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100% Pure Collection and Review

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Today I am coming at you with my 100%Pure collection and the mini reviews of all the products that I have from this brand, so if you are interested, please keep on reading :)
100%Pure is a really clean US brand that does skincare and make up, the latter being coloured with the fruit and veg pigments, black tea and stuff like that, how awesome is that, right? You can take any of their products and looking at the ingredients list you can understand EVERYTHING that is in it, without needing a chemist's degree. This company has been on my radar for around 6 years and the only thing that held me back was the steep prices. They never had any sales or any sort of deals until one or two years ago - I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the first deal popped into my inbox - if you were to buy stuff for 40€, you got a make up bag full of goodies valued for around 120€ and that's when I made my first purchase and got hooked for good! I have had many orders since, and plan at least two more splurges this year - they will have another deal similar to what I mentioned late July/early August, and I am already saving up for their Black Friday sale, hoping to pick up some awesome goodies! By some miracle their Black Friday deals are available on EU website too (that's not always the case, often US website has amazing offers that are not available to us, and they have Purist Perks system where you collect points and get free stuff only available in the US too) Not really fair if you ask me, but nothing I can do about it. I am still a happy bunny, I mean a customer, but I have to admit I shop there only when there are deals available, call it cheap or call it clever, your choice. That way I can justify my spending, plus us EU girls have to pay shipping and risk getting extra customs tax, and that increases the prices threefold, part of the reason I watch their deals like a hawk! Want to know when the sales are happening? Subscribe to their email newsletter or follow me on Instagram, I will let you know :)

So without further ado, let's dive in! I will keep my reviews short in order to not to bore you too much, not everything has worked out for me, so I won't be repurchasing everything you see here, but one thing I will always buy from them is the make up, with the exception of the liquid foundation. There are two major drawbacks for me, but I will reveal those at the end of my post, as well as my top picks, so stay tuned.
My 100%Pure haul & review
100% Pure haul

100%Pure powder blushes

Let's start with my favourites, shall we? Those are blushes in Chiffon and Mimosa and luminizer - I just adore these products and always reach for them! They retail for 31€ a piece, but do not let that scare you, as you get nine grams of product - three times the usual amount! I picked up Chiffon for 10€ during their Black Friday sale, and when I bought Mimosa along with something else I got a make up bag full of goodies including luminizer, so there are ways around it if you watch their deals.
The photos are taken in direct sunlight and are not retouched in any way, so you see what they really look like. They look gorgeous on the skin, are really pigmented and do last all day! See them included in Natural Nars Orgasm Dupes post here.
Mimosa, Living Luminizer and Chiffon swatched once
Luminizer and Mimosa, swatched twice
100%Pure Luminzer review

Eyeliner - it is great in a way that it lasts all day, but I have to be honest and say that it smudges and transfers to the upper lids, I don't mind it, but if you do, it is probably not the product for you.

Liquid foundation - I am still not sure if this is the perfect foundation for me, as at first when l got it I really couldn't get it to work for me, but since getting the luminous primer l am happy with it, as it really helps the foundation to stay on and not to cling to dry patches. I feel it would work perfectly to young ladies, say under 25, but for us ladies over that, you would need a help of a primer. Having perfect smooth skin helps of course, but if your skin is less than perfect like mine, I would suggest exfoliate first and then apply emollient moisturiser or a facial oil before using this. Oh, and I have used it when my dermatitis was at it's worst and had zero reaction, so keep that in mind if you suffer from dermatitis or eczema like me. Try to get a sample first to see if it will suit you though.

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Powder foundation - again, not repurchasing, it does not have nowhere near enough coverage for me, and it is somewhat drying to my dry and sensitive skin, I don't even know why did I buy it? It might work for somebody else, but not for me.

Top row: Lip butter in Peach, Lip & Cheek stain in Pink Grapefruit, Lip Butter in Pomegranate
Bottom row: Anti-aging lipstick in Poppy and Lip Glaze in Watermellon

Lip butters- these do last on the lips as a stains, but they are not moisturising at all, I expected them to be like tinted lip balm, but the texture is much drier, and you would have to use something else underneath it for moisturization as well. These do work on the cheeks too (trust me to try it, ha!) and as they are twice cheaper than the stick stains, you can go for this option instead and save yourself a bit of money! Last all day too.

