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My Natural Arsenal Against Colds and Flu

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My natural medicine cabinet

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Manuka and various herbal teas are my winter saviours

Now that sickness season is well upon us, I thought I’d share my natural remedies that I am using if I do get sick or to not get sick in the first place. If this post helps at least one person, I’d be a happy woman!

1. Ginger I take it in tea, with lemon and honey a couple of times a day. Some people also add Cayenne pepper and garlic, but that's not for me. If you take this at the very beginning of the cold, there is a good chance you will nip.the cold in the bud and not get sick at all? Put on your woolen socks and go to bed to sweat it all out.

2. Garlic/ginger/turmeric paste - I use it in copious amounts in my cooking, doubling the doses if I am already sick.

3. Linden tea. This helps to break a sweat faster. Add honey.

4. Camomile tea these two go hand in hand, their main job is to make you sweat and thus get rid of disease faster.

5. Vitamin C in higher doses
Did you know that government “recommended daily allowance” is the absolute minimum that ou body needs to survive? Not thrive! RDA is a world's different from Optimum level that our body needs to function at it’s best, or optimum levels. Seriously, google this and your life will be changed forever. When it comes to vitamin C, Dr Patrick Holford recommends 3grams of it EVERY HOUR (as opposed to 50mg daily RDA), but I feel that would give me diarrhea easily, so I take what I can tolerate, maybe 3g a day? You need this, trust me.

6. Gripus/bronchos and such teas in high quantities if I can.

7. Oreganol - I have already written about this here and here, but basically it is nature's miracle - it is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal stuff that is amazingly also antioxidant! Too good to be true? Well, in this case it is not, and if you only will take one thing out of this post, this is it! Not easy to find (as with most truly natural gifts from nature. Medical industry is not interested in letting you know about it, because there are no subsidies on natural remedies, and they are generally trained to focus on expensive “band aids” aka stuff that treats the symptoms, rather give you natural remedy that will treat the root of the cause.  Of course not all doctors are like that, and if you happen to find naturopathic doctor, treat him like gold! I am yet to find him/her.  

8. You can also try Grapefruit Seed Extract, Colloidal Silver and Olive Leaf Extract as other forms of natural antibiotics. I only know about them in theory but haven't had experience with them, so I am giving you options of yet more natural things to discover.

15. Neti pot is another natural thing that I am still resisting, but I have used dry salt inhalers, and they truly do help. Also last for absolutely ages. My post on it here.

9. Homeopathic remedies. I myself use Oscillococcinum, Coryzalia and Aflubin but you might try different ones, as the thing with homeopathic remedies is that there are no “general recommendations” what works for me might not work for you. If l have a cold (if you know yourself well enough, you know the difference. For me aching bones is a surefire way to tell the difference) I take the latter two, if I know it is a flu (or if I don't get better after 3 days) I take Oscillococcinum, and maybe combine it with Oreganol if I am sick for more than 4-5 days and I am not getting better.

10. Organic defence/tea tree/lemon EOs in a diffuser. Or spray bottle. Also don't forget to open a window.

11.  Also don't forget frequent hand washes and cleaning all the germy surfaces, including door handles.
Don't use those nasty antibacterial soaps, they are so full of harmful chemicals that smarter countries are banning them already. If you are a germophobe, add a few drops of tea tree oil into your natural hand soap, it will do the trick.

12. Manuka (or at least good quality) honey. A few spoonfuls per day. Straight up from the spoon, never take manuka into hot beverages.

13. For coughs, my best bet is NYR Thyme Syrup. There are loads of homemade remedies out there too, but I haven't been successful with them. If you have tried and tested recipe, please let me know in the comments? Also I’ve just read that fresh pineapple juice should be better than anything for cough

16. For sore throats, try Himalayan salt gargles. Maybe adding some thyme and or Oreganol.

14. Lots of rest and sleep if you can? I know I am guilty of not slowing down because of the flu/cold, because like many of us women I tend to feel that I still have to take care of everyone and everything, but the truth is that by doing so you (I) are only prolonging the time of disease! So tell everyone to share the chores for a few days and get that deserved rest! Just think of what men do when they get sick? At the first sigh of unwell they are dying, not lifting a finger and demanding all kind of stuff every five minutes, right? Totally double standards! Shall we do the same?

15. Fresh orange juice or fresh fruit juice. This is to give you energy and fresh readily available nutrients. I tend to gag at the thought of milk with butter, chicken soup or any other remedies, but you choose what works for you! If it's chicken soup that is helping you, then by all means go for it.

So there you have it, my 15 best tips for natural healing sans chemical drugs and antibiotics. Please understand that I am not bashing medics and their profession, it is just that I prefer to go the natural route first, and that does not help, I will book an appointment with my GP. This information is not intended to replace medical advice. Boring bit I had to include as a disclaimer.

What are your tips and tricks, would you share with me? I am always willing to learn new natural things :) For example I never tried fire cider and I've only heard about it last year, but I am yet to find it.

That is all for now,
Lots of Love,

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