Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Remove Skin Tags Naturally

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Today i am coming at you with yet more natural discovery, or DIY if you will, I discovered that my beloved Tea Tree Oil can remove skin tags naturally! Yay or what? 
So I've developed a skin tag on my neck and it started to bother me because it was catching on collars and bag straps and it was quite painful/uncomfortable at a times. I poked around the internet and google told me that l can get it freezed/cut off at my doctors office or can get special kits from chemists which retails for about 15-20euros a pop. So I was like, no thank you, and poked around the internet some more, and what did l find? that l can use tea tree oil for the very same purpose! And it is something l always have in my house (you can use it for so many things!) so I grabbed a bottle and started applying tea tree oil on the skin tag in the morning and night, and lo behold, on the day five it fell off! I used the oil straight up with no diluting because l knew that my skin can tolerate it, but for many people it can cause sensitivities/irritation, so proceed with caution! And before you ask, you can use any brand tea tree oil, it does not have to be the same as mine. Mine happens to be organic, but you don't have to go for organic if you don't want to either, just make sure it's 100% pure with no additives to it.
I would suggest you apply small bandage on top to speed things up, at first i wasn't doing that and not much was happening but it fell off after the very first time I used a plaster on it, so you might not even have to wait for five days. Just one little tip, make sure that the tea tree oil touches skin tag only and not the skin around it, as not to get any irritations.
So there you go, hope this post helps someone and saves you money too :)

*And disclaimer, because you absolutely have to these days : I will not be held responsible for what you will do with this information. I am not telling you to do it, l am simply sharing what worked for me. Consult with your doctor before proceeding and always do a patch test before trying new product on your skin first.*

*Update a few years later - I no longer use the brand pictured, I moved onto Neals Yard Remedies & Living Libations - the cleanest and the most transparent brands in my humble opinion.



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  1. Removing skin tags does not have to be painful
    The best method of removal depends on their size and location.