 Lip glaze in Watermelon -not my ideal shade, but I do like this lip glaze a lot and will be using the heck out of it come spring and summer, it glides smoothly, lasts a decent amount of time, it does not bleed into the fine lines around the mouth (looks like their lip caramels do, check their IG page and judge for yourself) and the packaging is gorgeous, I adore those sleek silver bullets, swoon! I am happy with it and will be picking this product again, just in the different shades.

Anti-aging lipstick in Poppy - although the package looks smaller than your average lippie tube, you are actually getting more product! The vibrant red shade is the brightest shade I own, but it is good to step out of our comfort zones, isn't it? I like it just as much as the lip glaze, not so much a fan of the packaging, but will be picking up more of them as the time goes on, have my eyes on Calendula and some more of them. I didn't notice any anti-aging benefits, but I can feel good it has good ingredients.

100%Pure lip butters in Peach and Pomegranate
Lip balms - I have two, one is your standard one in cherry, and the other one is lysine balm that is perfect natural dupe for Carmex! Definitely a repurchase :)

100%Pure Lip Balms

100%Pure Mascaras

 Fruit Pigmented and Maracuja mascaras - at first I tried Fruit Pigmented mascara and it did nothing for me, I was really disappointed and thanks God I tried their new Maracuja mascara when it came out. It is a thousand times better than the original one, so if you are thinking which one to get first, I highly suggest the latter- it lengthens, volumises, does everything you want in a mascara, and did I mentioned it is gluten free? Even He Who Notices Nothing said that my eyelashes look great, and trust me, they do look great! This mascara will also make your eyelashes grow, and I know it's this, I haven't been using any eyelash serums, no castor oil, nuffink! (Full review to come)

100%Pure Mascaras

Maracuja Mascara at the top, their original Fruit Pigmented one at the bottom

Some of my 100%Pure hauls
This photo of mine is featured on 100%Pure Instagram page :)

100%Pure Lysine & Herbs Lip Balm - natural Carmex Alternative

My last 100% Pure haul
Pretty Naked palette - not a hit with me, as the colours didn't suit me, my eyes looked tired when using eyes shadows from this palette and the blush makes me look muddy. The eye shadows are not pigmented too, also lasting power isn't great. Not a happy bunny with this. Not sure why it didn't work for me, I know some other bloggers love it, maybe it does not work for older skin?

Caffeine mask- this is one of the best things from this brand - I am working on a separate review on them, so stay tuned! All I can say is - AMAZING!

100%Pure Caffeine Sheet Masks

100%Pure Luminous Primer

Luminous primer - this is great, it is my first ever primer, and I am really happy that I got it, before that my thinking was that the foundations should work on their own without the crutch of a primer, I didn't want to add another step in my routine, that sort of thing. But this beauty really does work, it fixes the shortcomings of natural foundations, in a way that they last better and don't collect in patches on my face, and it does give that luminous effect that I really like! I haven't worn it for more than 6 hours, so I am not sure if it would withstand more than that. When I got it I couldn't get a pump to work and I opened it to see what the problem was and was a bit freaked out when I saw separated product inside, so I shake it really vigorously each time now. I will be using the heck out of it come spring and summer and then kissing it goodbye, because it will be expired by then, but more on it later.

100%Pure products

Dark spot remover -haven't used it as it went into the care package for my mum, so I can't comment on it, sorry folks.

Brightening serum and sun damage corrective cream - I can't comment on these either, purely because I haven't used them enough to form an opinion - you see, I had dermatitis when I got it, so I couldn't use them for months, and now when I reached for them, they changed consistency and smell funny, so I think they are expired by now. A bit of a shame, really.

Green tea SPF30 moisturiser - terrible product, it is chalky, hard to spread, you are white as a ghost after applying it and it is super runny, don't even think about opening it if the tip is facing down or you will lose a lot of product, it is not a cream consistency, it is runny yogurt consistency. Not buying again. I found organic SPF products for half the price, so will move on to trying them.

