Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best Of Skincare Tag

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Earthwise Beauty, Nyr, Neal's Yard Remedies, Mahalo - my Holy Grail items of the moment

(The pic borrowed from my IG. It is my AM routine. I have my skincare listed in a separate blog post if you are interested.)

So, today is the day when I feel like giving birth to a blog post, as it doesn't happen easily and organically like other times. Maybe it is that I am back on the school run after two weeks of sickness (flu first, eye infections second, don't ask!) and feeling very disorganised, I don't know? I am not short of ideas or blogging material, so I don't know what it is - I write and delete and write and delete stuff all day, it is like I have aquarium for a head today, haha! So when I watched Jenna Catherine video on Youtube where she did a tag about the best of skincare, then the penny dropped and I shamelessly self tagged in it! Yes, that is how I roll :) I will tag a few people on Instagram, this looks like fun!

The Questions:

What's your skin type?
Dry and uber sensitive. Also prone to dermatitis and I have hyperpigmentation or should I say dermatitis scars. My under eye area is like a real estate, with permanent darkness there, that no amount of green smoothies, sleep, fresh air or sport can cure. I am a lucky gal, I know :)

How do you store your skincare products?
I try to store as little of it in the bathroom as I possibly can, and the rest of my stash is stored on a shelf where I can easily see what I have and I can make sure I am using all my products. It is categorised in frequently used products, products that I need to test and unopened products in a separate basket.

Favorite ingredient?
There's two at the moment, blue tansy and turmeric, both have done wonders for my dermatitis prone and inflamed skin!

Most indulgent product?
At the moment those would be Mahalo products. I won those in a giveaway, and I am sure I will wince when it will be the time to repurchase the products. What can I say? My play budget is so small it's practically invisible.

Best budget buy?
Hands down coconut oil! Can replace so many things at once. At this point I feel everyone knows fifty uses for coconut oil :)

Do you use any tools (Clarisonic, Foreo, etc.)?
No, never had them and no plans to buy them either. Even with their sensitive heads they are way too harsh for sensitive skin and gentle is the way to do it for me - I am all about kognac sponges and organic face cloths. I believe we are not meant to scrub away a layer of our skin even if your skin is not sensitive.

Best mask?
Any DIY mask that involves manuka honey! I am working on a blog post about it. Expensive shop bought masks are nice too, but I am all about DIY if I can help it, and manuka (or plain raw honey) is amazing for the skin!

Best multi-use?
Again, coconut oil! I will also use my make up in many ways too, blush as a lip colour, bronzer on the eyes, luminous eye shadows as a blush toppers/luminisers, etc. Have fun and play around!

If you had to stick to only one skincare brand, what would it be?
Impossible to answer! I enjoy many great products from different brands, but if pressed to choose one, I would say Mahalo (even if they don't have face cream and are pricy) - purely on the grounds that I am yet to come across another line of product where EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT suited my skin and I had zero irritations or reactions whatsoever! Maryna knows my skin.

Best spot treatment?
Tea tree oil. I have used this and only this for years and years. Recently I acquired manuka honey gel with tea tree oil, which is also nice.

Favorite step of your skincare routine?
Moisturisers and oils.

What's on your skincare wishlist? 
Ha, how much time have you got? It is two miles long! But if you really want to know, all of the Mahalo, Earthwise Beauty, Josh Rosebrook, Wabi Sabi Botanicals lines - yes, really! Plus May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon and Honey Mud just to name a few. Looks like I need more faces or time, ha? Not sure which.

So, there you go, that is my post for the day, and I will tag a few people on Instagram, purely because of convenience reasons. And if I haven't tagged you, but you want to do this tag, I tag you too!

Lot's of love,


  1. i look forward to your DIY mask post! what brand was the manuka honey gel with tea tree oil?

    1. Many thanks for reading! The brand is Manuka Doctor and I got it from Holland & Barrett. Works well, but not the cleanest ingredients though. If you a a purist, go for Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel, which is amazing and also very pure. Pricy though, and that is why I went for Manuka Doctor, it is a few times cheaper. Insert blushing emoji here :)

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