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100% Pure Cosmetics First Impression Review

Hi my green sistas and brothers,

You simply don't know how happy I felt once my first 100%Pure order came! Like go through the roof happy, or giddy kid in a candy shop happy! You see, I wanted to get my hands on these products for a good few years now, since my switch to natural beauty, and I always held off because of the high prices (my wish list is well over a hundred eouro long). So when an email popped into my inbox offering amazing deal I just simply couldn't miss it, I jumped at a chance, because other than this kinda once-in-a-lifetime kinda deal, they never have any sales or deals. The deal was a great gift with purchase if you spend over €40 or $45 or £30, they had this deal both on EU and US sites. I bought a foundation in white peach (37€) and just a recycled bath sponge (4€) to bump up to forty euros. Shipping was further €8. (wanted so much more than this, but my budget is shall we say non existent? I'll count this as my early Birthday present to myself. Like six months early :) )
So here we go, shall we have a look at what I got and what I think of it?

How amazing does this look? All this for 48€ I think this is an awesome deal! I also got three tiny samples of shampoo and a cotton make up bag with 100%Pure printed all over it, I didn't care much for that and gifted it to my overjoyed toddler.

On the closer inspection I noticed that there is something wrong with the foundation, it has those tiny slits all over it, clearly visible from this photo below.

I posted this picture on my Instagram page, and a lot of people said it is not normal for foundation to look like this, it is possible that it is old/separated or from a bad batch and I should contact their customer service, which I did, and five days later the answer came back saying "In regards to the Foundation this is completely normal. Being that the products are fully natural they do separate due to various circumstances. All that needs to be done is a bit of shaking to re-mix the formula just as most natural products". So at least I was able to use the foundation in confidence, but do I actually like it? Hard to tell at this point and I hope I will warm up to it, as I really wanted to like this product, I really did, but I just don't think it performs very well. Let me make myself clear, there are some things I like about it and some of the things not so much.
Pros: it looks natural from afar, it doesn't not feel like a mask or heavy layer of make up on your skin, you can build the coverage to your preference, and it actually can last all day providing you will set it with powder.
Cons: it is very hard to blend due to the lack of silicones, you get very little time to work it into the skin as it sets fast, so don't make my mistake and don't dot the foundation all over your face and then start blending. you will end up with streaky face this way, it's best to work in small areas. Also all that blending and layering takes a lot of time, so it's not exactly ideal for those morning before work or school run. Second thing l didn't like is that l needed tons of product to get a decent coverage - about 6-7 full pumps, which for me is unheard of, I use one or two at most with other foundations. It also emphasised every single fine line I have, even the ones I didn't know I had! My eye area looked like a cobweb of fine lines with this product on, and dare I say that made me look older than I actually am? Number four is that the foundation does not last well on it's own, it needs a helping hand of powder to help it stay, which is not ideal for dry skin gals like me! After a while the foundation settles into dry areas of your face and rubs off in other areas, revealing the redness underneath. So it is fair to say you will have to adjust your make up in the middle of the day, which is something I have never ever done before. Once I leave the house, that's it for me, l don't lug around make up bag with me. One of the first times I wore this was out for the day running errands and when I checked my reflection in the mirror at about midday, l was like "Oh, looks like we have a problem here". Now I sort of understand why so many of us ladies carry make up bags full of stuff everywhere, but for me, I would rather change the offender product, rather than start carrying around tons of other products to fix one's downfalls. Maybe I am expecting too much of this product, but then again, in my thinking the product not only has to be natural, but to actually perform as well, or is that too much to ask?
I also got the shade that is too light for me (this is in no way their fault) and it makes me look too white and ghost like, so l definitely have to bronze up to wear it, and from what l have seen green youtubers talk about the next shade is way darker and they often get two shades and mix them together to make it just right. But this only adds to my doubts to whether I will repurchase this product, I mean do I want to spend almost €80 for two foundations and start playing mixologist every morning, when none of them is quite right? 
*Update many weeks later - I found out since that if you prep your face really well by using emollient moisturiser or balm and/or using a primer helps a lot with these problems and the foundation does not move and lasts all day. I have gotten their Luminous face primer since (I have a review on it too, please check it out) was a total game changer for me! It totally fixes all the problems I just mentioned.

Lip butter
The most surprising thing about this was that it is not moisturising, and that's a surprise given the ingredients, it has shea and other butters, but I find I need a lip balm underneath. The colour is perfect for winter and autumn, and I really like this product, it looks fabulous on the lips and cheeks (trust me to try it this way too) as it does last a long time and leaves a very nice stain. It takes a very little product,  so I can see this product lasting a very long time!

Now for the palette. This was the freebie I was the most excited about, l mean you don't get deals like this often, right? it comes with Pink Champagne Luminescent Powder (works well for me, has nice shimmer and it's more on the golden side), Pretty Naked Powder Blush (looked super light once swatched and l have doubts if it will work for me, haven't used it on the cheeks yet due to my dermatitis on most part on my face.. Say no more, check natural fails post for more info). The eyes haddows look pigmented and last very well.. I will insert a few more swatch pictures later on.

The mascara was another problem which I noticed straight away, it came broken, something rolls inside of it and if I shake it slightly, it rattles. I could be wrong, but I think that the colour deposit fell down the tube? The customer service weren't exactly helpful, they said unless I will provide a clear proof of what's wrong with it, there's not much they can do. Now, how can I provide proof without completely smashing and destroying the mascara tube I don't know..
The mascara itself didn't blew me away, and I knew it will do very little for my lashes as l have watched enough Youtube review videos over time. A lot of people said it's good everyday mascara, and I have to agree, it won't give you amazing results, and if you are like me who needs a lot of help from mascara, this is not the product for you. It won't give you volume no matter how many layers you will try to apply, and that is exactly what l am looking for. Yes, it will give length but not much, and my first impressions of it aren't great, it just pretty much will colour your lashes and that's about it. It won't be a repurchase for me I can tell you that much. Let's face it, if I am going to spend that much on a mascara (€20) it has to do way more than that. Also many people say it runs very easily and don't even think going into the rain with this mascara on, because you will end up with racoon eyes.
I really like the liner on the other hand, it really compensates for a bad mascara in my eyes! I is super black, creamy to apply, gives you nice smudged Kate Moss look eyes that last all day. Super :)
*Update many weeks later - their Maracuja mascara s a million times better in my opinion, and that is due mainly to the better brush in my humble opinion. I am so glad I gave their mascara a second chance, because the maracuja mascara went on to be my favourite ever mascara, green or not! Truly Holy Grail status if you will.

So that is all for now :) Let me know if you tried any of 100% Pure products and did you like them? Please share with me!

Kindest Regards,
Lots of love,

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