Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Master Multitasker and Lip & Cheek Multiple

Hi Lovelies,

Cotton Candy Multiple and the grand Master Multitasker!
Photographed in the mid day light with zero filters. The colours are true to life.

Hello my lovely green beauty lovers, l am excited to present my DIY today that l am really pleased with, l made three items in one go, but the main star in this post is the Master Multitasker, aka a long lost cousin of the grand Master Mixer of RMS! It didn't take long to guesd the inspiration behind it, did it? The second DIY that is not less exciting is the lip and cheek multiple that I named “Cotton Candy” after the mica used. I have been road testing these two products for the last week, and they work great! These last the same as RMS products on me, as in one hour on the lips and four-five hours on the cheeks. The ingredients are all nourishing for the skin, so you can really feel good about it! Please bear in mind that I don't have the Master Mixer (and no plans to buy it either) so I can't swatch them side to side, but in my eyes it is a pretty close dupe! I happened to have all the ingredients mentioned here, so this whole thing cost me zero euro, but even if you would have to buy the ingredients, it would cost you way less than one RMS product, and you would be able to produce loads of jars of finished products, enough for all of your friends and family. You can get shea and cocoa butters as well as the beeswax and the coconut oil in the health shops, and mica is easily available online, try etsy (I know for sure you can find it there). I myself got it from Voyageour Soap & Candle company - they are Canadian company that don't ship to Europe, but I sent them an email pleading to do so for me, and they agreed! I purchased four micas at that time, so still have loads to play with, and they are extremely beautiful and affordable. You can do the same, email them and ask nicely? I will link to them in my Instagram post.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business!

What will you need:
Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Mica (or micas) if you plan to do more than one DIY
Glass or metal jar
Pot or bain marie
Sticks for mixing
Little pot(s) for finished product
(Don't forget the kitchen glove or towel too)

Master Multitasker Recipe:
0.5 teaspoon of shea butter
0.5 teaspoon of cocoa butter
0.5 teaspoon of coconut oil
1.5 teaspoon of mica (or 2 if you want the more intense colour) - I used Voyageur Soap & Candle Co Honey Beige mica (inci for those of you interested CI77891, CI77492, CI77491, CI77499) or I suggest any bronze mica with a golden hue

The method:
Put all the ingredients except mica into a glass of steel jar/container and melt them in a pot of boiling water or double boiler taking care not to burn yourself! Once melted, take it out using a towel or a kitchen towel and place it on the counter. Once cooled enough to the touch, stir in the mica and stir vigorously because it sets quickly. Scrape it into a little container and ta-dah, you have yourself your own Multitasker! You can try it now or you can wait for 1-2 hrs until it sets.

Cotton Candy Multiple:
0.5 teaspoon of cocoa butter
0.5 teaspoon of shea butter
0.5 teaspoon of coconut oil
1.5 teaspoon of mica, I used Cotton Candy mica by the same company, but you can use any colour of your choice (inci CI77019, CI77891, CI73360)

The method:
The same as above, the only difference is the colour of mica used.

My comments:
The beauty of this recipe is that it is not set in stone, if your skin can’t handle coconut oil, you can substitute it with another oil, and if you don't have one of the butters you can double up one butter in the recipe. The Master Multitasker turned out to be milder in colour than Cotton Candy Multiple, I guess that depends on the mica? I am happy enough with the colour intensity as it is, but if you want louder “in your face” colour, you can re-melt the whole thing and add more mica.
I think both of these beauties will come in handy in the upcoming spring and summer, the Master Multitasker can be used exactly like it's famous cousin, in a variety of ways, on your lips, cheeks, nose, on the eyelids (it makes a perfect cream shaddow if you ask me) and on top of other products to change their colour too. Once the weather will warm up enough to show some skin, I will try it on my shoulders and decolte area too, I made enough to play around like that, and if I will run out in the middle of the summer I can always make more, now that I know it only takes a few minutes and costs a few pennies to make. (the third pot you see in the photos is the hand balm, which is simply a leftover base).
I feel if I made a bigger quantity of this with more oils than butters (using bronze mica) it would turn out into perfect bronzing body cream, don't you think? Watch this space, l might do exactly that
So there you have it, my take on the DIY multiples. As l mentioned before, it costs little money and time to do it, and I hope you will give it a try. Let me know your thoughts on it, or tag me in your Instagram posts if you will make it?




That is all for now!
See you here next Monday

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  1. Wow colour me impressed. I've got all the ingredients except for mica!

    1. Let me know your thoughts if you will decide to make it :) For mica, check etsy (I know for the fact they have it, ebay, not so much) or the website I mentioned. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! xo

  2. This is so cool, Renata! Awesome job ��