Saturday, October 29, 2016

Red Apple Lipstick Review

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I am way overdue for this review, as I received these products months ago and I am only writing about them now, but hey, it is better late than never, right? Let's just say I took my time testing these beautiful products, haha!

Now, I am sure all of you know about Red Apple Lipstick company (please feel free to peruse their website) as we all hear the buzz that surrounds this wonderful company for a good few years now.
Their products are all natural, gluten free and free of any harsh chemicals you can think of. Their lipsticks are what green beauty legends are made of! Don't believe me? Just google "red apple lipstick review" and you will be floored with the onslaught of positive reviews, both in written form and Youtube videos. Want to know my two cents on it? Please keep on reading!

I got advantage of their beauty blogger's program and I chose two products from their range, which are lipstick in Twist 'N Pout (don't you just love the name?) and eye shadow in Down To Earth. When I contacted them they told me they don't ship to international bloggers anymore (or was that temporarily?) but they made an exception for me, so that obviously put a smile on my face! I have to be honest upfront, while the lipstick is very well loved and used, I didn't use the eye shadow much, as it turned out to be different shade than I was expecting, and I don't have much use for it in my every day life. Let me correct myself, I wanted a "everyday neutral" colour, the one that I could use all over the lid in two minutes flat without even thinking about it and be done for the day (I love these type eye shadows) but it turned out to be much more sophisticated brown-meets-aged-gold one, and it is so pigmented, I can't do even a single sheer swipe of it without getting or looking too much (for me). But this is in no way a company's shortfall, rather my own mistake in choosing the product. I remember originally wanting another shadow but a good few (neutrals) were out of stock at a time, so I went with this one. All of you make up lovers/collectors would love it, as it is a truly gorgeous colour, and you can do so many looks with it, but when it comes down to little old moi, I don't have much use it in my every day life. The formula is gorgeous, very natural and pigmented though, but be careful when choosing the shades for the first time.

RAL Down To Earth eye shadow swatched. In real life it is even more pigmented and shimmery!

Now, lipstick is the whole lotta of other story though! I freaking love it! I wore it all day everyday all summer long, I sent carefully scraped bits of it (sanitised of course!) in a few green beauty swaps, I got compliments about it in non stop stream, and more importantly, I really love it on myself, and that is the first time ever I can say that about a lipstick! I was never a lipstick person until I came across this beauty, all the others I have tried were not quite right for me and I would often give them away come first opportunity. This is an exception and it is the only lipstick I want to keep. And I will probably cry crocodile tears once it will finish. It is my baby, you know? It is that sort of your-lips-but-better shade, truly gorgeous, and it seems to suits every skin tone. Here you can see me modelling it, what do you think? I think it is gorgeous!

Red Apple Lipstick in Twist 'N Pout

So what are my final thoughts of RAL and their products?
Now, these are absolutely gorgeous products, all natural, vegan, cruelty and gluten free, and I do truly enjoy their products, but I would not repurchase them, and let me tell you why - their shipping to EU is mind boggling 49.25$ and I wasn't given cheaper option. Admittedly it is priority mail, but still I would never pay that much for shipping, and I think they need to sort it out! Customers these days sort of expect free or low cost shipping, and I truly think Red Apple Lipstick are losing a lot of customers purely because of this. I added two items to my cart, a lipstick and an eye shadow, and together with the shipping it came to 91.50$!! And I am not even kidding or making stuff up - see screenshot of it below! Now, anybody in their right mind would see no value in that (it is only two items!) and us EU gals who shop outside EU, we are taxed 35% custom tax plus another 10€ for handling fee (what??) so that would total me 133€!!!! I won't rant here, but I do think that would be ridiculous price, don't you think? Red Apple Lipstick, you need to get EU distributor or sort out your shipping price, and you will have a loyal customer in me. Until then, I am sorry.. Ours is one income family and my play money is so small is practically non existent, so 133€ for only two products is an unthinkable amount for me. I do hope they will get an EU distributor very soon, so all my European sisters could enjoy these beautiful products too.

So that is all for today, see you again soon! I counted and turns out I have 70 drafts for blog posts, so I better dish those out, cha cha.
P.S. I hope this does not come across as me bad mouthing the brand or their great products! Far from it! I do think they are a great company that make wonderful products, and I really am grateful for a chance to try them! It is just that those damn custom charges and the postage costs ruin everything! I mean custom charges is a political thing and too broad of a subject to get into, so let's leave it at that. I mean i would happily pay for the products, but I just don't want to pay that much more extra charges, I hope you can understand that!

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  1. RAL do make a great lipstick and that colour is perfect on you. that shipping cost is crazy I don't recall it being that much before!

    1. I know, right? I actually read Rachel's from All Natural Aspirations blog post from 2014 and she mentioned the twenty something postage cost, with the added note that the brand is looking for cheaper options for overseas. So it makes me think they actually increased the shipping since? Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!