Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DIY Liquid Eye Liner

Hello Sunshines,

DIY liquid eye liner

Today I wanted to share one tip with all of you my green beauty lovers that I myself have been doing for years and yet I realized I never posted it. Doh! It is a simple trick on how to DIY a liquid eyeliner - it is super simple and all you need is two products, three if you will count the brush :) Super easy, if I can do it, you can do it too!
Take an angled brush, dip or spray it with some rose water (any other hydrosol or plain water works too) and dip and swirl it into some black mineral eye shadow. I mix it in the lid of the eye shadow but you can use the back of the hand if that's what you prefer. Just work the product into the brush and you can draw those winged (or not) lines. Works great and lasts all day, tried and tested by willing human bunny, i.e me :) Those of you pros who use those super thin felt tip applicator liquid eyeliners, you might not like it at the start, as it is a bit of different texture, but I promise you, after a couple of uses you will get a hang of it. And think about how much money you will save yourself by not constantly buying liquid eye liners, esp if you are gal like me and don't wear winged lines everyday! More often than not I use it a few times and find it already dried up a few months later. Let's face it, green beauty market is kinda slacking in this department and not one natural liquid eyeliner I've tried impressed me, they either flake or are hard to work with, or smudge instantly giving you panda eyes or don't last. They are often expensive and hard to get (I am talking about ordering them online and risking custom fees), and girl, I don't know about you, but I can't be dropping 20+ euros (plus shipping plus tax) every two three months? One pot of black mineral eye shadow will cost you from 3€ (I got mine in TKMaxx that way, it was super discounted because it was opened and a bit messed up) to 20€ maximum, but it will last you for a lifetime! I have had mine for more than five years and I am not even halfway through.

 So here is a solution for you all, of course please feel free to use this tip even if you are non-natural make up user, works just great with conventional make up too. And don't limit yourself to just black, any color will do, let's experiment with some fun colors come this spring and summer, let's have some fun! Please let me know if this trick will work for you and tag me in your photos on Instagram, I would love to see them!




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