Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amazing Coconut Oil

Right, i have to start with this.. I looooooooove love love coconut oil! So glad it came into my life :) It literally has a million and one use for it, it has replaced many products in my house, I use it for everything, sometimes I even forget it is food and I can eat it. Mainly I use it as a body moisturiser, it has spf4 too, helps with sun damage too. shaving cream (and nothing soothes the skin after shaving than this!) hair conditioner, hand and cuticles cream, you can take of your make up with it as it melts everything off, even waterproof mascara.. You can brush teeth with it (alone or mixed with baking soda). I know of it's uses as a deodorant but l didn't used it yet that way. It helps with baby's nappy rashes like nobody's business, helps with skin iritations too. I am putting a spoonfull of it into her bath since birth, her skin is oh-so-soft and you won't need any Johnson's oils (that stuff is nasty, stay away from it! made from oil by products and works by closing pores, why would you ever want to touch it?? ) I started putting a teaspoon of it into baby's morning porridge and her hair doubled in volume in two weeks I kid you not! I'll start taking it internally too, I want luschious hair too :) I am taking raw unrefined kind, it retails about €16 for 690ml or you can get a tub of it for a fiver if you don't need superb quality, KTC brand used to be very cheap now it's €5 for half a litre but it will last you for months if you'll use it for bodycare only. So guys, are you using it too? Tell me your expierences with it, are you as happy as I am? and share your recipes below :) Thanks and have a nice day :)

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