Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Natural Body & Hair Care Recipes

Hi folks, Here's a few recipes that I am using or planning to use, hope you will find this interesting and helpful :)

 some coconut oil
a little bit of vit E and/or contents of capsule of evening primrose oil
 Mix well and store in a little jar. Gently pat into under eye area, use minuscule amount. or you can use vit E only, I swear it's way better than shop bought stuff - and with those sky high prices for 15ml, what's the story with that?!

(work in progress so far, will update later as I haven't found my holy grail yet)
1 part coconut milk
1 part Dr Bronners soap
a few drops of essential oil (I use rosemary)
 I mix for 1 or 2 uses only as it keeps for about a week.

1part shea butter
1 part coconut oil
1 part sea buctorn oil

1 part raw honey
1 part coconut oil
a few drops of rosemary essential oil
(optional: egg yolk, some olive oil, brandy, greek yogurt or whatever you fancy)
Just eyeball the measurements, keep for 20mins at least. The longer, the better.

Coconut oil, himalayan salt, baking powder. You can add peppermint essential oil too, or xylitol powder if you like it sweet tasting. Stevia would work too. Lemon or cinnamon, your choice ;) calcium magnesium powder would be welcome and very beneficial for your teeth health, as per extensive research I found out that teeth an absorb minerals from outside. No, let me repeat it - CAN ABSORB MINERALS FROM OUTSIDE. This is powerful!!

1 part dry ginger
1 part himalayan salt - fine
1 part baking soda.
As per recipe before, you can add your own twist to it - lemon, cinnamon, peppermint flavour, magnesium/calcium powder for extra healthy teeth (I found powdered version in Nourish shop, or you can crush your regular calcium magnesium pill)

The first thing I started to make years ago was scrub, once my eyes opened that you can make it your own and don't have to spend mega bucks on it..
This is the easiest recipe - go to your cupboard and take .. sugar. Yes, plain ol' sugar will exfoliate your body like no one's business. Eventually you will make your own concoctions, I am sure, but here's my favourite:
Coconut oil
Lemon or orange juice
and some zest, if the lemon was unwaxed
your favourite essential oil
or some crushed fresh mint

For me it varies, any fruit peels will do, natural yogurt and raw honey are amazing for the skin too. Just go to your fridge and mix something up ;) Here's an example:

2tbs raw chocolate
2tbs raw honey
1tbs live yogurt
1tbs fine oatmeal

Blend together, apply, leave for 20mins. If you prefer your mask to be moisturising but not exfoliating, leave out the oatmeal.

1 part castor oil
1 part aloe vera gel
2 parts vit E oil

 take some rosemary, a handful if dried, two if fresh, boil for 20 mins on low heat. Cool down and use as a final rinse. I'm like obsessed with rosemary now as I feel my hair has thinned, never paid any attention to it before, but it's my best friend now ;)

Raw honey,
Olive oil
These two apparently activate the peroxide in the honey, Mix well, leave for 1hr to activate peroxide. Apply on the hair and leave it as long as you can, 20 mins at least.
It will not bleach or visibly lighten your hair, but it will take down a shade or two if you stick with it for 6 treatments at least.

So that's it, my natural treatments revealed, let me know what do you do? Please share your recipes and experiences below. Have a nice day guys :) :) :)


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