clear conscience knowing that all the products are natural and ethically sourced.

The gift sets are consciously curated featuring products that are 100% natural (and mostly organic), vegan friendly, cruelty-free, fairtrade / ethically & sustainably sourced (locally, where possible) and all with minimum waste impact. They spend their time searching out ethical suppliers to source each and every product in their gift sets so you don't have to! Brands and products are handpicked, green-focused UK brands, prioritising those local to them to ensure a low carbon footprint.
With this in mind, it was also imperative that the packaging used is both recycled and recyclable so that Ecovida Gifts can provide a truly eco-friendly option for all your gifting needs. They deliver all over UK and ship worldwide as well. Brands include Cliff House Organics, Greenfibers, Raw Chocolate Company, Fruu Organics, Hamstead Tea and (I assume newly added) GK Natural Creations. I know for sure they are working hard at expanding this list as well as their selection in the near future too.

They offer two different collections, Bath and Flavours, and there's also Custom Box as well, where you can mix and match the products you fancy giving (or receiving!). I should also mention there are two sizes of boxes for you to choose from in each category. I got two boxes in medium size, one Bath set and one Custom set, and you can see the contents below.

Ecovida Bath Set
Ecovida Custom Set
Delivery to Ireland took less than a week, and it all made it here in one piece, no damages whatsoever. The box looks nice enough to gift it like it is, with no additional wrapping required, it is sturdy recycled cardboard with two magnetic closures. So you can stick a bow on it if you want to, or not, if you prefer sleek and stylish look. I usually keep no packaging whatsoever, but I kept those boxes, which is saying something! Chocolate was gone first, obviously, and I can say it is a really nice chocolate, you can tell it is high quality and handmade, very different from what you get in the shops. The bath bombs are lovely and moisturising, my five year old had a great fun testing them out. And she keeps asking for more. Teas are all lovely, and I really appreciate organic green tea, mind you! The face cloth might be the best face cloth I own, way better quality than the ones I own, it is bigger and dual sided too, one is a rougher, scrubby side, and the other is soft flannel, which I really appreciate. The Fruu lip balms impressed me in a way that they stay on the lips, which is rare for the lip balm to do - I know, because I tested buckets of them. I got two of them which I love, and hopefully they will last me trough the winter - I just have to make sure I won't lose them! The candles smell amazing and they are mighty for what they are - despite being small in size (which is not a bad thing, they are perfect for traveling) they managed to fill my thirty square metres living room with lovely smell, which is hard to do for a natural candle. Almost Yankee level of fragrance, which is a first for me when it comes to natural candles. So after digging a little deeper I discovered the company uses both essential oils and fragrance oils, so I want you to be aware of it. Having said that, these were the items Mr Green Life In Dublin liked the most, and he told me to find out the price and shipping costs for them. Imperfectly natural, moi?

All in all, these gifts were a hit in the house, and there were not a single thing that disappointed me, even though I wasn't expecting much to begin with. So Ecovida Gifts get Green Life In Dublin seal of approval, and I do not hesitate in recommending them to you, my lovely readers. 

So if you are not the most creative gift giver, or you simply don't want to (or don't have the time) to run round and search for the gifts that tick all the right boxes (natural and organic, sustainable, vegan friendly, fair trade, handmade and so on), this should be a music to your ears - it certainly is to mine! 

Psst, keep your eyes peeled, there *might be* a special discount just for my readers in my upcoming posts!

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 P.s. I guess I should add a boring disclaimer bit - these were sent for me for my consideration. I am not paid to do a review, it is all my own doing. Happy to recommend good stuff to my readers! If you are an Irish brand or business doing something similar, I would love to hear from you!


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