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Shopping My Green Beauty Stash #5 (April 2018)

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Shopping My Green Beauty Stash

How are all of You? Did You have a good Easter?

Today I want to talk about a few things I am using on the constant basis, and all of the things are coming from my own stash, no less! It isn't necessarily a Favourites post repeat, as not all of the things will be repurchased for various reasons. I will touch on those later in the post, of course.
This post features my absolute favourite skincare line of the moment, although I dread the day I will have to repurchase everything, not going to lie! The products are super duper amazing, but uber pricy, especially for stay-at-home-mommy like moi. Please step forward Bella Aura products! I almost wanted not to like these products as I knew about their price point, but they worked like magic, and thanks to them I have continuous good skin days! I ooghed and aaghed about them in my social media and in this review post, so I am not going to repeat myself all over again here (you know I am into super long posts when it comes to my reviews), but let me tell you a couple of things about Bella Aura - my sensitive skin found home! If it suited to uber-sensitive-and-dermatitis-prone skin me, it will probably work wonders on you too. As always, I recommend getting samples first, aka their sampler kit, and for a good reason - I found when I was trying to go on with my usual skincare routine and only incorporate one or two Bella Aura things at a time, that's when I found out the products don't necessarily work their best, and they might not mesh well with your exciting products, but used solely on their own they are magic. I was sporting rare outburst of dermatitis on my face just before receiving these products, so I was thinking "oh, great, it will take me more than a week to heal the skin before I could try these products" but on a whim I decided to try them beforehand, and am so glad I did - they healed my dermatitis in just a matter of a couple of days, even they are not meant for that. I continued to use exclusively Bella Aura for six weeks, as I always do before posting my review on the products, and that's when my heart was jumping for joy every day - I had continuous good skin days and almost forgot I had any dermatitis problems. Then curiosity got better of me and I went on to use other products that were patiently waiting for my attention, and guess what? The redness and patchiness came back. Needless to say I ran back to Bella Aura and I want nothing else for the time being. Part of me thinks I've found the ONE and I need to stick to it like glue (any sane sensitive skin person would say that) but another part of me wants to go on trying new green beauty products - I guess that's the blogger in me? We will see how that pans out? Have you tried Bella Aura and what are your thoughts on it?

Next product in this line up is Acure Smooth & Manageable Shampoo. I really wanted to love this, and was hoping it would be a cheaper alternative to my beloved (but pricy) Rahua Voluminous Shampoo (review). It has a cult following in the green beauty community, so naturally I wanted to get my paws on it. Long story short, it didn't work out for me - although it gave me good hair days (think bouncy locks) but it didn't last for more than 1-2 days, and it gave me dandruff. The latter is not a shortfall of the product, 99% of the shampoos give me that - my scalp is that sensitive. I am a lucky gal, I know! The shampoo was finished off by my family and they asked for more. "Amazing" and "I wouldn't know it's natural" was their verdict, meaning it performs just like a regular shampoo. So I guess it is a repurchase. Luckily Love Lula carries a few variations of Acure Organics shampoos, so I might try a different one from the brand to see if it works for me.

Next is Grapefruit Hair Remedy by Alchemy Oils - I got this travel size on a whim last month. I am one of the minority who does not like conditioners (they either weigh my hair down or do absolutely nothing) so hair oils is where it is at for me. I really like this! I have used it as a pre-shampoo treatment mostly, and it is amazing for that. When I use coconut oil, I find it really hard to wash off, but none of it with this oil. It moisturises and nourishes the scalp, but it is not greasy whatsoever. I also use it to smooth my flyaways, it works great this way too. Just remember to use very little of it if using this way.

And last but not least is Ultra Light Organic Moisturiser with SPF 30 by Kimberly Sayer - I really love this in a way that it does not break me out and it does not give me any white cast either. That's a first for me. Admittedly, this is not aimed at my skin type, but I chose this over the one for dry skin for two reasons. First, you get double the amount of product for the same price, and secondly, this one comes in sanitary pump, versus the jar where I would have to scoop the product with the hands. Why there are such a differences for the same product aimed at different skin types, I don't know. I feel there shouldn't be, but at the same time I am not the one who has any say in it. This is my third jar of it, and the only reason I haven't reviewed it separately yet is that I haven't been in the sun & heat for long enough to test it's SPF properties. It's just the last two summers have been brutal here in Ireland (read = cold and rainy) and I haven't been away for the sun holidays in ages. It works great as a city SPF product though. I don't know if this is The One when it comes to sunscreens, or I will end up having a "sunscreen wardrobe" like some of my green beauty blogger friends? They say they like having lots of different sunblock products for different reasons, but truth to be told I would love to find one and only that would work their magic on all levels. I have my eyes firmly on Madara Plant Stem Cell Age Protecting Sunscreen SPF30  - although it is more expensive, they promise not only protect the skin with SPF30, but also shield the skin from environmental pollution and regenerate the skin, as well as enhance the microbiome of the skin - anything that promises to take care of my skin's microbiome gets my attention instantly! I ran an EWG report on it and it came back at 4. Not bad at all, and as I expected, the fragrance mentioned in the INCI list amped up the toxicity score tremendously - one of the flaws of EWG is that it does not differentiate the fragrance from natural essential oils (which I assume is the case with Madara here) and toxic "fragrance" that is a blanket name for up to 200 toxic chemicals in the conventional product - and we all know there's a world of difference in between the two! Let me know if you want me to show you how to build your own product report in EWG, even if it is not listed there? Would be happy to help. The next product on my radar is Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Face Suncreen SPF25 - the whole line is calling my name so hard! Can you hear it? No? Just me?
Kidding aside, please let me know what's your favourite natural & preferably organic face SPF product? I would love to hear your recommendations!

That's all for today, lovelies. See you here again real soon. Take care and thanks for reading xo

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  1. Great post. I'm so curious to try the Rahua shampoo because I've heard so many amazing things about it!
    Also, I've been using the Kimberley Sayer moisturiser for the last month and it's gorgeous!

    1. So glad you like KS moisturiser as well! And as for Rahua, it is gorgeous (but oh so pricy) so I suggest you picking u samples or travel sizes first? That way you would know without investing a whole lotta cash. Let me know how you will like it later on?