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Autumn 2016 Empties & Stuff I Am Tossing

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Natural and organic empties Fall 2016

As per usual, here are some empties and natural beauty stuff I have to throw away because they are finished or expired and my mini reviews of everything. I will link the reviews where apt, in order to not make this post two miles long. If you want more information on particular item, click the link of please feel free to skip it, it is up to you :) Let's get on, shall we?

In this post you will find products by these brands:

  • 100%Pure
  • Pure Anada
  • Lily Lolo
  • Burts Bees
  • Neals Yard Remedies
  • Zatik
  • Hurraw
  • Rms
  • Kjaer Weis
  • Vapour Organics
  • Sibu
  • Bodhi & Birch
  • Leahlani
  • Lil Fox
  • Aurelia
  • Rahua
  • Mahalo
  • Kognac sponge
  • Chris James 
  • Deep Steep
  • DrOrganic
  • Dudu Osun
  • Solgar
  • Udo's choice
  • Manuka Doctor
  • Westlab
  • Sukin
  • Jason  
  • Babushka Agafia
  • Pukka
First let me list the supplements and wellness items, I won't be going in too much details here, but I will speak more about them in my future posts specifically about those subjects:
Quercetin by Solgar 250mg per capsule
B complex by Solgar
Zinc Citrate 30mg
Aloe Juice by Chris James
Udo's Choice Adult Blend
Pukka Glow
Echinacea tincture by A.Vogel
Organic Honey and Thyme Syrup
Westlab Epsom Salts

Babushka Agafia Shampoo
I bought this inspired by Vita Lives Free video, and even though I knew shampoo contained SLS I still jumped at a chance to try it. Why? Well, l was going to try it after Vita’s video came out, and at a time I could only find it on ebay, costing about 20€ including the shipping, I didn’t get it then, so when l found it in Lithuania costing 0.74€ (!!!) of course I had to get it! Well, it turned out it wasn't my perfect shampoo, so l left it half used. My daughter said she liked it because it made her hair silky, but for me it brought my old problems back in form of dandruff and frizzy tangly hair, plus the hair didn't look amazing on my daughter or any of us for that matter. I have another version of Babushka Agaffia shampoo, but I will pass it in the future.

African Black Soap by Duru Osun
This was my first time trying this soap, and I fell in love! It is totally natural (you can literally understand every single ingredient in it), suds up nicely and it is very economical, four of us used it for three weeks and it was only half gone by the time we left. It does not dry out your skin in a way DrBronner does, and it will be the only thing in my shower from now on to wash my body with. I will try to wash my hair with it and will come back to you. My hubby also said he was impressed with this soap and he does not mind if i will use this instead of shower gels, and that is a lot coming from him, as he is so hard to impress and he is a die hard fan of shower gels. He found it non drying and easy to rinse off, when so many other products can be.

100%Pure Red Wine Resvestarol face cream (two samples)
This is what I used for my face cream while I was away, and my skin liked it. Zero irritation nor it made my dermatitis patch worse. Possible future purchase. But maybe not, I have come to be deeply disappointed by short expiration date by 100%Pure products, please see below, and I have found a face cream that works so well for me and it is much closer to home and cost so much less, in a form or NYR Palmarosa facial cream, and you get 200ml of product instead of 50ml.

100%Pure Healthy Skin Foundation x2
It is not finished, but I am throwing it away because it has expired. I really wanted to like this foundation, but it ended up not working for me, and it was really upsetting, because even though it costs nearly 40€, I still hoped it would be my perfect foundation that could end my quest or search for the perfect foundation! No such luck, it clings to my dry patches like crazy, and highlights rather than hides all the fine lines, making me look older (!!!) when I have it on! More details here and here. I don't know, maybe it would work for under 25s who have perfect skin, but for us older ladies, I say save your money.
As you can see, I am throwing away frigging TWO of them, as I took out the replacement I was sent and I found it in a worse state than the original foundation! I mean look at this!! it has separated into three sections, visible to the naked eye, the pigment, the oil and some goo, probably the aloe. Note the plastic seal on the bottle, it was definitely new and kept in the original packaging well away from the heat and light. The company claims the new and sealed products are good for three years (I can show you screen shots if you want) but look at this about six months on? Even if I didn't have face dermatitis I still wouldn't use it, as this is the worst state of any foundation I've seen in my life. This is exactly the reason my love for 100%Pure is turning into love-hate relationship, and honestly, can you blame me? I will take away a lesson to only purchase products that I am sure I will be using on the consistent basis, and definitely no more collection building! You won't find this anywhere on their site, but this brand's products have extremely short shelf life from 6 (all liquid/cream products) to 12 months (powder products) and I wish I knew that before I spent a fortune on their products. Now they are slowly expiring before my very own eyes.. Don't get me wrong, I didn't turn into a hater because of this, as I still think some of their products are fantastic, but as I already mentioned, I will buy waaay less from this brand.

