Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter 2017 Favourites

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome 💕💕💕

So it is about time I shared my winter faves with you, isn't it? I don't know how about you, but I really struggle in winters, cold, freezing winds, lack of sunshine really gets me down, and things that would normaly bring me joy don't cheer me up much.. All I seem to be wanting in winter is to go to sleep and wake up three months later! Wish I could do that. Unfortunately responsibilities and hungry family won't let me :) Add sickness on a constant rotation and you got a pretty bleak picture. My kids are getting over eye infections on top of other things, and just last week we all had flu, so it is safe to say I am just muddling through at the moment, February feels like a constant stuggle. Oh Spring, where are you??
Ok, all this aside, let's see some things that I enjoyed? I enjoyed all the products in my skincare regime, you can read it here, I won't go into many detais about each product, but let’s just say I enjoy products from Mahalo and Earthwise Beauty tremendously! I also intend to keep my masking game strong as I can really tell a difference in my skin for a couple of days. I am really loving a couple of good masks I have going on, Mahalo, ISUN Skincare, 100%Pure Caffeine sheet masks (review here) are high on my list right now, although I own a couple more and a small Everest in samples.
One more favourite I have every day is my trusty drink That Keeps Me Well in Winters, it really makes a difference if I get a cold of feeling under weather, it sorts it out so much faster! (blog post on it here)
In a bid to curb my SAD (have it for many years, was never officially diagnosed with depression, as the only time I tried to talk with my GP about it I was laughed at and told I have too much time on my hands and I should look at the people “with real problems” so naturally, I clammed up) I am religious about taking my vitD plus Rhodiola supplement (mine is from Solgar) and I can pretty much feel like a human again. I also got Louise Hay “You Can Do This” callendar, my first.  Also I dusted down my Happiness Planner, something I got a couple of years previously and filled in like twice? Whoops! I have read a couple of good books including Louise Hay’s but sometimes you need those little positive reminders in your day to day life too, so I consider it money well spent. Do these SAD managing tools count as Winter Faves? I don't know? Well, this is real life, and hopefully you will see me as real person, rather than those cookie cutter bloggers and youtubers with perfect life and ever permanent cheery exteriors... I am real person with real problems just like you and I, and all those daily problems you are experiencing, I have too, and hopefully we can all relate to this? This post was written-and-deleted-and-rewritten quite a few times, I didn't like what I wrote as it didn't reflect me as a person, or how I feel. Yes I feel excited about new clean beauty goodies, but that is not all there's to me, and I want my blog to reflect all of me, not just one positive product review after another. Does anyone else feel this way?
Speaking of reading, I picked up reading again, even though I have less and less time to do it, I try to read even a couple of pages per day. I am nowhere near 10 books per month habit I used to going on, but little is better than nothing, isn't it? I just finished “Fast Food for your soul”, currently into Dan Brown “Inferno” and I just got a couple of good books too (see my last post, Bloggers Haul) so it looks like I will have something to do for a little while. I don't watch TV, but I just finished the last season of Vikings and currently have withdrawal symptoms, haha!
When it comes to fashion, I am really enjoying Lewis denim shirt I trifted for just one euro, pretty much my only clothes purchase this year so far! I am really itching to go shopping, I might be late to the sales, but then again, some best bargains are to be had at the very end of them, where stock is heavily discounted to be cleared. Hopefully I can go this weekend. I dont know how about you, but from time to time I take a day off from everything and from everyone (including my family) and go shopping on my own, and I really recommend that to everyone! Spending a day by yourself, browsing shop after shop and then choosing a nice little hidden cafe or little restaurant for your lunch - sounds perfect to me! (Don't get me wrong, I love shopping with friends and family too, but those are different kind of experiences, and sometimes I need that getaway kind of day just to clear the head and get out of the funk).
Instagram remains a firm favourite, I just love beeing a part of the green beauty community, all the interaction with you guys is bringing me so much joy!

So that is it, my winter favourites, hopefully you enjoyed reading about them. Sorry if this post wasn't all light white and fluffy, I hope that upcoming spring will bring more sunshine into mine and your lives!

Lots of love,


  1. I can see myself feflected in this post...we have a lot in common my dear friend...real life is not always perfect or happy or easy...really enjoyed reading it because it's so personal and thank you so much for sharing with us! Lastly I totally agree with you! I really enjoy some time for myself always clears my mind.. Love you!

    1. Many thanks for reading and this heartwarming message Boriana! So glad internet gave me such an amazing friend like you! Love you too, take care. xo