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Summer 2016 Empties & Stuff I Am Waving Goodbye To

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Here's what I used up during summer months, and a few expired /covers eyes in shame/ products, plus a few products that didn't suit me or gave me allergic reactions, all sorts of reasons I am throwing products away.

Cold Pressed Oils shea butter

I love this shea butter, l am on my third jar already and that is saying a lot! It helped me a lot with my dermatitis while l had it, and l still use it to this day on my face and hands. This small family business does beautiful cold pressed oils, l will link their Etsy shop here. I have tried several things from their line, all with great results. This shea butter is the best I have tried to date, l have used several brands but this wins hands down.

Cortas Neroli water

It is constantly in my empties posts, so l won't go into the great details, check my blog posts if you are interested in how l use it.

Pur Minerals Brow Perfection

I only used the wax side of as the powder was way too warm for me. Will l repurchase? No, because thanks to the lovely reader who goes by the name lina_loves_green on IG I discovered something way better and cheaper - Alterra products. See them here.

2x Christopher Drummond concealers

They expired on me! Don't you hate when that happens? I bought a set of three of them via ebay once l discovered this concealer, (review here) and because l didn't know the product yet, l couldn't have predicted the outcome of this, as in expiration of two whole bottles of it! If l knew how pigmented this is and how little l would need it, of course l would have bought just one bottle instead of three, because now l just wasted money. Oh well, l will know better from now on. Since then they rebranded as Hynt Beauty and l have the new concealer as well, review here.


I have talked about this in my “Dermatis Be Gone” post, and this is my second bottle. While l am mostly symptoms free, l sometimes get outbreaks if l accidentally gluten myself, so l always have it on hand. 

Sample of 100%Pure Pink Grapefruit body cream

Yes l would pick it up, if it was on sale (you know my frugalista tendencies by now). Great ingredients and smell, rubs in really well and its really moisturising. I won't rush to buy it simply because l have too much other stuff to go through, but if you are looking for good clean and natural body lotion, this is a good one.

PurMinerals Pout Plumping Lip Gloss

This doesn't appear to have a name, but it doesn't matter, l am not repurchasing anyway, this was impulse buy in TKMaxx, the colour doesn't suit me much, l found myself not reaching for it at all, plus the ingredients are not the cleanest as l would like them to be. As soon as l found my fave natural lip gloss ever - 100%Pure Gemmed Lipgloss in Peacock Ore, l retired this one for good.

100%Pure Coffee Cherry Sun Damage Corrective Cream 

I haven't had a chance to use it at all, so l can't give you my opinion on it, sorry! It came as gift with purchase while l had my dermatitis, so l couldn't use it, and when l healed and was ready to give it a go, it expired on me, it came out all separated from the tube, so l was not about to risk it and put it on my face.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream with SPF30

I bought this sample from Naturisimo as l was really interested if it will live up to the hype, and to protect my face from the sun. I wasn't blown away, but it probably was the case of expecting too much. It has a strong herbal smell. I am not decided yet whether l will purchase a full size of it or not. This summer I have full sizes of 100%Pure and Kimberley Sayer SPF creams, so l might purchase this next summer, who knows?

Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Toning Eye Gel

This still has more than half of a product left, and l happily used it for around nine months before realising it expired on me! Doh! This is a very good product and l enjoyed using it in conjunction with Lil Fox eye butter, l feel it really did make a difference and l am about to post a blog review on it.

Hurraw Moon Balm

This is a favourite, and as soon at it finished, it was swiftly replaced. Amazing ingredients, smells of vanilla and l really enjoy using it. 

Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Body Lotion

This mini came in a set and while l enjoyed using it, l doubt if l will repurchase it anytime soon, simple reason being l have too much of other stuff to go through, but if l ever will repurchase NYR body lotion, it will be this one as l don't really enjoy the scent of other lotions. By the way, this bottle sucks, it is impossible to get the product out!

Nelsons Arnica Cream

It didn't do anything to my or kids bruises oddly enough, and expired almost unused. Not repurchasing. I since discovered a brilliant remedy for all sorts of skin boo boos, and that is manuka and tea tree gel.

RosehipPlus rosehip oil

This was a score in TKMaxx at around 12€, or at least l thought was a score,until l realised my skin reacts badly to it. The front of the bottle says its Australian certified organic oil, but the back of the bottle says ingredients are rosehip oil AND tocopherol, which is vitE. People with gluten allergies or sensitivities can react to vitE derived from wheat, but when l asked company where the vitE is derived from they kept insisting it is pure oil with nothing added to it, despite listing clearly saying otherwise, and would not confirm the source of vitE to me. As l couldn't use it on my face, l used it on my hands and hair, but needless to say l am not repurchasing.   

Vidaneem Organic Neem oil

I bought it to treat my dermatitis once l remembered it helped to treat my daughters stubborn nappy rash when she was just s tiny baby, l have read a few success stories in neem oil use for dermatitis, plus l figured out it can't hurt to use antifungal antiviral thing on the skin, right? Oh so wrong! My skin was irritated to no end when l applied it and l basically haven't touched it for many months and it is probably expired by now. I am a bit ashamed l haven't used it for my hair masks or something, but it just got lost in between many things l own, and l pulled it out just now, while cleaning out my drawers.

