Friday, November 20, 2009


hey my lovelies, I want to talk about make up again ;) this is the first Stila cosmetics I've bought, and I must say, i am really happy with that. the colours are really cute, it is important to me that the eyeshadows are colour coordinated already, because it's kinda hard to do so myself, l could stand for hours in front of cosmetics stand!! The lippy smells amazing, and the colour is soooo cute! The only thing I haven't tried yet is the mascara, but I'll update on that.
So, this was one of the presents for myself for my upcoming B-day, and I am soooo happy with that ;-) and I will buy more Stila in the future, I was impressed with the quality of products. Oh, I forgot to mention the price - the set has value of 143$, and I got it for approx 24€. Yay!!! (I tried to get it @ Sephora and, but as these are American sites and didn't take my card, I ordered it from ebay from this side of the pond ;))

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