100%Pure Luminous Skin Primer x2 

You can find my review on it here. But the bugger expired on me two minutes past six months mark, and I only wore it a handful of times! And when I took out my back up primer, it was the same. I don't know if you are able to see it in the photo, but it is very definitely separated, and the smell is not the same. Again, with very sensitive and dermatitis prone skin, I won't be putting it on my face. So not a good value for money. I mean I know this is a trade off for natural ingredients, but then again, let's take Neal's Yard Remedies for example, they too have a short shelf life, but my products didn't change in any way months past the best by date! What is with this brand, is it like Green Beauty Cinderella past twelve or something? I've witnessed it happening with a few products of mine, give it a few minutes past six months and they spoil immediately. Same happened with the hair conditioner, see below and now that I think of it, the very first time I ordered from them, I bought a body butter, and it came the same muddy purplish-brown colour as my conditioner is now, but at a time I didn't think of writing a complaint to the brand (no wonder it got gummy in texture soon after) but I definitely did this time, letting them know I am not OK with all of this, plus the spray sunscreen I'd bought from them in the summer broke when it was 95% full (review to come) and I never got any reply from them about it. Phew, stop rambling Renata! Long story short, I got a not-so-nice reply from them, but they did give me a voucher for half the price I paid. All of you people with a back ups, take them out and inspect them immediately!

100%Pure Creamy Long Lasting Liner eye pencil

Really nice product, this was all I've been using for the last year, but now that I've got a new one, it is time to let the first one go. I mean I didn't get any irritations or infections, it is still good, but better safe than sorry, right?

100% Pure Green Tea Oil Free Moisturiser SPF30

I hated this from the get go, I purchased it as my summer facial SPF product, but it disappoint me on so many levels, it is thin yogurt consistency, so don't even think opening the bottle with the tip facing down, or you will lose half the product on the floor (or on your shoes in my case), it is not moisturising at all, so I had to layer additional product for moisture, which is never a good thing in summer, it leaves a terrible white cast and it costs far too much. Safe to say I am not repurchasing. I have also purchased their SPF stick, which also leaves white cast and their spray sunscreen too, which broke on me while 90% full. My hubby warned me that spray sunscreens are not good in general in a way that they break easily, but I did not listen and went on to order one. The result? When we picked at the nozzle, it resulted in a mad spray everywhere, mainly on my mother in law's brand new handbag, which I had to replace. I emailed the brand and had zero response twice. Go figure.
Thankfully I have found a better product that does not do any of those things, which is Kimberley Sayer, another review coming your way sometime!

100%Pure Pretty Naked PaletteI left it at my mum's as I was aghast to find out she only has years old and crusty eye shadows and other cosmetics. Had to toss it out (not without a fight, mind you) and leave her a chunk of my cosmetics, this one including. I preferred and used way more Pretty Naked II anyway, so not to worry. I also left her Lily Lolo lipstick, Purely You Minerals lip gloss, two mascaras and one Jo Brown Ireland solid perfume. Tried to leave her some skincare including my beloved Pai rosehip oil, but she refused flatly. I also left strict instructions to toss any of them immediately if they change in smell/colour/texture.

100%Pure Burdock and Neem Shampoo & Conditioner
This is a nice shampoo and conditioner, but be sure to use it within six months or you will end up wasting it, like I did. Pity. I've yet to review it.

Two Sheet Masks by 100% Pure (Caffeine and Green Tea Water Bomb)

I have a review on Caffeine masks here, and I have to say they are truly fabulous, they make your skin red carpet ready! Moisturised, plump and brighter, you may want to go make up free the next day to show of your beautiful skin, I know I've done it myself. I also have a frugal tip on how to make it last three times s much, and no, it is not wearing the same mask three times, so check out that review girl :) Green Tea one is also very nice.

Leahlani Mermaid Mask sample
I got it in a green beauty swap, and I only have one word for it - LOVE! Definitely treating myself to a full size come my Birthday. Even though I only sampled it, I definitely recommend it to everyone! Stay tuned for a review later on, when I will purchase the full size of it. Definitely one of those can't-live-without-it products!