Allafia hand soap

Nice product, nice clean formula. I got it in TKMaxx and l can't find it there ever since, one of drawbacks of shopping there, yes, you might find nice clean products,but you won't find it ever again. If it does come back sometime (l should add it’s US brand not available where I live), I am stocking up!

Mi-Oils Raw Argan Oil

This was my first and only purchase via FB, and l am throwing it away because it is years old if l am honest. The company no longer exists sadly, so l am not repurchasing for that reason, but if l will come across raw argan oil, l am sure getting it.

100%Pure Coconut Body Scrub

This stuff led me to 100%Pure, l mean that's how l discovered this brand, and when l checked their website and saw that they also do make up I was like “Woohoo, happy days!” I got this for 9€ in the last Black Friday sale, so yes, it lasts a while. Normally it is 35€ so I don't  know if l am repurchasing, scrubs are one of the areas I prefer to DIY and save money on. I bought it because I got it on super deal and because I was curious for years!

Borneo007 - whole range of products

I should have had included this in my last - disappointing products - post as this is the biggest disappointment I’ve had when it comes to make up! Imagine situation - you just had a baby, and a few weeks later you are told the job you had no longer exists, so you are jobless and penniless, because all the savings went into preparing for the baby. Your husband also loses his job two weeks later. So you spend a year without any treats for yourself, and when your Bday comes around, you decide to treat yourself to a new make up. I got it via etsy beauty - l was looking for a clean ingredients and a good price, so after days of research l chose this company and l got full sizes of mineral foundation, concealer, blush and three or four eyeshadows. What a disapointment! Nothing from these products worked for me, the powder had no coverage, yet it looked terrible cakey (yes, that is possible!), the concealer creased like crazy and was way too light for me, when l wore the blush, l was asked if l got punched in the face (?!) - clearly wrong shade for me and l never touched this again. The eye shadows were terrible and lasted for 1 hr maximum. So imagine my state when l spent the last money I scrimped in this crappy lot! Even now, a few years later I still remember my bitter tears over this. And it made me scared of trying anything else from etsy beauty section for a long time.

Pure Anada Mascara

This is really nice natural mascara, that has a really good price point as well, review here. Sadly it didn’t rock my world as I found it hard to apply, not much goes onto the brush, so you have to take time to apply multiple layers to get the desired effect. If you are after “natural look” mascara, this is perfect for you, but with my invisible lashes I need way more drama just to get my lashes to the “normal” look. I found myself reaching for it on the weekends only, because I just didn’t have the time on weekdays to stand there and build it up for ten minutes. It also started smelling after just two three weeks of use, so I was able to get …. weeks out of it. For those two reasons I am not getting this mascara again. But their mineral powder foundation is my Holy Grail foundation!

Inika Foundation Samples in Cream and Beige
I got these about a year ago, so it is time to let it go! At the time of getting them I found the Cream too light and too yellow, and Beige too dark, but now that it is summer time and my face has got some color to it, I like the Beige! It is so lightweight, it feels like nothing on your skin, and with 76% organic ingredients, it is a hero product in my eyes! It is light to medium coverage.
A repurchase? I have a full size, yes.

Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Child's Farm shampoo 

I am grouping them together because these are staples in my house, I blogged times a hundred about them, and I am pretty sure you will see them again.

Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

This is a great product, but it is time to get a replacement already.

NYR Geranium and Orange Shower Gel

I am really impressed with NYR shower gels, even these minis take months to finish, they are that good! I am not getting it in this scent again, none of my family liked the scent to be honest, and that's why I was left to finish it off on my own, haha! But I am definitely getting their shower gels, currently have their Ginger and Vanilla one. 

Liz Earle Superskin Bust and Neck Treatment

This was sent to me three years ago, and I am yet to review it, whoops.. In short, it works. I forgot to include it in the pic, doh! Please excuse me.

 I will list some supplements as well, these will go into my vitamin/supplement routine post in the near future, so stay tuned. I will repurchase all of these, except from Holland & Barrett one, this brand uses many fillers in their products, so it's time to move on from it and find a better alternative.

Optima Acai Superfood Juice

Liquid VitD by Solgar

Vitamin D and Zinc by Holland and Barrett

Vitamin B complex by Solgar

And the products mentioned in my disappointing products post:

Ruka’s place shea butter and rosehip oil

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo and Conditioner

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo

Fushi Eczmaid

DrOrganic products, whole lot of them

Neal's Yard Remedies products, several of them (I have many faves from this brand, it's just not everything I've tried worked for me)

Sukin facial moisturisers, two of them

100%Pure, also a few products (Same like with NYR, I have many faves from this brand, it's just not everything has worked for me)

What have you finished lately? Please share, I would love to know!

Lots of love,

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