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Flying Wild Balms Review - Irish Series

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I am starting a new series in the blog, solely dedicated to Irish brands, and what better way to start than with my new favourite balms from Flying Wild? Flying Wild is a company started by lovely Arno, the brand owner and formulator. He moved back to his birthplace a few years looking for simpler life, more outdoors life and it resulted in this business. Arno keeps 60 bee hives of very happy bees and is using fresh honey to make his products. Other (certified organic, no less) ingredients in products are hemp, coconut, olive, soya and castor oils, shea butter, vitamin E, essential oils of frankincense and may chang. Super simple and minimal list of ingredients, exactly what I like, and all of them are good for you and nourishing to the skin. (Sorry vegan friends, this post is not for you, please feel free to check out my other posts). I am really loving the company's ethos too, they say if the ingredient does not add anything to the product, it is not included. Every product is made by hand in small batches, fresh from scratch every time, no fillers or pre-made bases – every ingredient is natural, has a specific purpose and delivers results. Quality of the products speak for themselves. How can you not love this?

There are four products in the line, three balms for the body, hands and feet, and a lip balm. I got a chance to test them all and I can't choose my favourite, they are all that good!

The Lip Balm
Is second to only Hurraw lip balms, and it is way better than anything l used in the last few years, way better than Burt’s Bees, Crazy Rumours, Eos and multiple other balms. It is super nourishing, lasts for hours and smells of honey and rosemary. I am stocking up on these babies come autumn! I am the sort of person who has to have multiple lip balms everywhere, next to the computer, bed, in the handbag, bathroom, car, you name it. The only tiny thing l dislike about it is the packaging, it is forest green tube, and the colour reminds me of a school uniform, aka my least favourite colour (and not so good memories perhaps) but the balm is so good that l am willing to put up with it. Here’s hoping the brand will come out with more variations in the flavours and packaging?
Certified Organic Ingredients: grapeseed oil, beeswax, honey, rosemary oil, vitamin E.

The Body Balm
It comes in a pump tube, which l like very much, very sanitary, no diping germy fingers into a pot and contaminating product with bacteria. All balms come in the same packaging. It has great ingredients (duh, obviously!) and is a joy to use, plus l have to mention the smell, your bathroom will smell amazing for hours!! It is also amazingly softening, your skin will feel like a baby’s skin for a couple of days. You can mix it with other body lotion if you don’t want to run out too soon, and that is exactly what I am doing and savouring every moment of it! It has runny honey consistency, it is not a hard balm, and it leaves a bit of a film in your skin if you don't rub it in well, so make sure to do that. (But if you like thin consistency lotions that rub in quickly and leave no trace of any product on the skin, this might be not a product for you). As l am more of a body oil or butter type of girl, l am loving it! Formulated for normal to dry skin.
Certified Organic Ingredients: Soya oil, vegetable glycerine, castor oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, honey, vitamin E, may chang oil, olive oil peg-7 esters*, frankincense oil. * non-organic plant based emulsifyer.

The Hand Balm

Same amount of product, same packaging, same gorgeous smell! I keep reaching for this hand balm non stop, and after a little while l noticed l didn't touch any of my hand creams for a week! So it quickly took over as my favourite hand product too. Definitely repurchasing once I am out, l don't want to be without this product ever again! Just like a  body balm, it leaves a film on the hands, so l use it at night. I only use the hand creams at night anyways. If you are someone who uses hand creams multiple times daily, maybe try it on the backs of the hands?
Certified Organic Ingredients: Flaxseed oil, vegetable glycerine, castor oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, calendula oil, beeswax, coconut oil, honey, vitamin E, may chang oil, olive oil peg-7 esters*, frankincense oil. * non-organic plant based emulsifyer.

The Foot Balm
The Foot Balm has a much stronger scent than the hand and body balms. The reason for this is that the foot balm also includes neem oil (very good and powerfully anti-bacterial and anti-fungal - but has the downside of being pretty smelly) and lemon eucalyptus and tea tree. It is what makes it very powerful in healing feet. For this I will include the official blurb:
"Repair, heal and protect your feet with this nutrient rich Foot Balm. Pure natural oils of organically grown Soya, Flaxseed, Neem, Olive, Hemp, and Castor deeply nourish and moisturise your dry and damaged skin. Essential oils of Frankincense, May Chang, Tea Tree and Lemon Eucalyptus leave your feet feeling refreshed, renewed and protected under a layer of organic Beeswax. This balm has been specially formulated to help your skin fight bacterial and fungal invasion and to soothe, cool and enliven your tired, aching feet and heels."
I have to agree on all counts! My feet are definitely softer and more smooth after just a few uses! It is really nice to treat your feet with such a fabulous balm as most of us are neglecting them, let's be honest. Yes I take care of them and they look fine, not rough, but l rarely if ever buy specific product for feet, but that is about to change. I planned to use my hubby as a test bunny for this balm, as his feet could do with some healing (standing up all day with steel toe boots, anyone?) but pinning him down for some testing proved more difficult than l thought, so let's just say this is a work in progress and I will get back to you with the results shortly. My own feet are very grateful for this product however, and the smell of this and the hand balm are wonderful to lull yourself into sleep. I really enjoy them.
Certified Organic Ingredients
Flaxseed oil, soya oil, castor oil, neem oil, vegetable glycerine, beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, vitamin E, may chang oil, tea tree oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, olive oil peg-7 esters*, frankincense oil.

All of these body balms come in a pump packaging and house 75ml of the product. The lip balm is 5gr of product, slightly bigger than your average lip balm. It retails for 5.99€ whereas the body balms retail for 14.99€ with a free shipping to Ireland. I think this is very good and fair price point, and you all know I am a big fan of a free shipping, haha! Speaking of shipping, Flying Wild ships worlwide via their website and Etsy and Ebay shops. You can also find these products in selected shops and pharmacies in Ireland.

Do I love and recommend these products? Yes and yes! Even though I wasn't expecting much when I first received them, I would repurchase every single product from them, and there are very few brands that I can say that about. Take it as a very high praise and Green Life In Dublin stamp of approval!

Want to try these products? Hint hint, there might be a giveaway in the works! So stay tuned and follow my and Flying Wild Instagram pages.

That is all for now, see you again next Monday!
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*Disclaimer, these products were sent to me. All opinions are my own and I am not paid to review this in a nice fashion. I am also not the girl who likes everything, far from it, just wait till you see my disappointing products post! Meow!

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