Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Beauty Bloggers Haul / Spring 2017

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome 💕💕💕

So, there is that time of the month again.. No, silly, not that time, the time I show you what I acquired as a blogger in the last month or two. This first quarter of the year has been very quiet for me in terms of shopping, until the end of March, where I blew the lid and started spending money like crazy person - well, I only got a few essentials I needed, plus eye wateringly expensive Living Libations haul, but we will get to that in just a minute. During my time away I stopped all PR samples and I didn't want to shop either, but after three months of no buy I kind of lost the plot. Still, I feel I’ve done good with three months of no-buy, and I used up way more products than I bought, which I am also pleased with. Next month might be a different story. Umm, my finger slipped? When browsing online shops. Multiple time. So I have many packages coming my way, brace yourselves!  
By the way, in these blogger haul posts I tend to focus on beauty things, but I also buy a lot of health/ wellness things, and I  am not sure if you guys want to see those kind of things or not, please let me know in the comments? I would love to know! This time around I will include them, but I will drop them if you are not interested.

So, without further ado, let’s see what did I acquired?

March haul

Small haul from Super Natural UK shop
Balm Balm mini, organic wash cloth and Nourish Argan skin renew face cream 15ml mini. These were won in their giveaway as a secondary winner.

Five Whamisa samples
Three small bottle minis - face wash, toner and double rich lotion, and two sachet samples of regular and double rich lotion.

Living Libations dental products

Living Libations order
I only got there dental items plus a book, but the total was over 127€, which to me is eye wateringly expensive! I hope the items will deliver! I got ozonated gum gel, gum drops and frankincense toothpaste, Nadine Artemis “Holistic Dentistry” book and two minis of their shampoos. I have been curious about Living Libations forever now, and as soon as I learned EU stockist that would carry what I am interested in (as in dental care stuff and poetic pits as oposed to their The Best Skin Ever everyone else is stocking) I placed my order. Needless to say blog review is coming soon.

Kimberley Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser SPF 30
I bought it from LoveLula.com I actually used it last summer and was going to post a glowing review, but recently I saw Balanced Beauty Bristol Sasha’s video and she talked about also being really happy with this sunscreen until one day she burned her nose badly! She was saying something about very bad summer with basically no sun, aka she was happy with the cream, until one really sunny day came along and this cream didn't do it's job, aka she got burned. And I was like, right, the last summer really was crappy and maybe that's why I thought this cream worked so awesomely well for me? So I am witholding my review as for now and will see how it will hold up this summer. Other than protecting qualities, this face SPF cream is the first not to break me out and leave horrible white cast on my face, so it is really great in that retrospective. And I have a few grams of pure zinc oxide, so maybe I will brainstorm  a DIY powder sunscreen to go on top of this on those really sunny days? We will see.
On the side note, prior to getting this, I was testing Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 for a week - and as much as I desperately wanted to like that sunscreen (I mean, have you seen all the glowing reviews on it?) I have to say it broke me out. Oh, the joys of really sensitive and reactive skin, right? If you have any facial SPF recomendations with really clean ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin, no white cast and needless to say no nano particles, please share with me, you will have my gratitude forever! 

Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixir 
I am continuing my Lotus Wei journey, and this time I got an elixir, my friend Andrea from Orgsnic Beauty Lover says these work so much better than any topical products, so elixir it is! Post emotional trauma joy is definitely missing from my life.

Hurraw Sun and Moon lip balms
These are a staples for me, tried quite a few of Hurraw bslms and I am yet to come across the one I don't like. When I ran out of Moon balm which I religiously use at night, it has never been the same,and I am so glad we are reunited! I bought these from LoveLula.com

Vapour Stratus Primer (sample)
I am deadly curious about this since it was included in Beauty Heroes box a good while ago, it made people look amazing in IG photos!

Wellness/ Health / Superfoods
Aduna Baobab powder 275g - bought mainly for vitC content, but it has so much more to it (see my post here) and I am very happy to incorporate it into my daily life.

Aduna Moringa powder 100g
Haven't looked much into it, but will be happy to try.

Maca powder
This is now available very cheaply in Aldi, and I wanted to try and compare to maca I have had in the past.

Organic Cacao powder
For making my very own clean chocolate. Let me know if you want a blog post on it.

April Haul

Human and Kind products

Human & Kind
They sent me three full size products as well as giving my readers a fantastic 50%off in their website. Enter the code "Blogger" as a coupon code and leave my blog handle in the comments. How fantastic is that? I don't know many offers like this. See more info here.

Giovanni hair mouse  
Not for die hard purists out there, but in my defence this is the first mouse in more than eight years, this is available in Love Lula, from which I always buy stuff, and I didn't want to kill myself researching the best and the most natural mouse that would work and wouldn't cost the earth too. So Giovanni it is for now, and once more, your suggestions for clean hair mouse is very welcome. Oh, it has to be available from withing EU please.

Hurraw Papaya Pineapple lip balm
Bought from LoveLula.com (can you tell I love shopping there?) I love anything pineapple, so naturally I was dying to try this. For the longest time this flavour wasn't available in Europe, but as soon as I learned it is now available in Love Lula, I had to get it asap. Bought in the same order as Giovanni mouse, Organic Surge hand wash, plus a few samples.

Organic Surge Hand Wash
I find it lovely, nice texture, nice smell, non drying at all, most likely to repurchase. Got in the same order as above items. Link here.

