Friday, November 17, 2017

Things I am loving Fall 2017

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I have to be honest here and say this post almost didn't happen. Some of you might be aware I went through some terrible times recently, for the second time this year (seriously, I can't wait for this year to be over!) so I I feel down in the dumps, fighting really had not to spiral down the depression route and going through the whole spectrum of emotions. Needles to say I didn't think I am enjoying ANYTHING at the moment, but having looked around I saw there are some things that bring me joy, so I thought I'd share it with you. FIY, this post isn't product heavy, so if you want, you can exit it now, no hard feelings, promise.

In no particular order, here are a few of the things I enjoyed recently. And there will be one thing I didn't enjoy, to put it mildly, but I will leave it to the end. It takes a lot for me to bitch, most of the time I let things wash over me, but I have to say something here.

Being By The Sea

I don't know how to explain it, but it brings me healing and the peace of mind like nothing else. So I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame, and I am sure I am not alone. I once read sea vibrates at the same frequency as a human in a deeply relaxed state, so there is something behind it. It just brings peace and calmness to my soul, and I really wish I could live by the sea, that is my ultimate dream.


These have drawn me in big time, I can't even explain why. I have a lot saved in my Pinterest board, as well as my Instagram, and what can I say, all the adult colouring books with mandalas, come this way please!


This is a all the time favourite activity, and although I am falling way behind 10-books-a-month habit, the best book I've read recently is Self Heal by Jill Rosemarie Davies. Unfortunately it is out of print for some time, so I am searching high and low to buy it second hand. The one I've read came from the library. It is a complete home guide to natural healing, herbs and nutrition. All the things I am interested in!

Vegan foods

Let's just say the eating/food situation is kinda difficult in our house - I often find myself cooking four different dinners! You see, I spoilt my family too much by cooking everything from scratch for years, and with four different eating plans, it takes it's toll sometimes. My husband is meat-is-the-best-vegetable kind of guy, my elder daughter is vegetarian who won't eat fish either, I myself have to be GF (gluten free) DF (dairy free) and sugar free as much as possible to stay dermatitis free; and my youngest is the fussiest eater you can find. So in order to simplify my life I now cook vegan meals most of the time, and let my hubby add meat to it should he fancy it, but I am pleased to say we buy less and less meat, which I am thrilled about. I am yet to make my hubs to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives or any other similar movie - he refuses full stop. I asked nicely, left loaded movies on his laptop, sent him links and so on an forth, all I have left is bully option; but then again, if he chooses to buy next to no meat, maybe I don't have to?

Love Lula Natural Beauty Club (Facebook Group)

It is a forum on Facebook, where users of natural beauty products can get advice from knowledgeable writers, from their peers and from the brand owners and formulators. More and more of you joining in the conversations, as well as the founders such as Kimberly Sayer, Dee Stein from ESSE and Ben Lyons from Lyonsleaf to the club, to name just a few. I am certainly enjoying every minute of it! Not just giving advice or sharing my reviews, but also seeing what other people (not necessarily bloggers) are buying, using and enjoying. I've been chosen the most helpful member twice, once by Love Lula, and then by members of the group, the one time they were given the chance to vote. That has definitely warmed up my heart I have to say!

Lip Balms That Would Stay On The Lips

One of them is Hurraw Moon Balm, aka their night balm. I should class this is really an All The Time Fave, and it deserves a place in the Holy Grail Products category! It's replaced before it runs out, and l freak out if I can't find it. Different texture than the rest of the Hurraw balms, with slight vanilla scent. Surely a sign of love? 
Then there's also a lip balm from my favourite Irish company that is Bees Flying Wild, their Rosemary and Honey lip balm is my saviour in winter. Must stock up soon, because I am running out of them. 
And then there's my newest discovery, Fruu balms. Not as good as the first two imo, but they stay on pretty well too.


As soon as the temperatures drop, I get the urge to knit or crochet something, aka create things with my hands. I love creating full stop, and this time I am continuing to make these cupcakes crocheted decorations for the Christmas tree. I will show them later on. Don't hate me for dropping C word :) 

Wool slippers

I got them for incredibly cheap last year in Lithuania in second hand store (see my thrift haul post here if you want to). 1.5€ for brand new felted wool slippers, you can't beat that, can you? Long story short, I started wearing them just now, and can't be happier about it! So warm and cosy, and who does not like feeling warm and cosy? 


