Saturday, January 31, 2015

My natural skincare

Good Afternoon my lovely readers, I want to share my minimalistic skincare with you today, any questions, ask away, but i will try to cover all the products here.
So starting from the top left - Sukin facial moisturiser, paraben free, lots of good ingredients in there, I really wanted to like this, and was chuffed to get it in Holland & Barrett, but... it made me break out, and I think that is the alcohol in it, my skin reacts badly to it, so as soon as I saw it in the ingredients list, I knew it will be a problem, and ta-da, the pimple presented itself the next morning.. Still not wanting to give up on it, I tried it a few more times, and the same thing happened. So if you're like me, sensitive skin gurl, proceed with caution as a face cream. i use it as a hands cream just to use it up, and sadly won't be repurchasing. It kinda halted me purchasing anything else from their line, and I know H&B have another face cream and haircare from this company, but I am scared they wouldn't suit me either, and I don't want to waste my money..
(it cost me around 13€ in Holland and Barrett)
Second from the left in the round jar is my own mix of body oil, it's just raw coconut oil and Weleda Stretch Marks body oil (pictured here on the bottom left). It does leave you a bit orange, but I volunteer to be orange, because your skin feels amazing, and with those fabulous natural ingredients the skin will thank you for nourishment. I used to mix coconut oil with Weleda's Sea Buckthorn oil and the smell was divine, but as the price went way up I didn't repurchase it, and looking at the ingredients list I noticed orange essential oil in there, so that was probably why it had smelled so wonderfully, so I should mix in a few drops of orange essential oil too, as I have it as well. (Be careful with citrus essential oils though as they are photosensitive, so do not go out in the sun one hour after applying it). when it comes to body butters, as much as i used to love them, the ingredients in conventional products are horrible to your skin, and even most natural ones have some sort of preservatives in them (you know, so they could keep the stuff on the shop shelves for long time without it going bad). From the natural brands I tried Korres and Pacifica, none were any good, Korres has left white patches on the skin and was very hard to rub into, and Pacifica had long list of ingredients none of which i could understand and had a black marking (meaning it is not natural) and has left my skin drier than before, so I gave it away after a couple of uses. Now, back to my own concoction of body oil - I used good quality coconut oil on my skin for a couple of years now, but from time to time I mix something more luxurious, like my orange mix in this photo, just coconut oil mixed with some other good oil, and you can add essential oils to your liking, I plan to add frankincense since I bought it not too long ago and it's supposed to be superb for the skin, so we will see. The beauty of this recipe is that you can mix and match anything you like, anything you have in the house at that moment. I plan to buy some shea or mango butter and whip it up as I've seen some videos for this on Youtube, so stay tuned :)
The third from the top left is Korres hand cream - amazing! the one I have is with shea butter and organic almond oil, l got it in the set like 2yrs ago, and it is still going strong. Moisturises hands well, not sticky at all, lasts for hours, definitely a favourite and will be for years to come. No other hand cream is coming even close to it.
Now for the bottom row - first is Weleda Stretch Mark Oil which I mentioned already, it does not work on stretch marks, as nothing will make them go away, but it is nice body oil with good ingredients.
Next is Caudalie Divine oil, which is new to my collection, and I don't know how i feel about it yet, I only bought it to try it out of curiosity at a very good price at the sales after Christmas, and I only used it a few times. I read on the that this is natural oil, but with a few non natural ingredients added to make it a dry oil, and you can use it on the face, hair or body. I tried all of it, it does not break out my face, which is good, as for body oil it is nice, but only lasts for a day (in comparison to my coconut oil, which you can feel for days afterwards), so l will probably save this to use as a hair oil to tame flyaways. Smells nice, nothing "divine" as advertised, so l don't know if it will be a repurchase or not, too early to say.
Next is Liz Earle Superskin Bust And Neck Treatment with naturally active ingredients, and let me tell you, this stuff is a miracle in the bottle! Liz Earle know her stuff, and as I was so sceptical about it, my girls are in a bad way after breastfeeding two kids, so l had no hopes when I received this product, but oh my god, it worked! While nothing will lift the bust, it made my skin soft and supple , and by some miracle smoothed the cracks in skin, aka the strech marks! i am so in love with this product, and use it sparingly, as it costs an arm and a leg- but you knew i will say that, right?
And the last product in the dark spray bottle is my cheapy secret wonder product, the orange blossom water, I use it instead of a tonic and to cool down the skin after sunbathing. The best part is, I get it from Asian shop for around €1.5 for 330ml, so takes ages to finish, and it doubles as a make up remover, even for the mascara!

So that is all for now, stay tuned for more skincare and haircare posts very soon :)

Have a nice day!

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