Manuka Doctor Manuka + tea tree oil gel
Got this from Holland & Barrett, as my hubs is breaking out in weird places, so I thought this might help, and it does, although I am not really happy with the half natural ingredients, I want to get Living Nature one next, as I was really impressed with the sample I had.

Child's Farm shampoo and detangling spray
I used this for years on recommendation of Rachel from All Natural Aspirations. Boots used to carry this brand, then they stopped for a year or two, and now it is back, and thanks goodness for it! I wish the detangler came in more scents rather than Tea Tree and Grapefruit - kids don't like scents like these, and it is kind of hard to persuade them to use it. Shampoos and body washes come in nice scents like orange and strawberry, why not this?

Epsom Salts
I buy them for a fiver for a huge bag from TKMaxx. (see my post on what you can find there here - it is one of my not-so-best-kept-secret spots for finding natural goodies).

Alima Pure concealer in Linen
I was looking for powder concealer and was debating between this and Lily Lolo one, which was cheaper, but contained filler in a form of kaolin clay. Clays are really drying on my already dry skin, and not wanting crusty looking undereyes I went for Alima Pure. Not really happy with pigmentation of this to be honest, I have to apply five layers to look half decent. But if you love their foundation powder (I not so much), you might love this too. Bought this from Naturisimo together with the Jason toothpaste.

Jason Toothpaste
I am on forever hunt of a good natural toothpaste that would have really clean ingredients, and as well as boycotting fluoride I also avoid carageenan and glycerine in my toothpaste, the latter is coating our teeth, preventing them from self mineralising themselves, and carageenan is destructive to the digestive system, it turns to acid in the stomach, and has links to cancer, and it is something I would rather avoid! But, having said all that, all the natural toothpastes who do not have those ingredients don't clean my teeth properly and more often taste really bad (Vogel and Weleda, I am looking at you here!)  and I tried all of them there are to find in the health food stores, so in a depressed moment I bought this Jason toothpaste, which contains those questionable ingredients, but I probably won't go there again. Even DrBronner's toothpaste has one or both of those ingredients I would rather not use, and that is way pricier. David's toothpaste calls my name, but I am not sure if it hit EU shores yet, and I am certainly not buying toothpaste from US. The struggle is real you guys! If you know really clean toothpaste that would't contain carageenan and glycerine, and more importantly do it's job properly, please let me know?

Laila London charcoal toothpowder
Laila is relatively new UK brand that do natural toothpowders (and more) and in my quest for clean dental product I bought it in Boots. They do have remineralising toohpowder too, which I am after, but of course Boots do not stock that, instead focusing on charcoal trend, but I am happy they have at least that for sure. Great ingredients, cleans the teeth really well, and it is slightly whiteing due to the charcoal too, but only one or two shades lighter, don't expect ad-worthy Hollywood smile from it. I didn't, so I am happy with the product.

100%Pure haul
They had a very good deal at the end of April, and as I haven't bought any new makeup this year, I fell for it. The total was 80€ which is expensive for me, but I feel I got my money's worth from it, even though I had to buy the bundle for 30€ myself, it wasn't a gift this time. See this post if you have no clue what I am talking about. I haven't received it yet, and I don't know if I will be slapped with those dreaded custom taxes yet (hopefully not!!) So this haul will go into May post.

Annual Neal's Yard Remedies haul
One day after I spent all my money on 100% Pure, I got an email saying NYR have 20% off sale, which meant 40% for me (I am techically a consultant, as well as my only customer, pushing products on people is not for me), so I did my annual order not waiting for the end of summer. Again, this will go into May post, as I literally ordered in the last day of April. 

LiveInTheLight goodies
Live In The Light package
I was contacted by the lovely Sue from Liveinthelight.co.uk to see if I would like to try anything from their online shop, and I immediately said yes! I mean who wouldn't? Of course I inspected the shop and ingredients of the products they carry, and I am pleased to say that everything is really natural, which is right up my alley! The brands include Pure Anada (which I knew I will love, see the review here), Orgaid, AnnMarie Gianni, which I was dying to try for ages, and more. Really chuffed with the generous package, and expect reviews of products really soon. 

That is it for today. What did you guys get recently?

Lots of Love,


  1. Can't think of any natural toothpaste that have neither of those ingredients. Your best bet would be to DIY with baking soda and coconut oil or a toothpowder as pretty much all natural toothpastes use carrageen to give toothpaste texture.

    On the Kimberley Sayer front, I really like that too but a moisturiser with SPF isn't something I'd ever use in full on heat for sun protection. They're really not designed for that as they don't offer full spectrum protection. They're fine for typical English/Irish weather lol but not for beach, 'proper' summer etc - you really need a dedicated SPF. My personal favourite is Soleil Toujours as it's the only one that doesn't leave me looking like Caspar the ghost. My pals laugh that I have the darkest skin but am the one always telling them off for not wearing SPF haha.

    1. Ahahaha, you are the best! No, the book was about 16€, but all the other stuff about 40 each - I know, I still wince at the thought of how much I paid for it! Yes, I agree about KS cream, I probably should have been more clear about it - I think of it as more of a "city" sunscreen, I would't rely on it for the beach holidays. I bought some zinc oxide in a powder form to use as a sunscreen, but I haven't had a chance to bust it out yet, maybe I will brainstorm ways to do a powder SPF similar to J.Iredale or Earthwise Beauty ones :) #alwaysbrainstormingsomething Thanks for reading and commenting! xo

  2. Also am intrigued at how the Living Libations order was sooooooooo much! is the book gold plated?

  3. Maybe look into DentTabs? I bought mine on Ecco Verde.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and for reading! Have a great day :)