I managed to forage quite a bit of it this fall,  so I made tinctures and syrup. Feeling prepared for sickness season!

Hempture products

A little correction - my mum, who is battling breast cancer, enjoyed the products, not me. Hempture is an Irish company who do hemp extracts and so much more - and I am really glad about it. The more I research about cancer and the enforcement of highly expensive but very ineffective treatments of chemo and radiation when there are natural and much more effective treatments available makes my blood boil. I won't go into the details of heartbreaking journey we had this far, but I want to include this product and Irish company who do this in order to spread the message of natural cures, because a lot of people are simply not aware of it. I thought of doing a review post on Hempture, but as I am not a doctor and don't have a training in the medical field whatsoever, I don't feel I have a leg to stand on to talk about it. I am simply someone who did a bit of digging and found natural cancer treatments available and wanted to give my mom what’s best. Please visit to find out more about hemp products and uses. And no, this isn't weed, it won't make you high, and it is legal within EU! 


If I had my way, I could drink it non stop, at least five cups a day! Unfortunately life gets in a way, so I make sure to drink at least one cup of green tea in the morning, and some herbals teas in the afternoon. As I am really sensitive to caffeine, I make sure to drink caffeine free versions post 2pm. One of my favourites is still the rooibos tea with turmeric, ginger and honey, aka the Drink That Helps Me Stay Well In Winter (post here) and I keep trying to add new dimensions to it all the time too, like adding some cinnamon for speeding up metabolism and adding that festive touch to it. Hey, it is my tea, and there are no rules! Another tea I love of late is camomile tea with a bit of saffron, I read some reports on it being a natural anti-depressant, so of course I have to try it! I will keep you posted on whether it works or not. 

And for the one thing I am NOT loving, is.. Is.. the greed of one Youtuber and blogger. I have followed her for a couple of years now, and at first I loved her - she invited me to check out her channel via comment on someone else's page, and I watched all 15 videos she had at a time in one go. Everything she was talking about resonated with me, so I sort of had a fan girl moment, leaving gushing comments on her videos. Fast forward a couple of years ago, I couldn't ignore her arrogance anymore that was grating on me for some time - and the last straw that broke the deal for me was when I found out she does skincare consultations at 50$ a pop despite having no qualifications in the field whatsoever. I unsubscribed there and then. Fast forward a couple of years to bring us back to speed - last month bored out of my mind I wandered to her Youtube channel and clicked on her favourites video - and what do I hear? She has set up Patreon account so her followers could support her! Now, let's see - she works full time and thus is well able to buy her own products. Plus she is an ambassador to a well known subscription box, meaning she gets free boxes, has a endless supply of PR samples, has affiliate links all over her YT channel and website, meaning she is making extra money on the side, AND she sets up a Patreon account ON  TOP OF ALL THIS? You might know her as the "one who loves music". Correct me if I am wrong, but when enough is enough?

P.s. I am the least bitchy person, and all my friends would confirm it, so it is isn't a moan out of jealousy or something. It takes me a lot to bitch, and I simply couldn't leave this unsaid. 

So that is it for today. What are you loving this fall? Pumpkin spice lattes? Crisp fall weather? Leave a comment down below.

Kind Regards,

Green Life In Dublin


  1. Hi Renata,
    First of all, I am so sorry to hear about the hard time you are having. It has been a tough year for me as well and so I am with you on being ready to put 2017 in the past. I find it so inspiring that despite how you are feeling you still managed to recognize things around you that you enjoy. I actually appreciated that it wasn't product heavy. Natural/green beauty products that are very expensive are saturating the market and my Instagram feed. I get sucked in and want everything even though I can't afford it. Your post was a nice reminder that there is plenty in life to enjoy without breaking the bank. Regarding what you have not been loving... my sentiments exactly! Currently, I am still a subscriber but I have become very turned off by the arrogance, greed and just plain self indulgence I've noticed recently. I though/it was just me. I'm glad you said something. Time to unsubscribe.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking time to leave a comment, I appreciate that! Have a beautiful weekend xo