Friday, November 25, 2016

A Different Take On Black Friday Sales

Hi Lovelies,

So, today is the Black Friday and the sales are in full gear as we speak! But I hope some of you will hear me out in the midst of all the craziness happening - how about NOT buying anything? Revolutionary idea, huh? Well, a 20% off might seem like a good saving, but please please ask yourself if you really needed that item in the first place or you are buying it for the sake of it? Think of it this way, you are still spending 80% of the money where you didn't intend to. How about not buying it for the sake of buying and saving yourself 100% of your hard earned cash? Let's spare a moment to think of the purpose of the products we purchase and their path to the market. How sustainably and and etchically were they produced? And do you really need that 15th pink lipgloss or yet another palette? Really? Do they really have different undertones? Please do a stock take in your make up drawer today and write down what are you really using on an everyday basis? Narrow it down to the few key pieces and replace only when you run out. Same goes for skincare, haircare and everything else, really. Having less stuff and well curated collections will bring only joy, clarity and the peace of mind, I can promise you that! 
And it is really OK to say NO to the sales craziness that is happening right now.
I thought long and hard about this and I came to realization that I really need just ONE item this year, that would be Mahalo Rare Indigo balm, but as it is crazily expensive, I will abstain from buying for a little while longer, the reason being I still have some left in my sample jar and I simply don't have the funds for it. The reason I want/need it is because it is the best stuff for any kind of inflammation and dermatitis, but that is a different story for another time. Going back to the wishlist I had I realised that I don't NEED any of it, rather WANT it, and that made the decision really simple. Aka not buying anything at all! The idea of consumerism drives me crazy and the amount of rubbish we produce buying and consuming stuff endlessly and aimlessly boggles my mind to say the least. I am not OK with it. And don't get me started on the fast fashion! Over the last fifty years we have consumed a third of our planet's resources. The Fast Fashion Industry contributes majorly to this exploitation. Isn't that reason enough to switch from FAST to SLOW FASHION? Why don't we give you're closet a break and think before we buy? Consider the quality and how many times you will wear it. This way you'll buy less but you'll really enjoy the clothes you own.

On top of it you're being nice to:
•you're wallet
•you're wardrobe
AND the environment ! Win-Win-Win 🏆

So please put down the cheap polyester dress or jumpsuit you have in your hands or online cart, there is no need to buy a new outfit for holidays or night out, you can rework the same Little Black Dress an million new ways. Buy only a few well made clothing items a year, and you will be well on your way of quality capsule wardrobe. A few selected and well made clothing items that go well together? Yes please! 

So who is with me in not buying anything this Black Friday? By the way I just googled "Black Friday Sales" and those pictures scared me! Do we really need to trample other people to get yet more stuff into our already-bulging-at-the-seams homes? How about not having latest flat screen TV or iPad? I know I don't, and psst, I am totally fine with it.

So that is all for now.

Lot's of love,


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