Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Natural Aftersun Care (And A Few DIY's)

Hi there my loves,

Toda's post is all about the natural sun care, or should i say after sun care! Let's say you overindulged in the sunshine a bit and after you've come inside you realise you got a sunburn, your skin is red and hot and you just don't know what to do with yourself! I've been there too, I remember the last time i got a sunburn I ran into the pharmacy asking to give me ANYTHING to help me with THIS!! And I was all in pain and red as a lobster. Taking one look at me the lady behind the counter gave me Clarins (or was it Clinique, l can't really remember since it's been a few years) after sun lotion, which cost me €28, was gone in one afternoon and did not help much! Not fancying shelling out another small fortune for yet another product I decided to have a look at the ingredient list - I should say I wasn't into all things natural then, so this was kinda like a blind shot) - and seeing that the active ingredient is yogurt, I went to the grocery shop and bought giant tub of natural yogurt for less than €2, and all of us rather dubious and apprehensive slathered yogurt on our skin and lo behold, instant relief!! Your skin just drinks it up, I swear! So that is how I discovered yogurt as a natural remedy for skin sunburn. After the holidays I started digging a bit deeper, and now, a few years later and much deeper in all the things natural and green, here is what I can recommend for you my lovely readers!
Aloe vera, yogurt, rosewater (or any floral water for that matter), coconut oil (which I forgot to include in the picture I've just realised, doh!!), cucumber (or it's juice if you prefer), calendula oil, camomile essential oil (blue roman being the best kind for this purpose) or camomile tea, lavender essential oil, these are all your best friends if you've got a sunburt and want to help yourself in a natural way! (much cheaper and better for you I would add).

 And the beauty of it is that you don't need all of these, I am just giving you options! Remember any of these and you will be fine :) I don't use any specific measurements, just use whatever I have on hand at that time, but if you want me to give you some ideas, here they are:
~One cup of natural yogurt for instant relief. Followed by a shower and a few spoonfuls of coconut oil
~A few spoonfuls of aloe vera gel mixed with 2-5 drops of camomile essential oil
~Juice of a cucumber on it's own or mixed with aloe vera gel
~Slice open aloe vera leaf and rub straight onto the skin (make sure to cut sides with thorns off first)
~Pour rosewater into a spray bottle and spray on the skin. You can add a few drops of calendula or camomile essential oil to this, but it's not nessesary. Spray bottle is also not nessesary, you can simply wet a cloth with rosewater and rub it onto the skin, although it will waste more product this way)
~Take 2-3 camomile tea bags and steep in the boiling water for ten minutes. Once cooled down, apply to the skin.

You get the idea :)

Here's what I will be taking on holidays with me this year for our family of four : two or three tubs of good quality coconut oil, two spray bottles with rosewater, camomile essential oil and aloe vera gel.

And one more natural after sun cooling and moisturising DIY:

~Here I took small glass jar and filled with coconut oil and the flesh of aloe vera leaf from my plant (I highly suggest growing one even if you don't grow anything at all, it's so beneficial for you and will come in handy for any kind cuts and scrapes, although l like to use it for skin and hair masks better) and a 10 drops of camomile essential oil (always make sure to dilute essential oils well).

P.s I know lavender essential oil and apple cider vinegar would be beneficial too, but I am from the minority of people who don't like the smell of lavender, so I don't have it in my house, and I've never tried using vinegar on sunburned skin as I am too much of a chicken to do that.

So that is all for now, wishing you all fabulous time in the sun and remember this blog post if you will overdo it :) Have you tried any of remedies here? Or maybe you know some other remedies for sunburn? Please share them below, let's talk :)

Lots of Love,

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