Algae hair mask - this I only used once or twice, so I will update this post once I will test it some more, but it seems really good at softening the hair, they were silky smooth afterwards.

100%Pure Hair Mask

Coconut body scrub - this is a great product, and I really wanted to try it as that's how I discovered 100%Pure all those years ago, so I have been curious ever since. This originally has a ridiculous price tag of 31€ and I stopped using sugar scrubs a while ago, because sugar feeds the bacteria on your skin (so be careful to not overdo it, alternate with salt and other scrubs) and while I would never pay that much for something I could easily make at home, but the curiosity got better of me and I got it as soon as I spotted it for 10€ at the Black Friday sale.This is a great product, like I mentioned, smells like real coconut (the same smell when you crack open a fresh coconut) and as it has an oil in the ingredients list, you won't be needing a moisturiser after using it.

100%Pure Coconut Body Scrub

Blood Orange hand cream - this I am really enjoy using, probably will repurchase either in the same or different scent. It really moisturises and nourishes your hands and the smell is to die for.

100%Pure Blood Orange Hand Buttercream

Vanilla body butter - I wanted to try it and I am glad I did, but not repurchasing, firstly the jar is tiny, and the butter itself is brownish/purplish in color, not white that you see on their website, but it didn't occur to me to email them this, and now it's too late. It also developed this gummy texture after a couple of months and that put me off for good - I also make DIY whipped body butter and it didn't change in any way for a year!

100%Pure Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter

So what do I like and don't like about the brand and products? I really like the brand as a whole, who wouldn't want purest possible products, right? The prices are steep, but I think you got the idea about ways around it, look out for the deals like I do, and you will be fine, that way I can justify my spendings. Like in everything in life, there are hits and misses, and some of the things I don't like about them, like the fact that they sneakily use Japanese Honeysuckle in many of their products, and although it is a natural ingredient from a natural source, it still behaves like a paraben in the body - meaning it might wreak havoc disrupting endocrine system! Another thing I don't like and am kind of puzzled about - all of their products have a shelf life of only six months after opening! I mean I haven't come across such a short shelf life for products at all, so I am wondering what is the deal about it, there are many more natural brands who do skincare and make up, and their stuff is good for solid 12 to 18 months depending on the company, and here you only get six mere months? I have come to realise that even though I built nice little collection here, I better start using al of that everyday if I don't want my products to expire on me, thus wasting money! Also I don't get why their products are marked black if they have clean ingredients? Black marking means chemical s###storm so is there something the company isn't telling us?

I would suggest only getting products from them that you plan to use everyday (and I will do the same from now on) so you would get your money's worth and wouldn't feel too bad if they will end up going off on you, and if you will plan on getting eye cream, definitely go for travel size, I have had their caffeine eye cream samples and they last for months!

Let's end the post on a good note, I will let you know my Holy Grail products from 100%Pure, and these are //drum roll please//
1. Caffeine mask (does incredible things to your skin)
2. Maracuja Mascara (I thought I liked others until I came across it) no longer swear by it, see reasons on my IG here.
3. Powder blushes (really pigmented)
4. Luminous Primer (does work and has great ingredients apart from JH)
5. Lip Glaze (love this, and this comes from non lover of lipsticks)

*Update many weeks later - their gemmed lip glosses are to die for! Find my review here.

Have you tried this brand? What products do you like and don't like? Please share, I would love to know :)

Check them out on Amazon, Detox Market and Safe & Chic










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  1. Oh wow I really want to try their caffeine mask! 100% Pure are the first green beauty products I bought to start off my collection last month. I got Mimosa blush and LOVE it. I have their chocolate scented mascara that I also love, and I have a lip glaze that lasts a decent amount. I love that they have free shipping regardless of how much you order (at least in the US) so I'll be ordering again soon I'm sure. (I've just received one out of two Silk Naturals orders I placed though and getting pretty obsessed with that too.)

  2. Yay I am so glad you are enjoying your clean beauty goodies! You are starting with great brands :)