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Gifts For My Mom

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Green Beauty Gift Ideas

Today is the actual day of my Mom's birthday (and yesterday was the birthday of my blog - 8 years and counting! Yay!) Congratulations Mommy!!
As I was putting a few gifts for her, I thought it would make a great blog post too, so here I am, sharing what I am gifting my mom with the world. If you are one of my family members reading this, please don't spoil the surprise! (otherwise I think I am safe as my mom doesn't have the internet). I have never done a gift guide on my blog yet, because for me it's simple matter of buying more of what I love and giving it to people I love. 

Anyways. I am really excited about this and the possibility of seeing and hugging her soon (I guess I should explain that we live in different countries) as we don't see each other very much at all. I should also add that she is hard to please, she is always shooing me away if I try to give her this or that, or try to gift her too much stuff at once. Growing up I remember her having this one cold cream, one cake mascara and one lipstick that she would use on the lips and cheeks. Her perfume was always rose, and you can tell she used it three days later. That's how real perfume should be, and used to be - not what we have now - most of you know that most of the perfumes fade after 1hr and somehow that's accepted as the norm. I remember her telling me the perfume is natural, when I wanted to know about it aged six. I now think it must have been an attar, and shall ask about it. One of my childhood memories is of her always taking my black pencil from the brand new pencil box, and no matter how much I cried and pleaded she wouldn't give it back to me. She used it as an eyeliner. I am sure people who lived or grew up in former Soviet Union will remember those times when nothing was available in the shops and you had to make do. It was actually me who bought her first foundation aged eight (I saved up my weekly allowance money). 

So that partly explains her extreme minimalistic ways, when Lithuania was the first republic to claim the independence resulting in Soviet Union coming to an end, many things changed, but my mom stayed the same. Even though the "metal wall" (a reference she always used about Soviet Union, world outside of SU was shut out by what seemed a wall that you wouldn't break through, and as that was pre-internet days, people inside SU were isolated and really didn't have a clue to what's going on in the world, aka, outside the "metal wall") was lifted and we had a slew of imported products coming in, we still always had one of everything, one shampoo, one bar of soap and not much else. She is still very much the same to this day, and every make up or skincare item she has, most likely came from me. Every year I put together a care package, and when I visit, I always see stuff I gifted her a year or two ago. I always throw everything away and she gets mad at me, because she “didn't use it up yet”. Like once I asked if she finished the cream I’d sent her six months ago, expecting her to say it's gone or almost gone, and she goes “no, I still have plenty of it left, I use creams on Fridays”. I almost died. It resulted in a running joke that I should always warn her well in advance before coming, so she could hide all her expired make up. She would definitely go berserk if she saw my stash! 
So that's mothers and daughters for you, and besides our differences we love each other very much. 

Let’s see what I am getting her this year? I am trying to guess what would bring her joy, and I have a clue, but I don't always get it right still. So some of these things might find their way back to me, because if she once decided on something, there's nothing to make her change her mind. This gift you see in the photo doesn't seem like much to me, but I know for a fact she will think it is way too much and will tell me off for spending that much money on her. So I should be prepared for the battle of the wills :) 

So, without babbling much further, let's get down to business, shall we?

Walden A Different Drummer Perfume

I have this too, and I know for a fact she is going to love it. One of the very few things she ever asked for me was the perfume, and she also happens to love sexy sultry eastern slash men's slash unisex type of scents. And I will be happy knowing she has natural perfume. I have a whole blog post on it, if you are interested, you can find it here.

100%Pure Pretty Naked II Palette

I got this in the bundle deal the brand had back in March or April, and I knew straight away the palette is going to her. I too have one, and last year I left her my original Pretty Naked palette, which she seemed to enjoy. I gave her a make over with it, and it was funny because for starters she said she never had her make up done on her, and then she kept telling me to pile on the eye shadows, because she "can't see anything on". Pretty Naked II has bolder colours and stronger pigments, so I am assuming she will love it. I also have a review of it, if anyone wants to see it, it can be found here. I will have to throw away the first one because it will be expired by now, but I am dreading the battle already :)

Trilogy Everything Balm

One of the things she uses regularly is hand cream and lip balm, so I am hoping this will get a good use.

Madara Daily Defence Ultra Rich Balm

This came in latest Love Lula beauty box, and although I want to keep it to myself, I also have to face the fact I own too many products as it is, so it is better off to pass it to someone who will get good use out of it, rather than me having gazillion of half used opened bottles. This is rich cream consistency, and can be used of the face or body, and I am thinking she will use it as a hand cream, although it might come in handy in winter, because let me tell you, winters are brutal in Lithuania. -25 degrees Celcius, anyone?

Axiology Lipstick

Again, lipstick is one of the very few things she has ever asked from me, so I'll happily treat her to a natural one. She seemed to enjoyed this one particular shade from one toxic brand, and it was sort of dusty rose kind of nude shade. Axiology Noble seems like a good match in theory, but on me it pulls straight up brown for some weird reason. As we have different undertones, I am hoping it would work on her, and if not, I will try to get her another shade. The lipstick you see here is for visuals only, I will order her one once we will meet. Thanks goodness for online shopping!

So that's it for now, those are exactly the very few things I will be getting my mom, and fingers crossed it will go smoothly and she will accept everything.
What are you guys gifting your moms? Jewelry? Clothes? Anything from green beauty? Please share, I would love to know!

Tata for now,
Lots of Love,

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