Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Expanding my mineral/natural makeup collection
(and first impressions Pur Minerals review)

So, if you read my previous post, you know I have much love for TK Maxx beauty section, so the first chance i got I was all over there again and I got some more goodies as you can see from the photos! The fact it's all purminerals is a coincidence, as you all know, you get what you see on the shelves at that time in TK Maxx and there's not much chance you will be able to repurchase product you liked either. So here are my first impression reviews. The set you see in the second photo was €17 and it came with mini lip gloss, highlighter and bronzer. All products I liked, the bronzer is very concentrated so you need a light hand with it, and it is matte, which is good, so many other other bronzers on the market have shimmer in them, and in my humble opinion no one wants to sparkle like a Christmas tree in the daytime, right? The lip gloss smells like honey and does it's job, the gold shade is universal and flatters most if not all skin tones, so there's not much else to say about this product. The highlighter has bronzy feel to it with gold undertones, and again, it is very concentrated, so use it lightly. I feel these products will last me a good while even though the sizes are small. The only downside is that the bronzer has dimeticone in it, and the highlighter has alcohol, not a fan of these ingredients in my make up or skincare, so don't be rushing to buy like I did and read the ingredients before, not at home.. Lesson learned. The 4-in-1 mineral foundation (seen at the bottom of second photo) I am testing today, so far so good. 4 in 1 is a generous claim and I was a bit sceptical about it, but the coverage is rather good i would say, evened out my skintone nicely except for my dark under eye circles or my hyperpigmentation (lovely combo I have, I know) which needed something more strong than that. A few hours in my skin looks the same, not settling in the fine lines, no emphasising pores, nothing like that. So I like it, way better than some of my mineral foundations! (For mineral make up fails, stay tuned for my next post)
The lip loss in the first photo above is really nice as well, so happy to have two new lip glosses that are more natural and perform the same as conventional ones. The mascara I am super happy about, miles and miles better than my Dr.Hauschka one, it gives lots of volume and length, so so happy I found it, and I plan to purchase it at a full price if needed! This could be my holy grail mascara, but we will see, I plan to test Origins and Bare Mineral ones to compare, so stay tuned :)
I saved the best for the last, which is the blush in Polynesian Pink, it is a close dupe for Nars Orgasm, so if you were looking for vegan/mineral replacement, you're welcome :) 
I also own Inika's Peachy Keen, which was recommended to me by Sim from youtube (Sim's Natural Choices), I like it, but with some small issues, i feel it's idea for my next blog post, so stay tuned for that as well :)

If you want me to do a follow up review a few weeks down the line for all these products, let me know! I would love to hear from you, please tell me if you tried any Pur Minerals products and which are your faves and why, please share them with me :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!
(all products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own)

Lots of LOVE,

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