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Love Lula Beauty Box September 2018

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Love Lula Beauty Box September 2018

How are all of you, I hope you are well? How is September panning out for you, I hope you are all transitioning into changing seasons smoothly and effortlessly? My mood was definitely boosted a lot when I remembered that is it that time of the month again - Love Lula Beauty Box time that is! As I live in the Ireland, I usually get my box a bit late - not that I mind at all, but being the impatient person that I am, I always prowl the internet for clues to what I will be getting. In the recent months Love Lula started doing these "Spoiler Alert" posts in their FB group, so that people are interested in it can check it out - god sent, people, I am telling you, god sent! So when I looked in the comments thread and saw what's in it I shrieked with joy, and when I actually got the box, I shrieked some more! So good this month's box, so good! Well done Love Lula, well done. Three four full sized products, most of them of what I actually wanted to try, no less. And what a good value too - you are actually getting at least triple the value of what you pay for, month in, month out. I don't know how Love Lula make it happen, but I am very impressed. Don't think I could live without this box actually, got too used to getting all these surprises, each month is like Christmas coming early.
Especially this one :) Four full sized products, people! So, without further ado, let's actually see what's in this month's box, shall we? 


💕 Kathleen Natural Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist 150ml

This is the first out of three four full sized products in this box, and the one I am the most excited about - Kathleen Natural is the company behind recent love of mine, Natural Sensual Rose Body & Massage Oil (see this post here where I list my other recent Love Lula favourites) and I am trying their Kathleen Natural Facial Ionic Treatment Device which I will review pretty soon. Hope the mist will be as dreamy as the body oil is :)

Aqua, organic vegetable glycerin***, organic chamomile (anthemis nobilis) flower water***, aloe barbadenesis extract*, lemon (citrus limon) extract*, benzyl alcohol*, dehydroacetic acid*, benzoic acid*, sorbic acid*, parfum ***licensed by Soil Association *natural plant origin

💕 Inika's Blush in Blooming Nude

Well, I have to say normally I would be all over a new blush, because blushes are my favourite make up item, and the one and only reason why I am not all over this - because I have it already! Not to worry, it went to my daughter. I love Inika's blushes, they are very pigmented, so you definitely need a light hand with it. If you ever had or swatched them, you will know. No fillers here, just pure pigment - which is good, it will last you for absolutely ages! Inika is a brand that I love to bits and yet I am to review them properly - can someone came over and kick my you-know-what, so I would do it sooner rather than later?

A little side note, I am so glad to see my Favourite Green Beauty Blush Ever make a re-appearance in Love Lula - please step forward Inika's Peachy Keen. In fact I want to shout from the rooftops about it! If you know me for some time, you might know that blush is my Happy Place when it comes to the make up, and all these natural Natural Orgasm dupes are my Happiest Place - make sure to check this post where I list more than 20 dupes for it! I clearly worked hard on that post :)
Oh, and you get full size of the blush in this box. If you are not sure if you can pull off this colour, I suggest you use it very lightly, or save it for the summer, makes a nice bronzer or contour in my opinion. I will make sure to insert some swatches later on. Most likely on Instagram, so stay tuned, and please follow me if you are not - thanking you in advance!

Mica (CI 77019); Zinc Oxide (CI 77947); May contain (+/-) Tin Oxide (Cl 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891); Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Ultramarines (Cl 77007). 

💕 Castilian Soap Company Liquid Castile Soap Fragrance Free

This is what I wanted to try as soon as I spotted in Love Lula, so very happy to see it in this box - I wanted to compare it to Dr.Bronner's which we all know and love. From trying it a couple of times I can tell this is not as liquidy, more like a gel like consistency, and I also don't find it drying. So far, so good! I am actually thinking of getting this tea tree version to use as dish soap and I can't get Mr. Green Life In Dublin to break up with Fairy, which I hate, and he seems to hate all the natural options I buy and put next to the sink. Natural and minimal ingredients, what's not to love?
 This is a third fourth full size product, you get 250ml here, but if you want to, you can definitely go for 500ml version. 

Aqua, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Citric Acid, d-Limonene* *Naturally occurring in essential oils.

💕 Macho And Bling Anti - Pollution Grapefruit Face Scrub 30ml

Another full size product in this box - although I must admit I didn't realize this 30ml size is the full size at first :) It is only when I went to look up the ingredients, I went "oh, I guess it is a full size". Which is not a bad thing, it means you can use it up quickly. I have to be honest and tell you I am not too sure when I will try this - I have a quite big backlog of face scrubs, nearly all from Love Lula boxes, acummulated over time - two Madara ones, one Odaites one, something else I can't remember, as well as ISUN and Wabi Sabi powder exfoliators. Way too much for one person, especially having in mind I only exfoliate once a week - the joys of having a uber sensitive skin! Plus, I just received a huge box of products to test for The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, and there are definitely scrubs in there. I think I will give this to Mr. Green Life In Dublin to try, given that the brand name contains the word "Macho" in the name, I hope it will be enough to convince him to use it. I don't know how about the man in your house, but mine uses no products apart from a soap, toothpaste and shampoo. if you are interested, see this older post of mine where I list all that he uses. When I wanted him to try Be In Blossom Black Coral Face Serum For Men, I literally had to chase and pin him down to apply it "here, it is good for your skin" at first. Not even kidding guys, these are the things I have to go through for the sake of blogging :) Thanks goodness I did, because he now loves the product. A few of you messaged me to tell I might be creating a high maintenance monster, and I have to admit that might be true, and now he asks where his "cream" is on a daily basis! We will see. At least I can rest knowing he uses good natural products, right?  

The box also contains a few John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioners samples, but I won't be trying those, as I don't plan to purchase full sizes of them. The company sold out and reformulated products for the worse without telling the customers - I am not all about that life, so I won't support this brand, and besides what I have tried in the past, I wasn't that impressed with. Now the conditioners are seemingly improved, and if you are using this brand, I meant no ofence, I am happy if it is works for you. I simply said it is not for me. We have to remember that there are many levels of green beauty and what works for one person might not work for another, and that's ok. If I fancied to buy a high end shampoo, it would be definitely Rahua Volume one for me, that worked wonders for my hair! In fact, I am growing tired of testing so many shampoos around, which don't give me good hair days, so I think I will put a full stop for that and get Rahua again. Good hair days for months, anyone? See review here if you want to know my two cents on it. All I will have to do is hide it from my hubs and children. What? That's good parenting and wifey-ing as far as I am concerned :) I give them everything, always, and putting them before myself, can I have just one thing that's just for me? 

What about you, do you also love natural beauty boxes? What is your favourite product discovered via beauty box? Please share, I would love to know! So, that is all for today. See you here very soon. 

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If you want to, shop away at Get it from Love Lula, one of my favourite online shops! I've written over 40 blog posts related to products found in this online shop, as well as their wonderful Beauty Box,  that I love so much. In the case you missed it, find my Natural Beauty interview with a CEO Sonia White here and all the other posts in this Facebook album here. Too many blog posts to link up individually, let me tell you this much :) See my top recommendations on "Bloggers Recommend" Love Lula page here and if you want to know my rather extensive wishlist, you can check out my Pinterest board here - I've been working on it for the last few days, and I am far from finished! Follow me there for all the updates - and let's be friends all over social media, shall we?

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Ps. Many thanks for Love Lula for this beauty box as a part of LLABP programme. Love you guys!
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