Thursday, January 22, 2015

Natural And Mineral Dupes for Nars Orgasm

Update: you might want to check my updated post where I list nearly twenty natural Nars Orgasm dupes here.

Hello hello again :) Today I am coming at you with a vegan and natural alternatives to Nars Orgasm blush, personally for me that was the hardest thing to find and replace, so l want to help the fellow girls in the same situation. You're most welcome :) I will include reviews for these blushes all the same.

So, the first dupe is PurMinerals Polynesian Pink. It looks almost exactly the same as you can see in the photo (the silver packaging, the one in the bottom left), has ever so slightly less golden shimmer to it, but on the cheeks it looks the same. It performs the same too, same texture, holds all day and looks awesome, you're guaranteed to get compliments when wearing this! Found on Amazon and Marks & Spencers.

The second close dupe is Inika Peachy Keen (bottom right) which was recommended to me by Sims Natural Choices - thanks girl! but as you can see in the photo, it is way more orange and has a lot more shimmer too. Let me tell you the blush is highly pigmented, so don't do what I did and don't stick your finger in it and try to apply this way, way too much colour and you will sparkle for the rest of the day. You only need a tiny amount of this, and I ended up layering it with some other blushes to tone it down. The other issue is lasting power, I feel it's gone after 3 hours, and as it is loose powder, it is not portable, so there.. I do enjoy it having in my collection, and as Inika is such a clean brand and has only great reviews, I plan to try more of their products, the experience with this blush hasn't put me off. I got mine in - great website I really recommend, great customer service, you get points for shopping there and a free shipping worldwide, what more could you ask for?

So, have you tried any of these blushes? Or you know more good dupes that I don't know about? Share below! 

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