Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two Simple DIYs - Poor Man's Z Palette and Labels

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Today I am coming at you with two cheap DIYs that maybe useful for some of you perhaps? I posted the pencil tin DIY “palette” on my Instagram and it got a good response, so I thought maybe I should make a blog post out of it?
Both DIYs will cost you next to nothing, and will last you an eternity, trust me. All of the materials came from Amazon or 1.50€ shops. Let's begin, shall we?

DIY Pencil Tin Palette or Poor Man’s Z Palette
(actually I was told to change "Poor Man's to "Smart Woman's on Instagram! Love it)

You will need:
Pencil tin (came with pencils that I didn't need and gave them to my kids) x1.50€
Magnetic tape (Amazon)

This is pretty self explanatory, take out the pencils, measure the magnetic tape and tape it inside in any fashion that you want, I settled on three stripes, but you can do whatever you want, cover the whole bottom with magnet or just cut the individual pieces for your make up pans. Now my Pure Anada blush has finally has a place to live!
All I need to do now is to decoupage the top to make it pretty and press some of the eye shadows and blushes in loose powders I own.
Man, I feel like this is the slippery slope for DIYs to come, haha!
As you can see, this DIY cost me a grand total of less than a fiver! Sweet or what?
Want to see what I filled up the palette with? See the update with lots of pictures below, I admit I went a bit crazy and broke a few things in the process! /Insert ashamed emoji here/

Second DIY - Expiration labels

 This is even simpler and I am not even sure whether I should post it or not to be honest!
As I mourned my expired 100%Pure items (see my latest Empties post here) who don't even have the best before date on the products (instead they have some complicated barcode system where only they can tell if the item is expired or not) I thought of introducing some sort of labeling system in my make up and skincare collection, in fact I already did put some dates on new products with a sharpie prior to coming up with this, but that not always work, for example some make up items are too small for sharpie writing or I didn't want to ruin a pretty design, so these cutout labels are working so much better and I am happy with it! No more guessing if the product is going off and trying to remember when on earth did you get this or that product?

Here’s what you will need:
A roll of sticky labels or any stickers
A hole puncher, mine happens to be a butterfly shaped. You can skip this all together and cut the label by hand.

Again, both of these items cost me a grand total of €1.50 each. Hole punchers generally cost way more than than, so shop around. And before you tell me, I know I can get those pretty circle labels, but they cost around 2-3€ per sheet, and you get what, like 24 of them? So I decided cut the cost once again, having in mind I had those items in my house for months already, but even if you had to buy them, you will get endless supply of them.
And again, pretty self explanatory thing, cut the label to size (or punch it), stick on to product and write down the date you got them. Or the date it has to be kissed goodbye, it is up to you!

So here were are with two impromptu DIYs. Next post will be my 200th blog post and we will celebrate with my first ever Favourites post! 💕💕💕 Are you excited? I know I am!

*Update a day later
Seems like I went a bit cray cray depotting things, and while I had lots of fun doing so, I also broke a few things in the process, including my favourite blush!! Oh, well, there is the first time for eveything, and I will still continue to use it, because a) it is my favourite b) it is sadly discontinued. but let's just say I won't be trying to lift it from it's pan anytime soon, haha! You can see my destroyed love in the photo here, as well as the first configuration of things.

You live and learn, eh?

 Having said all that, I am really excited and pleased with myself, because we all know that buzz you get when you create something, don't we? And I think I will use the shadows much more frequently now, as this definitely won't be showed to the back of my drawer, so I am excited!

Have you created your own palette? Not necessarily DIY like mine, but have you created your collection of depotted (clean beauty) items? Share with me below or tag me in your Instagram posts, I want to see that :)

That is all for now,
Lots of Love,

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