Lily Lolo mascara
Full review here. No, it is not my fave ever mascara, I gave it a fair shot testing two tubes for a couple of months, but I am not repurchasing.

Pure Anada mascara

Good natural mascara for everyday use, full review here.

DrOrganic Argan Oil Shampoo
Now, I am about to give up on this brand as it seems to lean on greenwashing side of things, if you ask me, and from around 15 or so things tried from this line, the one and only I am happy with. This is not it. Terrible as a shampoo, gave me dandruff and tangly dry hair, the matching conditioner is not much better, I am currently shaving my legs with it.

Deep Steep Snowflake Body Lotion

This took me months to finish, mainly because I am the only one in the house that uses stuff for body moisturisation, and I used it with other stuff too, but even so it will last you a good while. Great ingredients, I like the affordable price point and the scent, it seems to be permanently stocked in TKMaxx, and it is probably I will always buy. Normally I would cut the bottle and would squeeze out every last drop of the lotion, the only reason I didn't do it with this one, is because I have a Deep Steep body butter and another body lotion in Papaya Something waiting to be open. I also just opened their body scrub, not so much of a fan - too little of scrubby bits!

Mineral Fusion Lip Gloss

from Beauty Heroes box - too minty! Acquired via green beauty swap, but once I put it on, my lips started tingling and swelling immediately and it only got stronger as the time went by, so I immediately wiped it off and passed the gloss on the very same day.

Manuka Honey

I am including this, as it was primarily used as a face mask together with some other ingredients like turmeric and such, works awesome and I highly suggest you try it as a mask if you haven't already. 

Sukin Body Wash

I got this giant bottle in TKMaxx for only seven euros. My skin didn't like their face creams (they broke me out) but I figured I should be ok with a body wash, and it worked great. I later moved it to the sink to use as a hand soap when I ran out of a hand soap, and it worked great too, took months to finish! Definitely repurchasing if I will find it in TKMaxx again.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask

I've wanted to try Sibu for ages, so I was so happy to find it in TKMaxx ages ago, and immediately purchased this and their famous oil. Both products are nice, the mask is too drying on it's own as it has got clays in it. I also never found Sibu products here ever again.

Mahalo Indigo Balm (sample)

This generous sample came from lovely Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol in a green beauty swap, and I instantly fell in love! It is so good for inflamed skin and healed my angry dermatitis patch time and time again. I winced when I looked at a price of it, but I have to figure out a way to get it when the time comes. For the meantime I have another sample of it, as i was lucky enough to win Mahalo giveaway via Instagram. Please don't hate me.

Jason Apricot Shampoo

I'm doing a review on this soon. Gave me dandruff immediately but my daughter liked it and she didn't have any problems, Has a few ingredients in it I don't like, so not sure if I am repurchasing. If my kid will request it, I will, but in the meantime we have like five other shampoos to go.

Kognac sponge.

I really love them, except for the part that you have to throw it away after one to three months. Well, at least it is made from a vegetable and can be composted.

Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil Sample

Really nice body oil that smells gorgeous and is quick to sink in. Great ingredients and a possible future purchase.

100%Pure Healthy Skin Foundation Powder in White Peach
This is a terrible product in my eyes and a regret buy. This has no coverage whatsoever no matter how much you apply! It is more like a finishing powder in my eyes and should not be called a foundation by any means. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I didn't like this from the beginning and I still don't, so time to let it go, and never buy it again.

Neals Yard Remedies White Tea Toning Eye Gel
This is a fabulous product that I happily used for about nine months in the conjunction with Lil Fox Eye Butter, until it kinda stopped working for me one day and I only then I noticed that it's good for three moths after opening! Whoopsie!! Not sure if I am repurchasing, it is very pricy in my eyes, and if I will have to get a new one every three months that adds up to the hefty sum annually. 

Lil Fox Cucumber Black Seed Eye Butter
This was one of my first winnings via Instagram, and I have to say this is a fabulous product and I really enjoyed using it! Not purchasing it due to the hefty shipping and custom fees (it is US company) but if you are living in the US, I highly recommend Lil Fox, theirs are gorgeous natural luxury products!

Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm
Another product from NYR that I really loved (I don't remember any product that disappointed me from their line) and happily used it while I could. Now it is really expired and it is time to let it go. The only thing I wasn't happy about it was the fact that it is in a pot, so it is really easy to contaminate the product by dipping germy fingers in it, I really hope NYR can come out with a stick format of it!

