Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Shopping Wish List

As I started writting about my new purchasses, I want to write my current shopping wish list. I do not follow trends, I rather pick up things that I like and put it together in my own way ;)my wishes change every so often, but i find myself desiring some things over abd over again. soooo, here's what I want right now :

1. Rick Owens leather jacket (or al least look-alike, as I couldn't afford original one)

2. Black square sunnies, but it has to be the right pair - not heavy, suit my face shape, protect from UVA and UVB rays.. and that's pretty much it. I have about 20 pairs of sunglasses, but I wear just 2-3 pairs, as others turn out not so great after all.

3. Some funky jewelry

4. Balenciaga Motorcycle and Lariat bags - these are my ultimate desires, if I would win the lottery, that would be the first thing I would run to buy!! Ideally about five ;) in jewel colours. Nicole Ritchie has the ultimate colection, and I am green with envy ;)))) I've seen fake ones on sale, but I didn't buy it as I am against fake bags.

5.White shirt with a twist.

6. Funky shoes, preferably in two colours.

7. Fabulous dress for my upcoming birthday!!

8. Rock Chick style tops.

9.Spiky bag.

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