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Wear Flowers On Your Face - My Zuii Organic haul

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So a little while ago I pledged to wear flowers on my face, and I got a chance to do it by winning 25$ gift card on their Instagram page. I knew instantly I wanted a full size blush as blush is my happy place when it comes to the cosmetics, and I've been wanting to try theirs for a while. And I got two samples to go with it as they do sell them for 2$ a pop, so why not? The reason my haul is so small is that I was really cautious to get it under 22€ mark to avoid extra custom taxes (anything more that 22€ and you pay 35% extra of the whole order, stock and shipping together if I order from outside of EU. Yep, it totally sucks! I mean I wouldn't mind if I knew that the products would be working perfectly for me, but ordering for the first time, how can you know?)
Zui Organic First impressions review
 So let's see what did I get and my first impressions of it, shall we?
The first thing that drew me in was Peach blush as it looked gorgeous in the pictures, and that was what I was going to get full size of initially, but after poking around online I changed my mind and went for Melon as the couple reviews promised it to be Nars Orgasm dupe - and it totally is, I am so glad I got it in full size! Obviously it's early days, but I want to announce I am totally in love with it and want to marry it :) I included it in my Natural Dupes for Nars Orgasm blog post, make sure to check it out, I came up with more than 10 20+ options and really surprised myself!
Zuii Melon Blush
 Although it looked much darker on their website, it turned out really light in shade, with that oh-so-gorgeous golden sheen. (the cons of buying and matching yourself online, I got the foundation shade oh-so-wrong despite countless hours of looking at the Zuii Organic social media pages, but more of that later). Peach is very similar in colour, but it does not have that golden shine. It is gorgeous too, and some day I will get a full size of it too.
Zuii Organic Melon blush - your natural Nars Orgasm dupe!

Zuii Organic Blushes: Peach on the left, Melon on the right
 I am always interested in natural and organic foundations, so of course I had to pick up a sample of it too (isn't that a most generous sized sample ever?) but despite of hours of hovering over the pictures in their website/facebook page/Instagram I got the shade oh-so-wrong, so if I will ever be picking the full size of it, I need to go down at least two shades! It has a wonderful ingredients, is suitable for even most sensitive skins (hello, me!) - it does not feels like anything on the skin, it lasts and it looks beautiful in person. The only things I can fault with it is that it does not have enough coverage (at least for me, with my dermatitis scars I am looking for full coverage, but if you are ok with medium coverage, be my guest!) It also does not photograph well, and by that I mean all your flaws are showing - zits, hyperpigmentation spots and all that..
Obviously it's early days as I've only tried it a few times, so maybe I will find a way for it to work for me, but if i didn't fall in love with it straight away, it looks like I won't get in full size, but you never know. We will see.
Zuii Organic Products

Zuii Organic Liquid Foundation in Medium Neutral
Zuii Organic is a wonderful company, they are doing makeup using pure natural ingredients and flower extracts, they are certified organic by several accreditation bodies and I really respect that! They are Australian brand, not that easy to get outside AU unfortunately, but they have a list of international stockists on their website, so if you are interested please go and check it out. I got my stuff straight from their website (I emailed them to ask if my gift voucher could be loaded to any EU distributor, and they said no) and the shipping will set you back 25$ AU, but it is a registered shipping, tracked and signed, and you will get a couple of emails to let you know once it has been shipped etc.. I really recommend this shipping option, as you are guaranteed to get what you bought, and the other postage option is only five dollars cheaper but it is not tracked and they told me upfront they won't be responsible if it does get lost in the post. (it is a problem of mine, I have had a few parcels not reaching me at all, even though I know for a fact they have been shipped from the companies, for example, I won something from Neals Yard Remedies last year and I never got it, even though they sent it twice, first time round it was returned back to them because of "incorrect address" (weirdest thing ever, I live in the same place for 13+ years) and they were kind enough to send it to me for the second time, but when I didn't get it again and let them know about it, they went silent on me, and I can't say I blame them..)
Long story short I am really happy about this haul, even though I paid more than my winnings, I feel like I hit the jackpot with Melon blush as it is a perfect Nars Orgasm dupe and in my own good time i will try more products from the brand, because you know what - it feels really good to wear flowers on your face! 

Have you tried any of Zuii products? What are your favourites? Please let me know either in the comments or on my Instagram page - come and say hello, I love chatting with you guys :)






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That is all for now, see you next week!
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  1. Yay congrats on winning! It's amazing to get the opportunity to try things you normally couldn't get at a reasonable price! I purchased the full size of melon too,LOVE!!! The website really is not acurate to color, which is a bummer. I got the wrong shade foundation too, but I will not purchase the full size due to your exact reasonining. It smells so good though, and such a generous size! If you ever get a change to try the eyeshadows, I highly reccomend!