Friday, December 16, 2016

My Green Beauty Wish List for 2017

My Green Beauty Wish List for 2017

My Green Beauty Wish List for 2017 by green-life-in-dublin 

Hi Lovelies,

Here is my green beauty wish list for 2017, this is basically the concentrated minimum, and I just noticed I forgot to include leopard print Z palette, so consider that as number 12, lol. The numbers are random, the number one wish is Rare Indigo balm by Mahalo, and I think that will be the only thing I will purchase next year, but who knows? I feel it is important to voice what you want and what do I know, the Universe might provide exactly that :)

1.  May Linsdstrom Honey Mud & The Blue Cocoon
2. DrAlkaitis Organic Soothing Gel
3. Root Pretty foundation and Sadie blush
6.  Juice Beauty Serum foundation 
(what can I say, my quest for perfect foundation continues)
7.  Mahalo Skincare - the whole line, esp Rare Indigo balm and Unveil as top two wishes
8.   Leahlani Skincare - again, the whole line, with Mermaid mask as nr 1
9.   Beauty Blender - original one
11. Lotus Wei - again, the whole line! Maybe Healing Sleep first :)
12. And forgotten item - leopard print Z palette

What makes your list? Please share with me, I would love to know!

Lots of love,



  1. Great choices dear friend!I hope you will get all of them!!We have some common products like mahalo,juice beauty,may lindstrom..I want the kjaes weis lipsticks and eyeshadows,try earthwise beauty,the josh rosebrook fragrance....and I can go on and on!!and maybe stop shopping that much!! Your IG friend Boriana

    1. Many thanks for reading Boriana! Your wishlist sounds beautiful. I hope you are enjoying the festive period! Take care xo