Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Wish List for 2017 - Home/Life Edition

My Wish List

My Wish List for 2017 by green-life-in-dublin

Hi Lovelies,

Here is my wishlist for 2017 if you are curious?

1. My own home.
 2. Wooden carved decor headboard and various pieces in interior throughout the house. I really want authentic handmade furniture, preferably from sandalwood - Asian inspired style.
3. Native Indian music.
4. Himalayan salt lamp(s). I currently own 4 :)
5. Mexican blanket and all natural materials all throughout.
6. Wooden spoons represent wooden kitchenware. Currently loving all things handmade from wood.
7. Wood bedding. Naturally mites repellant, won't make you too hot or too cold. Natural sustainable material, enough said!

What is yours?

Lots of love,

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