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What I am Using Right Now or The Edit

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I just realized that working thoroughly on reviews is taking a lot of time (at least for me, I post a review after testing an item for a few weeks) and while I am not short of ideas or stuff to review, I wanted to share with you what I am currently using/testing right now. All these items are new(ish) to me, and if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen majority of them, but not all. I am on the hunt for my perfect foundation, so I am testing out a few, mineral powders and liquids. I finally got my skincare where I want it to be, so I am putting a lid on the new stuff for the moment, as my super sensitive and dermatitis prone skin wouldn't go too cray cray on me. These are not all, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with a sheer amount of stuff. All these items are clean when it comes to the ingredients, I won't be listing the ingredients here, or it will be two mile long blog post, and who wants that? I listed fifteen items here, in reality I could've carried on to fifty three (the current amount of drafts in my blogger's dashboard) and would still not be done! Oh dear, I am definitely not a minimalist, am I?

1. Vintner's Daughter facial oil

I got it in a green beauty swap with Cleanshelf from Instagram. I jumped at a chance to try 200$ facial oil as it is something I wouldn't be able to try otherwise, it is way out of my price range. I m on a fence about it, good at brightening my skin, but too potent for me for everyday use, so l use it twice a week now.

2. Josh Rosebrook Balance shampoo and conditioner.

Again, acquired from the same swap, and the same story with these products, too pricy for me, so was so glad to receive in a swap. First impressions not that good, after three attempts I moved on to 100%Pure shampoo and conditioner, which are so much better in my opinion. I should finish up these as I plan a blog review.

3. 100%Pure Neem and Burdock shampoo and conditioner

I was so excited about these, and they are good! I have a blog post review on them coming soon, but l guarantee you, if you will get them, you won't be disappointed! What can I say? Since I tried this brand, I have fallen in love and will continue to buy the products till I cease to exist. Not everything suited me, but I am impressed with 99% of the stuff I have tried from this company. Does not happen very often. (Reviews can be found here, here, here, here, here and here.)

4. 100%Pure Pretty Naked II palette.

I can't put it down since getting it! Enough said. I have a review on it coming shortly as well, and make sure you get your paws on it once it will becomes available to the public, I have a feeling it's going to sell out pretty fast. Oh, and you can enter 100%Pure giveaway to win one (plus three other palettes for your friends) on their Instagram page.

5. Jo Browne natural perfumes

I received a lovely present in the post, and these little beauties made me so happy! Handmade in Ireland with organic beeswax and the fragrance is 98% natural too. These last for 6-7 hours, which is incredible for a natural perfume.

6.. Inika goodies

Expect a review on their powder and liquid foundations, luminizer and blushes. One word? Love.

7. Living Nature Illuminating foundation

Don't have formed opinion on it yet as I only have it for a couple of days. Stay tuned.

8. Pai facial oil.

All I can say is - what took me so long??

9. Fushi Eczemaid

I'm due a review on this chickweed ointment which helped (or not) to heal my recent dermatitis outbreak.

10. 100%Pure spray SPF30 and Everywhere SPF30 stick.

With our "wonderful" summer I didn't even get a chance to wear those yet as it is raining every day and I am back into my leather jackets and the scarf. (When EU and US are having a heatwave. Not fair if you ask me). Anyways, these have great ingredients, the spray rubs in clear (yay!) and the stick leaves a white cast, but it is so portable to take with you anywhere. That is all I have to say for now.

11. Honest Everything palette and luminizer

I was reduced to tears when I got this package from the lovely (and funny) lady that is Natasha or nici_evans from Instagram! She is too good to be true! She knew I wanted to try Honest Beauty products (since I can't get them here in EU) so she sent me this wonderful package not asking for anything in return!! How amazing is that? Please go to her Instagram page and send her some love.
Anyways, back to the Honest products - they are amazing! Really live up to the hype. The palette is gorgeous, but it is the luminizer that surprised me big time, I keep reaching for it every single day, and it comes from a person who wasn't into luminizers at all.

12. Zatik Moisturiser

I bought this USDA certified organic moisturiser in TKMaxx recently as it was a bargain at 10€ only and has really good ingredients, sea buckthorn oil, apricot kernel oil and much more, but I think it''s better suited to oily skin people, not me, the dry skin gal, even though it says on the box it's for normal to dry skin? It is very thin in consistency and my skin feels still dry and tight after application, which is not ideal situation, so I mix it with Pai oil. I'll use it up, but I won't repurchase.

13.. Lotus Wei

Omg, love! Flower remedies never worked for me until now, so I was really apprehensive when I got these babies, but a few spritzes later I knew it was something I want to have with me forever! Just one little word of warning, have a sniff in the actual brick and mortar shop if you have a chance to do so, I highly recommend that or ordering sample kit before investing in a full size products, because I ended up loving completely different products than were recommended to me after I took Lotus Wei flower quiz. But Infinite Love is a love from a first spritz and for forever. Yes, it is rather expensive, but for me it is worth it, because it totally dissolves my anxiousness and fears. I would rather go without something else. 

13. Red Apple Lipstick

 I jumped at a chance when I discovered RAL's blogger's program, because I was dying to see if the lipsticks will live up to the hype, and oh my goodness they are good! Super loving Twist 'N Pout I got, it is getting so much love this summer. Stay tuned for a review.

14. Kimberly Sayer facial SPF30 sunscreen

Another item I got from a lovely Cleanshelf in a green beauty swap. I knew it is aimed at oily skin gals but i jumped at a chance anyway as I wanted to properly try it (I had a sample) and oh my goodness I love it, first facial sunnscreen that is not breaking me out and it is not ghost white! It is not enough moisturising for me, but i mix it with cold pressed raspberry seed oil, which naturally has SPF of 30-50. I will review it too.

15. Pure Anada goodies

Let me do a little more testing, but I think I found my perfect mineral foundation! It has so much pigment, I get nearly full coverage from ONE LAYER!! No need to sit and buff seven layers of it like with some other mineral foundations. I am excited about this review, stay tuned!

So that is all for now my dear friends! I hope you are not exhausted just by reading it :) This post made me realize that I am not a minimalist I though I am, far from it! And I am excited to bring you reviews of everything in the near future, so make sure to come back every Monday :) why I am posting on Mondays? Why, to brighten up your start of the week just a little :)

What are you using slash editing at the moment? Please share with me, I would love to know.

Ta ta for now,

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