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AnnMarrie Skincare Mineral Foundation review (first impressions)

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AnnMarie Skincare Earth Minerals foundation review

Today I am coming at you with a sort of first impressions review of really gorgeous mineral make up in a form of AnnMarrie Earth Minerals multi purpose foundation. And I am really excited to share this with you. And you know why? Because it is goooood!

AnnMarie Gianni (and her husband Kevin) is someone who I admire for a really long time, I watched all of their YouTube raw food related videos, (not stalking, promise) and I learned a lot. So when I heard they were releasing their own skincare line, needless to say I wanted to try it! I am not too sure which came first, their skin care line or mineral make up, but let's just talk about mineral make up line for now, and leave skincare for the next post, as not to make the post too long and confusing.

Imagine my delight when I found out it is all available on our shores too via Live In The Light, & Dutch Health Store, both online shops I love and have written about before (LITL review here, DHS review here) I got a chance to try the products via the same shop, and I am delighted. I found one of the best mineral make up lines I have tried to date, and I've tried my fair share of them.

AnnMarie Skincare use only the best ingredients for their products, and Earth Minerals (their mineral make up line) are no exception - I trust I am getting the best from them. These are 100% mineral powders without any fillers or additives in them.

This is the foundation I have used for the last couple of weeks, and I fell in love. Hard. Definitely want a full size of it, and I don't even care that I planned to minimise my collection! It is good quality mineral foundation that really impressed me, but we will talk about it in just a minute.

The sampler kit came in a very sturdy cardboard box and it houses eight shades of their foundation samples (in glass, no less!) and a cute mini herbal facial oil sampler, that is supposed to act as a mixing medium should you fancy to make your own liquid foundation. 

As I already mentioned, the foundation samples come in teeny tiny cutest ever glass pots, containing 1/3rd gram of powder in each, and let me tell you, it is one gorgeous foundation! Full coverage from a teeniest amount, and even though I have used it a handful of times already, I am not done yet! Amazing or what? I imagine the full size would last you for absolutely ages. If you love sheer coverage, of course you can sheer it out by using large fluffy brush, but if you are a girl like me which have something to cover (dermatitis scars in my case) it is your best friend. And let me tell you it gives the most gorgeous coverage, it is described as matte on the website, but I would say it is demi matte, all while being non detectable on the skin. I mean you feel like you are wearing nothing on your skin. And that is the beauty with mineral make up, you can't feel it on your skin, you control the coverage, plus it has virtually no expiration date - perfect for a girl like me who does wear make up very infrequently. And so you just know, I also wore it as a under eye concealer too - it passed with flying colours! Much better than Alima Pure powder concealer in fact. So there you go, if that is not showing how much I love it, then I don't know what will? If you are anywhere near my skin tone, try Pearl and Sand, you might be one of those shades or the mixture of the two. At the time I got the kit, my match was Pearl, but now that my face has seen some sun, I am Sand. So I think Pearl would be my winter shade, while Sand would be perfect for summer. All the other shades that are too dark for me, I am keeping and I will use them up one way or another, they can be mixed together to create your perfect shade, or used as an eye shadow or as a contour. 

Foundation mixed with facial oil is gorgeous too, I should mention that. My skin is dry, and I love using facial oils anyway, so mixing oil with powder foundation isn't new to me. If you are new to this idea, play around at first, adding little of the minerals if you love sheer coverage and more if you want it to cover more. Make sure you blend it into your skin, not just spread around like a liquid foundation. The finish will be more luminous than if you used minerals alone, but that's to be expected. And you guys know I love dewy finish.

AnnMarie Earth Minerals swatches & review

Pearl: Fair complexions with cool undertones
Sand: Light complexions with warm undertones
Honey: Light to medium complexions with warm undertones
Olive: Medium complexions with warm undertones
Nutmeg: Medium complexions with neutral undertones
Maple: Medium to dark complexions with neutral undertones
Mocha: Dark complexions with cool undertones
Clove: Dark complexions with warm undertones
Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin
Made With:

Titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, zinc oxide. (The order of ingredients varies with each blend.)

I should also mention that sampler kit also has a coupon code for money off your full size product, should you fancy getting it. I know i want full size of it, yes please :)

Oh, by the way, i will be adding the swatch photo to my Green Beauty Swatch Gallery I've created on my Facebook page here and Pinterest here. With time, I will upload swatches of everything I own, plus I will be adding new photos as I go along my green beauty journey. All of it can be found in my Instagram feed too, but i decided to collect it all in one place, and it's up to you which platform you want to choose. All in a bid to help you guys to choose the right shades when buying online. Hope you will find it helpful :)





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