Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hiya Guys!
Here I am, doing my first blog in my life ;) I didn't start it for a really long time, because my thinking is - if you don't have something smart to say, stay silent at all.. but as I have many many interests in many areas, educate myself constantly, read a lot (and I mean A Lot), I thought - sod it, I may as well share my gained knowledge with you! Hope somebody will find it useful ;)

a bit about me - I am full time worker and a mum of one, on the wrong side of twenties, married, lover of all things beautiful, especially if that's in turquoise colour ;) I absolutely refuse to have a boring life, so I am in constant search in A New Best Thing for me, in a result I have many hobbies, and I am full of things to-do, like bead a new necklace or paint a picture or so on. I love being creative, one of the things I do constantly, is creating sets on Polyvore (that is the best site ever!!) so, I'll post some of my work soon. By the way, I plan to get butterfly tattoo (or six) on my back soon, so if you have some nice ideas for that, please post me a link. Big Thanks!

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