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What Cosmetics Are In My Travel Carry On Bag?

What's in my travel carry on bag?

Hi my loves, today I wanted to share with you what I took with me for my holidays a little while back. This is my liquids bag as you can see, meagre 15x15cm you can take with you to the plane. I was feeling quite proud of myself of squeezing into such a small bag, until I realised I spilled into my daughter's bag, she ended up carrying my second mascara (because duh, you totally need two mascaras for 10 days trip :) Not!) and Hurraw SPF15 lip balm that I ended up losing on the plane on the way back. So let's get into it, shall we?

From the top left corner: 

Hynt Beauty concealer - star product! I ended up using it every time I did my make up, and more often than not I used it as my face foundation too. To sum things up, you need this in your life! I have a separate review on this product. (Mine is the old packaging so yours will be different).
*You can read a review here.

Four little sample pots of lip and cheek stains from Maias Mineral Galaxy. I didn't touch them a single bit.

BellaPierre lip and cheek stain that I got in a set a while back, l thought it was good opportunity to start using it again, as it sits there unloved in my make up drawer. Yes, you guessed right, I didn't reach for it at all.

Pacifica roller perfume in Blood Orange - this and one more Pacifica roller perfume I own were shelved the minute I got Lucy's B roller perfumes, that's all I can say. I used only LucyB one, so next time I am taking just one perfume with me. Plus I ended up buying two new natural perfumes on my destination, so my plan to use up Pacifica perfume didn't work. Both of Pacifica perfumes will end up in my "disappointing products" post (spoiler alert) and i would advise you to sample them at first - mine were both impulse buys because I liked to top notes, e.g. the way perfume smells at first, but both of them developed into something I didn't like at all after some time. It also extremely short lasting, even though the girls at the shop told me it's a long lasting product.

Pacifica lip butter in brown colour, I used it maybe twice, so again, lesson learned is to take ONLY cosmetics that I really love to begin with! I also took loads of sample baggies of mineral eyeshaddows in hopes that I might do more colourful make up looks, what was I thinking? I find myself doing less and less eyeshaddows in my day to day life, so my holiday looks ended up no different, I only tried one of the samples, and it didn't work as I'd hoped, my hubby asked why I had bloodshot eyes! Not a compliment at all :)

Black Cherry lip balm by Crazy Rumours - again, this was taken to use it up, I got a bunch of Crazy Rumours lip balms once they came out, but none of them impressed me much, they might have cute names and a bunch of different flavours, but I found them not moisturising and not lasting at all. I have a new favourite - Hurraw balms, so move over, Crazy Rumours.

Bottom row from left to right:

Juice Beauty CC Cream with SPF30 - the high SPF factor was the sole reason I got this tiny sample from Naturisimo prior to my holidays, as i wanted to test drive it, but truth to be told I forgot all about it until the last two days, so I don't have firm opinion on it yet. It did work as a face SPF cream, that's for sure, but don't expect any coverage from it, it's very slightly tinted, and all the colour disappears once you put it on your face, so keep that in mind. And as for anti-aging claims, I can't confirm or deny it as I didn't use it enough to see any difference. But I plan to get full size of it for the next summer maybe? We will see :)

PurMinerals pink lip gloss -  again, used once or twice, as l found myself not doing any make up for most of the time. 

Two mini samples from The Organic Pharmacy - Double Rose Rejuvenating face cream and a Rose Facial Cleansing Gel - i really liked those two products and would get full sizes of them! They were very gentle and didn't irritate my skin in the slightest, and as usual with The Organic Pharmacy, great ingredients.

Highlighter by PurMinerals - while I love the idea of glowing goddess make up, I can't go all out with my dermatitis scars on my face, I mean you don't want to highlights your problem areas, right? so I used it very minimal-y, mainly in the inner corners of my eyes. I was also disappointed to see dimethicone in the ingredients list, I don't want silicones on my face, thank you very much!

Jane Iredale multiple in Clarity - I liked the idea of natural version of Nars Orgasm and this my first shot at natural multiples, but while this is beautiful colour, it does not work on my cheeks (again, damn dermatitis scars) as it highlights what I don't want people to see, and it does not last on the lips at all. I will find a ways to use it, not to worry.

100%Pure mascara - I didn't like it at all once I first got it, as the formula was too wet and it didn't do anything to my invisible lashes, but now that it dried up a bit and I can build it up quite a bit, I really like it! This is lengthening formula, and I can testify it does that beautifully :) I also appreciate pure ingredients, so it is likely to be a repurchase once I am out.  
*Update many months later - read my review here.

So that is all for now :) What do you take with you for your travels? Please share with me :)

Lots of Love,

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