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2016 Favourite Products

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2016 Favourite Products - Green Beauty Edition.

Huh? Is it the end of the year already? I can't believe it, wasn't it March like yesterday? Even though it caught me off guard, I guess it is time for my Holy Grail or Faves of 2016 round up, so shall we begin? This blog post will be links galore where I will link to the blog reviews on mentioned items. And if they are not reviewed yet, that means the reviews are to come really soon! I won't go into too much detail about every single product or the post will be two miles long, as nobody has time for that, right?
If you will have any questions, please feel free to ask them down below, and if you won't find some categories, like retinol product or peels or hair dye, then it means I don't use them.

Ok, drum roll please, let's see what products get Green Life In Dublin Seal of Approval!


Foundation - Pure Anada followed closely by English Mineral Make up.

(with my dermatitis scars I am looking for high coverage. The jury's still out on the liquid/cream front, I have tried many, but haven't found "the one" yet)

Blush - 100%Pure Mimosa plus all these other Nars Orgasm Dupes.

BB cream - Lily Lolo and Living Nature.

Cream concealer - Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer.

Powder concealer - Pure Anada mineral foundation, more pigmented than many powder concealers

Bronzer - Studio78

Mascara - 100%Pure Maracuja oil mascara - PS. I no longer recommend this mascara for the reasons detailed here. I repurchased it seven times, three out of seven the mascara came smelling of alcohol, meaning it is old. I do not find it acceptable having in mind that not only it is expensive on it's own, I often have to pay custom fees on top. This will-I-get-good-mascara-this-time-or-will-it-be-old roulette should not be happening at all in the first place. Any suggestions for a clean volumising mascara that does not flake are welcome :)

Pencil eye liner - 100%Pure black eyeliner. This is not perfect nor it is long lasting, but this was the only liner I used, so it sort of makes it a favourite?

Liquid eyeliner - my DIY from mineral eyeshadow

Lipstick - not a fan of that "creamy" feel on the lips, so I skip it most of the time. 100%Pure Pomegrantate Oil, Zao and Red Apple Lipstick are good ones if you are a lipstick person.

Lip gloss - 100%Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss in Peacock Ore

Highlighter - Inika.

Lip balm - Hurraw and Bees Flying Wild.

Palette - 100%Pure Pretty Naked II

Cruelty free make up brushes - Real Techniques and Ecotools.

Eye brow stuff - Alverde or Silk Naturals in medium ash.


Moisturiser - NYR Palmarosa face moisturiser.

Facial oil - Mahalo Vitality Elixir.

Balm - Mahalo Rare Indigo (I have to fess up that I only used two sample pots worth of it, but it impressed me enought to make it into the yearly faves, far more than any other balm, it is amazing for inflammation and it is definitely the product I never want to be without! Definitely getting full size next year)

Acne treatment - tea tree oil straight onto the pimple. Nothing works better or quicker.

Facial wash/cleanser - NYR Calendula cleanser for sensitive skin.

Moisturiser with SPF  - Kimberley Sayer

Face exfoliant - Urban Veda Sandalwood Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish

Make up remover - Urban Veda Reviving Daily Facial Wash + konjac sponge.

Eye make up remover - water and oil on a cotton round. I don't waste time and money looking for perfect eye make up remover when this combo is gentle, costs next to nothing, removes all make up, even water proof one AND moisturises delicate skin around the eyes. Win win situation if you ask me?

Under eye cream - I use facial oils and balms as an under eye "moisturisers". NYR white tea gel was a good one that I really enjoyed using.

Face mask - Mahalo Bean and DIY masks with manuka honey.

Sheet mask - 100%Pure

Toner - Urban Veda Sandalwood

this is the first toner that I've tried after many years of using rose water for my toner, and the only one I've tried this year, so I guess it makes it my fave, haha!


Body scrub - I diy it a lot, if you want a product you could buy - 100%Pure make good ones.

Body wash - NYR shower gels. Last for months. Also black African soap.

Body lotion - Deep Steep.

Body butter - Bees Flying Wild Frankincense and May Chang Honeybutter.

Body balm - Bees Flying Wild. Fave brand discovery of the year!

Eczema/dermatitis treatment - pure shea butter and Mayan Magic Balm that I am yet to review.

Deodorant - my DIY. I've been using it for years, and why buy when it costs 20 cents to make for 6 months worth? This contains baking soda though, so it is not for everyone.

Shave cream - I use hair conditioners to shave my legs with, but if you want a "proper" product, Logona is nice one.


Shampoo - Dermorganics followed closely by 100%Pure.

Conditioner - DrOrganic Manuka Honey Conditioner. Probably the only product I like from the whole range. Most of the time I don't use any as I don't need any with Dermorganics.

Hair and scalp oil - Zatik.

I am really minimal with my haircare, I use no styling products at all, nor heat in any form. If my hair has flyways I will use a small amount of Zatik or plain argain oil to smooth it out and that's pretty much it.

So there you have it, my best products of 2016! What's yours? I really want to see what everybody else deems the best, please share with me?

*2019 update - see my Faves here. For 250+ posts, see this FB album here

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  1. You have choose some amazing products!and some of them are new to me and I'm so curious right now!thanks for sharing dear..your IG friend Boriana

    1. Many thanks for reading Boriana :) Have a lovely upcoming Christmas! xo

  2. Love this list! There's some amazing products here!!!! Hynt concealer is a fav of mine as well. I just did my 3rd reorder! I just wish I could find one that sits better under my eyes. W3LL people's didn't work there either. And I might need to revisit NYR products! A friend of mine that's a consultant sent me samples years ago, and from what I remember, they worked really well!!! I hope you have a lovely holiday, Renata! ❤️

    1. Many thanks for reading Christy! And yes, do revisit NYR products, not everything impressed or worked for me, but some products are amazing!! Hope you will have a lovely holiday with lots of presents too! xo

  3. Love this! Thanks for compiling a list of your favourites. We are honoured to be featured as one of them. ;)

    1. Many thanks for reading and also thanks for making fantastic products! you have a customer for life in me! xo

  4. Love seeing what everyone's loved. Currently compiling and thinking through my list :)

    1. Many thanks for reading Lynda! Yes, please do post yours too, I am very curious to read it :) xo

  5. Thanks as always for your gracious support from Meryl at Hynt Beauty

    1. Sending you biggest and warmest internet hugs! Many thanks for reading Meryl, you made my day. xo