Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Monsters Be Gone" DIY Spray

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am coming at you with a bit different post than usual, it is not green beauty related, but it is natural living related, and I hope this will help out a fellow mom(s) with small children. The thing is that my second kid inherited my childhood fears of dark and "monsters". She won't go into corridor on her own and also has trouble falling asleep, and was constantly telling me she is afraid of the "monsters". Now, I know she will grow out of them in a few years as it always happens with children, but still I wanted to help her out at this time too, not to brush it away. So one day I remembered a pin I'd pinned a few years ago onto my Pinterest board - that post was about putting a DIY "No Monsters" label on a room freshener spray, a conventional Febreze one. I obviously use none of those, so I made my own concoction of rosewater, lavender and camomile essential oils. And you know what, it did the trick! Excuse my wonky drawing (a 6yr old would do better!) but you get the idea, we just put the label on the spray bottle and we use every time she feels necessary, we spray it in the dark corners of the house and onto her bedding before she goes to sleep. Lavender and camomile essential oils are here for a reason, they both have calming effect and I think they help her fall asleep peacefully. It worked! It is our third week of having this "No Monsters" spray, and we use it less and less, we put it in the drawer under her fish tank, so she always knows it is there if she feels she needs it, but I definitely have witnessed changes in her in the last couple of weeks, she is more calm, less afraid, more daring to do things (read more cheeky if I am honest).

If anybody wants a recipe, it is short and sweet, just fill a 100ml spray bottle with a rosewater and add ten drops of each lavender and camomile essential oils. One of those would do too, if you don't want to purchase two, one of them would work just as well. If you don't like the smell of any of those, you can use any other essential oil you like, just make sure it has calming qualities, so do your little research first.
I purchase rose water from my local Asian shop for less than 2€, and you can get essential oils in any health shop, plus selected pharmacies. Just please make sure to use real essential oils, not "fragrance" oils, those are synthetic and harmful to you, stay clear of them. Even though essential oils are a bit of investment initially, it is totally worth it, because you can use them so many different ways and they will last you years as they are so concentrated.

So there you have it, my short and sweet post, if it helps at least one mom out there, I would be a happy girl! (Join the discussion here).

Lots of Love,
Disclaimer: I can not be responsible for what you will do with this information, nor the outcome of it, I am simply sharing what worked for me. Please be very careful using essential oils and make sure none of the family members are allergic to any of those first. I purchased all items with my own money for those of you who want to know. Disclaimer over. 

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