Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Live In The Light Online Store Review

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I must be on the roll, third blog post in three days, well done Renata! Umm, what? I needed an intelligent conversation, if only with a mirror. All that joking aside, I wanted to draw your attention to a fabulous online shop based in the UK that I am sure all my fellow green beauty sisters will love. The shop is called Live In The Light and they have the same name on all social media, I will be linking their Instagram page down below, and don't worry, that's not affiliate link nor I am paid to talk about this. Nor I was asked to do a review on them, this is entirely my own doing. Just sharing good stuff. And good stuff it is indeed. When I was asked if I want to try Pure Anada or something else from their store, I checked the website immediately and I was really satisfied with what I saw, they carry my beloved Pure Anada, which I've reviewed before (link here), AnnMarie Gianni line, which I've been dying to try for absolutely ages, Orgaid organic sheet masks, and a few more brands, like Carina Organic and Live In The Light, as well as Vonbros for men in our lives. An that's it - there's something really refreshing not having a ton of brands to choose from, so you are not overwhelmed, and whatever you will choose from this website, it is guaranteed to be truly natural, be cruelty free and more often than not, organic. (The products might even be all organic, I didn't check every single one of them). We all know there's a lot of greenwashing going on, when brands claiming to be natural are still packed with toxic chemicals. Guess what? Not here! The brands were hand selected by the owner Sue, who has a holistic approach and firmly believe that what we do and use in our daily regime has a huge impact on everyone and everything around us. There appears to be many like minded people out there who don’t want to carry on using harmful products but want to use exceptional, beautiful and effective ones while at the same time are helping to preserve and respect our environment. I am so so happy about it, it is time people woke up to what's really in their products! And I applaud Sue for contributing to the better world by bringing all those amazing products to us. As the webshop is based in the UK, it is good news for my fellow European green beauty sisters - it means we can skip those pesky custom charges and pay less in shipping too. Hopefully this won't change post Brexit. I must add that they ship worldwide.
Orgaid organic sheet mask

Anyhow, let's get back to the products, shall we? You can choose from make up, skincare, haircare, bodycare, nails, baby products, men's products, candles - they have everything! As you can see in the picture, I got a chance to try a few gorgeous goodies that were new to me, and I got way more than I asked for thanks to generosity of Sue - thank you again, it is very much appreciated! For the last couple of week I've been testing everything and I am almost ready to give my two cents on the products - let's just say they are all amazing. I will publish separate reviews on AnnMarie Gianni products and on Pure Anada ones as well, I simply don't want this post to be too long, but I promise to link those reviews back to this post once they will be live. If I could recommend you some products, my top choices would be AnnMarie Gianni Neroli mist, Grounded perfume and mineral foundation; Cinder brow powder, Marine Minerals hydrating toner and hand cream from Pure Anada - all amazing products, and I want all of them in full sizes.

Pure Anada products

AnnMarie Gianni skincare and perfume samples

AnnMarie Gianni Earth Minerals sample pack
  I think that's it for today, I reserve a bit more time before I will post a reviews on all these items, I mean the make up and the hand cream are easy to test, but I like taking my time with skincare, from 4- 6 weeks, as that time frame is the only way to tell if skincare makes a difference. So please bear with me and I will see you here again shortly with reviews. If you have any pressing questions about any product, you can always ask, either here or on Instagram.

I hope I helped you to discover new fabulous online store with really clean products! Have you tried anything from Live In The Light already? Please share with me :)

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