NYR White Tea Facial Mist
This I got last summer when my dermatitis was at it's worst and I could not use any products on my face without flaring up. I mean I spritzed it here and there, but not consistently, so I don't have any opinion on it yet, as it is yet another product that expired on me. Insert sad face here. 

Zatik Sea Buckthorn Sea Buckthorn Apricot Organic Herbal Moisturiser

Phew, that is a moutful, isn't it? The fact that it is organic drew me in, but sadly this is not a product for me. It is for dry skin, but I say it is more suitable for oily skin, as it did nothing for me. I have a dry skin and it not only did not moisturise, but even made my skin more tight in fact, so I passing it on before it expires.

Rahua Shower Gel

I also acquired this deluxe sample size in a green beauty swap, but I didn't like the smell of it, so I left it in the shower for somebody else to use it up. It stood there lonely and unused for a really long time, meaning that my family also didn't like it. Not repurchasing because of that and the steep price point, but I want their shampoo one day, it is amazing!

Neals Yard Remedies Ginger and Vanilla Shower Gel

Even though it is also pricy, it lasts for absolutely ages, it took our family of four months to use it, mind you! That fact alone makes it worth it's price, but sadly the scent isn't my cup of tea, it is way more ginger than it is vanilla. None of their other scents excite me either, they all seem I don't know, old fashioned perhaps? I will try their Honey one next if it will be avail next time I will make an order? And I wish they released more scents, ginger and geranium does not suit majority of the people, and that is all they seem to have when it comes to shower gels.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

I got a ton of lip balms in post Christmas sale, fueled by nostalgia, these were one of the first natural green beauty products I got when I transitioned to green beauty years ago, and I remembered liking the texture. They are around 4€ each, and I got them for around 1€ each in a reduced sets. Sadly I am not repurchasing any of them due to the fact that their new parent company isn't cruelty free. Same with the gloss, I got it in Heatons (think cheap polyester paradise with no natural product in sight) of all the places for only three euros but my joy was short lived because I got a weeks use out of it before it started smelling bad. Really bad.

Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser

This too came in a swap, but I didn't try it on my face, the lovely lady said it didn't agree with her skin nor her boyf skin, then I witnessed my daughter break out in multiple spots after one use, and then I read multiple bashing reviews on Instagram, saying it is really harsh and has a few known irritants in the ingredients list, so at that point I decided not to subject my poor skin to yet more products, after all no one asked me to chain test all the products if my skin protests wildly if I do so. It has six months shelf life one opened, which I suspect is up already, so I am throwing it away.

Hurraw Lip Balms x3

I finished Moon Balm, Chai Spice and Vata lip balm, all fabulous and I am repurchasing them for sure!

RMS Smile (sample)

This is the only product from RMS lips and cheeks collection that seems to suit me, but even so i am not getting a full size of it due to the fact that it does not last (none of RMS products do, but I haven't tried their new powder shadows) and coconut oil on the face breaks me out.

RMS Sacred

Not my colour, not getting it for the reasons above.

Vapour Organics Stratus Skin Perfector in 902 (sample)

This is a stick format and I really liked it, but if I will get a full size of Vapour primer, I want the one that was recently included in a Beauty Heroes box, the pink liquid one, s902. I have seen it all over Instagram, and the photos look airbrushed indeed! Since my disappointment in 100%Pure Luminous primer, I am after a good natural primer, and it is most likely I will get this one.

Kjaer Weis foundation in Paper Thin

I got a sample of it some time last year from Citrine Beauty Bar and thinking this shade is a tad too dark from me, I blindly went on to order the next shade down, and as with just my look, it turned out waaay too light for me. I couldn't use it all spring and summer, and I am taking it out again only now. Blog review to come, but to sum it up, it is a love-hate relationship with it.

So that is all, my huge empties stash finished! Give a pat on the back if you are still reading it, you are a true rock star :)

That is all for now,

Lots of Love,
Make sure to tune in again this week, I will have a new post ready by Thursday, see you then!

And here are a list of items I gave away to BVGAN, as I wasn't happy with them. I mean, if stuff isn't working for you, why keep it to collect dust on the shelves, right? It might be someone else's perfect product, you just never know!

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo & Conditioner

Vithners Daughter Face Serum
Burts Bees hand cream
Terra Verdi blush
Dr Organic facial serum
DrOrganic rose face mask
Clarins tan drops
and various samples I didn't care enough to try.

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