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The Longevity by Cameron Diaz Review - The Book Corner

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Longevity by Cameron Diaz review

So, as you might know, I started new segment in my blog, the Book Corner, where I review Health, Wellness and Green Beauty type of books. One of the very few resolutions I made for 2018 was "less IG, more books" and I implemented it right away. I love reading! And I thought you might want to see what I read and what I think of the books too? See my first Book Corner segment post here, where I review Radical Beauty by Kimberly Snyder & Deepak Chopra.

So the last book I read was The Longevity by fabulous Cameron Diaz with a little help of Sandra Bark. This is a second book by Cameron, and I am yet to read her first. I flicked through it a few times in the book shops, and it didn't seem worth 20+ euros for it, so I left it until now. Last year I joined my local library after 14 years of not doing so - it seemed so small with so little books, that I decided not to. But ever since I learned I can request any book I want, I was all in! Currently have 12, the limit I can borrow, and a few online ones, so looks like I will have something to do for a while. 

So let's dive into Longevity, shall we? I was so excited when this book became available and I could get my paws on it! Cameron is one of my favourite actors, and I follow her since the Mask, which is her first ever movie. Her movie career aside, she looks amazing for her age, and quite frankly, who wouldn't want to look like her after 40? Understandably I dove into this book with much enthusiasm. Which quickly vanished, but let me explain that in just a second. 

The book is 257 pages, and after preface and introduction, Cameron talks about living in the age of longevity in the part 1, where she explains how we have come to live the longest as the human beeings now, when all the previous generations haven't been so lucky. She talks about how life got longer, the new science of getting old, how ageing is studied today, as well as how being a female affects your health and your healthcare.
In part two she goes on and on about the biology of cellular aging, the biological impact of genes, your life choices and attitudes; about how the female body changes throughout the time as well as investigating the mysteries of menopause transition. I have to say this part was depressing to read and I wanted to thrown the book aside many times (well, not literaly, but you know what I mean) - seeing how your body and different organs start to fail as the time goes by is quite depressing - I was mentally preparing myself to have the best time of my life in my 40s, not this!
Part three lays down the art and science of living longer, how you can improve you brick house, aka your body by building it stronger with the right food, fitness and the rest, how you can support your immune system by managing stress and how you can program your supercomputer, aka the brain. She also touches on celebrating love and the joys of connection, and you can find a chapter on women's depression too.

As I already mentioned, part two made for quite depressing read, while part one I found quite basic, every secondary school child could tell you exact same, maybe sans specific studies mentioned. The part three where the book is supposed to give you tools for your better life isn't advanced either, it is your average "eat your greens and exercise to build your muscle and bone mass" thing, where I didn't find anything that I didn't know already. I think we all know about the need to be connected to people around you, and how it affects your health and overall well being. I think we all know the importance of sleep not only for beauty, but for our overall wellbeing, as well as the importance of dimming the lights (especially the blue lights from our electronic devices) in the evening.
Admirably, Cameron is calling all middle aged women not to hide and not to fade into backgrounds, because life is to be celebrated not only when you are young and beautiful, but throughout your whole existence too. 
The only real take away from this book I had was the sentence that the best way to age healthfully is to live fully, and to have a good life - do more things that bring joy to you, eat good food, enjoy life and your friendships. 

So, what's my verdict? Do I recommend getting this book? In one word, no. If you really want to read it, get it from the library, as I don't think the book is worth it's salt. Still love Cameron though. 

So that's all for today, see you here shortly! I have two exciting reviews coming up, one will be Bella Aura review, the second is body oil by Inner Senses. Want a sneak preview? Both LOVE! I already repurchased the body oil from Lisa, and got two more from Love Lula, all in different scents, so fingers crossed I will love them as much. 

What are you guys currently reading? I really want to know, please share down below.

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