Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mini Natural Haul before NO BUY

Mini Natural Haul

Some mini haul to show you, before NO BUY until the end of the year, not to go into details, but I have no income from now on. Sad but true.
Some things I bought in Indian shop in city centre, some i grabbed in Health Shop in Pavillions yesterday.
So a little about each items and first impressions:

Jasmine Hair Oil:
KTC hair oil based in coconut, with jasmine extract, but has mineral oil in it, which I didn't like so probably won't repurchase it. Smells like petrol by-product - hello, mineral oil! - which I didn't like at all. I used this oil in the evening and left it overnight, not the best idea as I even woke up from the bad smell :( cost about 2€, you can get it in Indian shops or

Amla Jasmine Hair Oil:
After much research I convinced myself I need amla - Indian gooseberry - in my life badly, because it's supposed to help with hair growth, my main reason for getting it. (it has more benefits, if taken as a powder internally it helps to strenghten the immune system and much more). i knew it will have distinctive smell to it, but what I didn't expect that i will get headache from it.. so probably it's a no for me again.

These two oils did strengthen my hair, made it silky and more manageable, so if you don't have a problem with mineral oil, I'd say go ahead with it, but i decided to do my own jasmine hair oil from coconut oil and jasmine essential oil (which I bought too, as you can see in the picture). As for amla, I'll try to get it in the powder form and make my own infusion with almond or Evoo, again, to avoid mineral oil.

Rose Water:
It was a bargain at about 1.25€ but can't give any feedback on it as I didn't open it yet, still using my Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rosewater. will update later.

Neem toothpaste and Clover toothpaste:
These are not pictured, got them from the same Indian shop at around 1.50€ each and I do really like them as both of them do not have fluoride and are more natural than regular toothpastes. Neem one was supposed to whiten my teeth as well as strenghten them, one week later I don't see much difference, but we will see. Clover one is good for gums, which is why I chose it. I will repurchase both of them, but the trouble is my daughter hates the taste of them -well, they're not minty which is why she hates them -and absolutely refuses to use them.

Jasmine Essence Absolute:
It's by Atlantic Aromatics, cost me €7 or so, but I'm disappointed in smell.. the one in KTC hair oil was sooo much better. Nevertheless, I made my own body butter using 5 or 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and about 60 drops of jasmine essential oil. (started with 30 and kept adding more as I couldn't smell much).

Dr.Hauschka Rose Body Oil:
Yay, my first purchase from DrHauschka range! I knew about this range for years but never bought anything because I deemed it too expensive, and my friends were not impressed by it. My original plan was to buy Trilogy organic rose hip oil, but after trying it in store I couldn't bring myself to buy it as thought of using it everyday on my face was off putting - the smell again.. And I am so glad I didn't like it, as for the price of that one bottle I got so much more- this rose body oil and organic neem oil together, a winner. Anyways, I really like this oil and I'll use it as a face oil/serum. The texture is nice, smells nice too, not too grannyish as you'd expect from rose oil.. My only worry is it's limited edition, which probably means by the time I will finish it, it will be gone. I got it in The Health Shop and it cost €8.95 for 30ml.

Pure Organic Neem Oil by Serendipity:
This was 10€ for 30ml and I grabbed it s soon as I walked into the shop. It says external use only so I'll use it for my skin and hair only, and for internal use I'm still on the look out for neem powder. If you know the place to get it in Dublin let me know, please? Pretty please?
I made a pre-shampoo treatment already, consisting of 50/50 coconut and neem oils, now let's wait for long luscious locks, because it's supposed to be the bomb when it comes to hair.

Cocowel Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
It's only €6 for 500ml in Dunnes, so go and get some. No, don't go - run! You can thank me later :)
Before I found this, my trusty raw coconut oil was the one from Nourish, Essential Organic, but it costs €14.65 for 690ml. So, do your maths, I am so switching - the new one seems just as good as the old one, organic, raw, all the things I look for in a coconut oil, don't see any differences in texture or otherwise so far, the only thing I can fault is the plastic packaging for Cocowel, but for €6 i am willing to overlook it.

So, to sum things up, i found some new favourites and the things I didn't like only cost two euros, so no big deal.  So far I was always onto new best thing, but now I'll give some love to the things I already own.
 My new motto is - Use The Things You Have.
How about you, any new exciting natural purchases? Tell me below!
Have an awesome day :)

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