Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer 2016 Faves

Hi Lovelies,

Today I am coming at you with my first ever favourites post. These types of videos are one of my faves to watch on Youtube, and I thought this would be fun post to include into my blog too. I don't buy enough products to do monthly favourites (and besides I tend to stick with the same stuff for weeks, so that's why I think I won't be doing monthly faves post, as I feel they would be repetitive, but we shall see as we go, shall we?) So without further ado, let's get started!

Kimberley Sayer SPF30 facial Moisturiser Cream
I got it in a green beauty swap with Cleanshelf from Instagram, and while I knew it wouldn't be quite perfect for me (it is not aimed at dry skin) I still wanted to try it. It is not enough moisturising for me, but I work around it by mixing it with cold pressed raspberry seed oil, which also has SPF of 30-50 on it's own. I can safely say this this the first facial SPF product that didn't break me out, nor it is heavy, nor does it leave you with a white cast. Love? yes! Review? Soon!
(little note, I also purchased 100%Pure spray SPF30 as well as their sun stick SPF30, but this Irish summer is such that I wore short sleeves twice only so far, so I can't comment on these products yet).

Naked II Palette by 100%Pure
Can't let it go from my hands since getting it! Soon enough it will be released for sale on their website and I highly recommend that you pick it up, I think you are going to enjoy it so much!
(swatches on my Instagram page here).

100%Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss in Peacock Ore

This is just absolutely gorgeous gloss that has all natural ingredients and real crushed gems like labradorite, moonstone and such - hence the name "gemmed"! I grab this over any lip product I own and rightly so, it is my favourite for the moment and love for forever. These babies are perfect Juicy Tubes dupe minus the nasty chemicals. If you missed my review on them, you can find the link below the post.

100%Pure Powder Blush in Mimosa

It is just a coincidence that I feature so many 100%Pure products in one post, it is not a 100%Pure sponsored post or anything! It just goes to show that I really love their make up, and even though their products are expensive, you can make it work by keeping an eye on their sales, and besides this is money well spent because their products are great and well pigmented. These blushes are also on my Holy Grail list and a love for forever. I have tried many blushes since and many of them are "meh" in comparison, I always go back to Mimosa or Chiffon if I do a cool toned look.

The Honest Beauty Luminizer
Gorgeous lady nici_evans sent this to me and I would kiss her if could! So sweet of her! Thanks again! Let's get back to the product, shall we? I was never into highlighters and luminizers before, I can see how gorgeous they look on other people, but for myself, I never took that extra step most of the the time, esp having in mind that the top of the cheeks was the place mostly affected by my dermatitis, so I never want to highlight that area as I still have scarred texture there. Anyways, let's get back to the product Renata! It is simply gorgeous! The unexpected fave from the package I received - it gives the most amazing bronzy luminous glow, so I constantly reach for this product. Just look at that swatch, will you? Californian Bronze Goddess in a pan, that is what I would call it. I use it as a blush topper, and it is even pigmented enough to use it as a blush on it's own. Let's just say I never want to run out of it as Honest Beauty is not available in EU.

Pai Rosehip Oil
All I can say, what took me so long? Rosehip oil is my favourite for a really long time, and i used to use cheaper oils most of the time, but they were hard to get or just plain didn't work for me, so once i marched into the health shop and handed my card with my eyes closed and asked for this beauty. No, just kidding, but it took me a while to swallow the price point, as 28€ is a steep price for me. on the other hand I am so glad I invested, as it works so beautifully for me, my skin just loves it. There are myriad of beauty benefits of rosehip oil, and I will review it for sure.

Pure Anada mineral Foundation  
So far I kept mum on this subject, but now I can reveal it for sure - I found my fvourite mineral foundation powder! It covers ANYTHING like nobody's business and that is exactly why I like it. Let me correct myself - it will cover anything in one or two layers only, one will give you decent nearly full coverage, with two you have full coverage for sure! This stuff is so pigmented that I use it as undereyes concealer and it works way better than actual mineral concealers from other brands. Wait for review post where i will dish up all the deeds on this beauty and other products from this brand.

So that is it for my first ever faves post, maybe I could expand past green beauty items if you want me to, to include lifestyle, fashion, book faves?
Please let me know if you would like that and also let me know what are you enjoying at the moment too! I would love to know.

That is all for now,
Lots of Love,


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