Monday, September 21, 2015

Blush For Days

Hi My Lovelies,

Today's post idea came via Instagram, lovely fellow blogger Rawdorable (check her out, she really is adorable!) tagged me to show my current blushes in a tag called Blush For Days, and since one of them is my little DIY, I thought I could post it here too, as some of you might want to know the DIY recipe?
So here are my favourites for the moment, shall we start? By the way, this photo is not retouched, and the colours are true to life, even though I didn't had the best of light at the time I shot the picture, what you see here, is what you will get :)

Starting from the top right corner and going clockwise:

Inika Peachy Keen, beautiful shade, more orange than coral, and the gold shimmer particles are quite visible in it. Very clean ingredients, which l like bout this blush, but this tends not to last on me. Costs £17 and I got it from Love Lula.

Bellapierre Desert Rose, the most subdued of the shades here, but beautiful nonetheless :) the name pretty much describes the colour, and I use it most often with the bold lip colours. I got it in TKMaxx in a set a while ago, but you can get it from Naturisimo and, both websites have free worldwide shipping, I love free shipping so much :)

Pur Minerals Polynesian Pink is the colour I can not get enough of, it is dead ringer for Nars Orgasm! If you are looking for clean version of that blush, you are welcome :) I know I was killing myself for around two years until I found this, as all other blushes didn't look quite right on me. It behaves exactly the same way as Nars one, is very pigmented, lasts all day as well. I have this baby for almost a year, and it doesn't even look dented, so it will last for ages! I am lusting over Kinky blush from the same brand, as it is almost the same shade, but with more gold particles to it! Unfortunately Pur Minerals have both carmine  and phenoxyethanol in them, and while I avoid both ingredients in my other products, I can't bring myself to NOT USE this either. So I kinda made a deal with myself to avoid carmine everywhere apart this, and as I have seen many green bloggers bending the rules in much similar fashion, I am sort of OK with this. Oh, and this costs 27€ full price, but I managed to get it for €4 in TKMaxx a year ago. I couldn't find it ever since, but as I always tell you, please check your local TKMaxx people! Sometimes beauty section contains treasures like this!

Next is Jane Iredale multiple in Clarity, which is beautiful baby pink, and I used it a lot in summer. You can use it on the lips too, but that way it does not last, so I mainly use it on my cheeks. For me it lacks depth or some shimmer, or something to it, and I always have to use highlighter on top to get my look just right, so in my mind this doesn't live up to my standard, as I'd like to minimise my make up routine, not add to it, or maybe I am just expecting too much? If  you are looking for a natural blush that will look natural, this might be your best friend indeed. I got mine from Naturisimo and I believe I paid around 21-23£ for it.

 And last but not least, my little DIY, which you can see pictured in the middle. A good while ago I got gorgeous micas from and I did this little diy with one of them, called Cotton Candy. Basically micas are concentrated mineral colours (don't apply straight up, unless you are after the clown effect) and at that time I wanted to learn how to do your own mineral make up (there are some tutorials on youtube and on the internet if you want to give it a go) but from what I researched, the recipes called for a bunch of other ingredients, which I had no desire nor funds to buy, so I put my own spin on it, and tried the recipe two ways, and they both work great.
So here are super simple recipes, hope some of you will find it useful?

Version 1: take 1 part of mica 
and 5/6 parts of mineral foundation that is way too pale for you.

Version 2: take 1part of mica 
and 5/6 parts of arrowroot flour. 

So that is all for now, hope you will find it useful :)
Have a great day everyone!

Lots of love,

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