Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Health Show

So, visited the Health Show in RDS last Sunday with friends. Spent way too much money than intended, but it's all good :) Didn't know what to expect as it was my first time, but reaaaaly happy with my purchases and decided to save for next time already, because I stopped myself of buying matcha (the best, I know, but so expensive!) and natural cosmetics (not using any at the moment. plus I'll replace the ones I have once I run out. You know, replace one by one.) They're by Benecos, and I need to research them more before I buy. I bought some Nakd bars - the new ones are soooo good :) some essential oils, manuka honey (always good), lavera kids tooth gel without flouride - after my bid kid got flourosis I'll never get regular toothpaste for my little one!! Damn Irish water with added fluoride, why?? The purchase I was most excited about was Dr.Bronner's soap - after extensive research I chose it as a purest soap with million uses for it. I got a big bottle of it for 12€ so saved myself a few quid there. Once I got home I brushed my teeth with it (soappy but fine) and washing my hair with it (couldn't even put the brush in it) I knew it would be drying, but this? I didn't give up on it as a shampoo yet - I'll try a few more combos with this soap, like mixing it with coconut milk, aloe vera gel and even with regular shampoo if everything else fails. I also made a concoction for cleaning - one part H2O, one part my homemade vinegar with lemon and half the amount of Dr.Bronners. Works well, natural, what more could you want?

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